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Whether you love nerds, or love to hate nerds, there’s always a reason to dress like one. Pay homage to the nerd in you, or poke fun at the stereo-types by exaggerating them. Whatever option you choose, make sure to have fun with it.
Bring Back the 1970s with Custom Printed T-shirts Dressing like you’re from the 70s is just fun. There are some key items to add to your wardrobe like a Chanel bag and a smoking jacket made famous by Yves Saint Laurent but here are some things to remember.
La La Mer is a lifestyle blog where I share my personal style, beauty tips, travel adventures and more. All praise the name of Oberyn of the House Martell, Prince of Dorne, the Red Viper and father to the Sand Snakes! Cassandra Clare, the author of the best-selling The Mortal Instruments series, provided a visual representation of the runes she wrote in her book.
We curated some of our favourite quotes from our The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones contest last week for your viewing pleasure.
Computer nerds are always found hunched over their computers, toiling away with some computer software into the night.
I’ve been told numerous times I look like a French woman, which is always the biggest compliment.
Join us for our latest Dinner is Coming event as we celebrate the Game of Thrones fandom over food, conversation, and this time, funeral rites.

Come join us for a celebration like no other in the Seven Kingdoms, as we bring the Prince’s body home to Dorne. Did you not read the book? Everyone, who did, knows that Shadowhunters look better in black. Dress in Black. Looking Better in Black” isn’t just a slogan for the Shadowhunters — they wear black with gusto while fighting the world’s foes. It also opens in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia on Aug 22, Indonesia on 28 Aug, and Taiwan and Vietnam on 30 Aug. The shirt should also have a front pocket, so that you can place in the pocket protector for your pens and calculator. I became obsessed with Ines de la Fressange and bought so many items from the collaboration with Uniqlo and my transition into a more French friendly wardrobe grew from there.
Martin, our latest dinner will begin with a solemn ceremony to commemorate the life and death of Oberyn Martell. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is opening worldwide in the next few days, and we would like to sign up as Shadowhunters right now. Runes are what make Shadowhunters different from average humans as they are the only beings able to bear the Angel’s marks.
You may find them at Star Trek conventions dressed up like Spock the Vulcan, and brushing up on the nuances of the Klingon language. I am really bummed I’m not there, I had to stay in Los Angeles for work but my Mom is there (how unfair is that!?) Paris is and always has been one of my favorite cities in the world.

This will be followed by a lavish tasting menu inspired by the cuisine of Dorne and the history of House Martell. Nowadays, the term nerd has expanded to three main types of obsessed people: classic nerds, sci-fi nerds, and computer nerds.
So whether you are traveling there for fashion week, a quick trip or you want to add a little je ne sais quoi to your everyday wardrobe, I wanted to share some tips for dressing more like a French girl.
Guys get to choose between Jace Wayland, who is  arrogant, guarded,  and witty, or Alec Lightwood, who is  extremely loyal and protective, but a tad insecure. If you can’t find these types of pants, raise up a pair of straight leg khakis with a set of suspenders.
There are some modern day style icons too, but no matter who they are, their style remains timeless. It’s even better if you can find a shirt that references a popular science fiction television show or movie. When that is done, secure the paper to your skin with tape, and start filling in the empty spaces with a black eye shadow (easy to remove if you make a mistake) finishing it with a waterproof eyeliner. She warns that using an eyeliner pencil to draw the runes might result in transfers onto your clothes.

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