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Brandon Lee, son of the famed martial arts star, Bruce Lee, was shot and killed during the making of his breakout film, “The Crow.” Although his death was deemed “accidental,” many other speculations have arisen.
Many Chinese believed Lee was the victim of too much gum Ilk (intensity) in his training, while others cited drug use as the cause for his sudden demise.
A short time later, Lee complained of a headache and Tingpei gave him a tablet of Equagesic—a kind of super sapirin. Strangely, an early death was a conceivability that Lee had contemplated with surprising frequency. It is said that the Chinese Mafia killed Bruce Lee as a punishment for exposing many martial arts secrets (known in the U.S. The Triads, a group of organized criminals with ties to the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, China, are top suspects in the murder of both Bruce and Brandon Lee. Although both theories, the Chinese Mafia and The Triads, are highly likely, many others are speculated and possible.
There were many strange happenings on the set before Brandon was fatally shot and some eerie coincidences. Although Bruce and Brandon Lee’s deaths occurred some twenty years apart, many connections link the two. Through thorough investigation and review of evidence, one can easily conclude that Brandon Lee’s death was no accident. We love a good love story and the one behind Iman and her hubby David Bowie is as sweet as they come. Reportedly, the British rockstar fell head-over-heels in love with the Somali-born supermodel the second he laid eyes on her during a blind date in 1990.
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These cards come in various shapes and sizes, but ultimately it’s the thought that matters the most. A Prayer For My Son Pinterest Pictures, A Prayer For My Son Facebook Images, A Prayer For My Son Photos for Tumblr. Brandon Lee prepares to complete what is to be the last night of scenes that involve weapons. The coroner's report was inconclusive, and medical authorities came up with five reasons for Lee's untimely death. A doctor was summoned, and he spent 10 minutes attempting to revive the martial artist before sending him by ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. According to his wife Linda, he had no wish to live to a ripe old age because he could not stand the idea of losing the physical abilities he had strived so hard to achieve.
The Triads were angry with Bruce Lee for refusing to work in their movies, and in turn, held a grudge against his son, Brandon. There was also a squib set off on his arm, in a grocery bag, a very dangerous stunt, and yet still no weapons supervisor was present.
Brandon Lee, being son of famed Chinese martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, left him enemy to many. First of all, the scene in which Brandon died in real life was also supposed to be the scene in which Eric Draven, his character, is brutally murdered. Two years later the duo were hitched and today they are celebrating 20 years of marital bliss! Whenever you are on your way to someone’s birthday party and you perhaps forgot to buy a present, then these cards are probably the best replacement. Through these cards, we can convey all our unsaid words, emotions and feelings, to the person involved.
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There were many similarities between both Bruce and Brandon Lee’s death, leaving open the possibility of conspiracy. After this night, there is only eight more nights of shooting before “The Crow” is complete. And, finally, there are those who think Lee's death was staged, and that he is merely waiting for the right time to return to society.

However, they all agreed that it was caused by a cerebral edema (a swelling of the brain caused by a congestion of fluid).
The ensuing autopsy found traces of cannabis in Lee's stomach, but the significance of this discovery is debatable.
Lycette of Queen Elizabeth Hospital viewed Lee's death as a hypersensitivity to one or more of the compounds found in the headache tablet he consumed that afternoon. The fact that the Triads had ties with the entertainment industry, only begs more questions.
For such a dangerous shot, no one in his or her right mind would take away such a safety net.
Those who were jealous of his father’s presence, even after death, sought to tarnish the Lee name and to end the bloodline by eliminating his only son. Also, the medical examiner who was said to have performed Brandon Lee’s autopsy, and who went on record to say he had preformed it, had in fact not even been present at the time.
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Lee and film producer, Raymond Chow, met at Lee’s home to discuss the making of Lee’s film, “Game of Death.” They worked for about two hours before heading to Betty Tingpei’s (lead actress in the film) house. Some believe the cannabis caused a chemical reaction that led to the cerebral edema, but the coroner's inquiry refutes this theory. Although his skull showed no injury, his brain had swollen considerably, from 1,400 to 1,575 grams. The press soon uncovered the truth, however, and demanded to know what Chow was trying to cover up. He was the first to do work of this kind, but the more popular he became, the more movies he made, the bigger the audience, and more karate on film, especially in the American market. Any person with a grudge against Bruce Lee could’ve wanted to harm Brandon, his film career, and to end his life. Also, in Bruce Lee’s final film, “Game of Death,” he played an actor, who is severely wounded by a live bullet on set, exactly how his son was fatally shot. All necessary safety precautions that were removed that fatal day, for such a dangerous shot, were reckless, yet carefully mapped out.
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The Chinese Mafia theory and the Triads theory hold credence through evidence and their links to Bruce and Brandon. After indicating his joy in this being the final night of weapons scenes, he ends the conversation and heads to the set. For the most part, the course of events on that fateful July day in 1973 can be pieced together. None of the blood vessels were blocked or broken, so the possibility of a hemorrhage was ruled out. The first day of shooting “The Crow,“ a worker touched a high-voltage wire and was electrocuted on a studio back lot. It is still unknown why he would lie and sign off on the autopsy, as if he’d done it himself. There were many opportunities to kill both Bruce and Brandon, and both deaths could have been made to look like accidents.
Lee began to complain of a headache and Tingpei gave him a tablet of Equagesuc (a super aspirin), which was prescribed for her.
All of Lee's internal organs were meticulously examined, and the only "foreign" substance to be found was the Equagesic. Teare, a professor of forensic medicine at the University of London who had overseen more than 90,000 autopsies, was called in and declared that it was basically impossible for the cannabis to be a factor in Lee's death.
As the son of the foremost martial artist ever known, he picked up where up where his father left off.
To add to the possibility of murder, on the set of “The Crow,” the night of his death, it was bustling with several dozen people.
The “accidental” deaths of two actors, while filming movies, in the same bloodline, are highly unlikely. No one would put himself or herself in a position to be sued for reckless endangerment, unless they had a motive or a hidden agenda.

Too many “coincidences” occurred on set and during the investigation, to state that his death was an accident.
Around 9:00pm Chow called Tingpei’s to ask why she and Lee never showed up for dinner as planned. Michael Massee (FunBoy) is handed the pistol, which he is to point and fire at Brandon (Eric Draven) as we walks into the room. In Teare's opinion, the edema was caused by hypersensitivity to either meprobamate or aspirin, or a combination of both. It however was much quicker that he met his demise, allegedly at the hands of the same Chinese Mafia, again shrouded in mystery. No one thought to give Brandon a protective vest or to have actor, Michael Massee (FunBoy), aim the weapon away from him (a common and necessary procedure for close-up shots within twenty feet of an actor). The list includes actors, camera operators, lighting experts, producers, directors and numerous other employees. All evidence points to only one theory, and to the truth, Bruce and Brandon Lee were conspired against, and both were murdered. Also, the chances of a father and a son, both actors, being “accidentally” killed, while filming a movie, are less than likely. With all the evidence collected from both deaths, the possibility that both were merely fatal accidents, can be ruled out, and replaced with the fact that they were meticulously planned murders. His view was accepted by authorities, and a determination of "misadventure" was stamped on Lee's death. The Triads carefully planned this day, or tried previous days, failed, and knew this was their last chance. With that many people on set, tired from fifty straight days of shooting, who would have kept their eye on the handgun that ended Brandon Lee’s life? In summation, Brandon Lee’s death is connected to his fathers, and both were murdered, but the killer has long since covered his tracks.
He could not be revived and later died of, what doctors concluded as, an edema (swelling of the brain). Brandon walks in, Michael Massee pulls the trigger, Brandon falls to the ground and Alex Proyas calls “cut”.
The three went over the script at Tingpei's home, and then Chow left to attend a dinner meeting. On the day of a close-up shot, involving weapons and a squib (explosive device), all precautions should be taken.
They stood to gain something from the movie, “The Crow.” Brandon was murdered only eight days before filming ended, leaving only a few scenes to be shot.
These questions and many others make Bruce Lee’s death look less like an accident and more like murder.
Hace varios anos fue nombrado por la revista TV Guide, como la caricatura mas famosa de todos los tiempos compartiendo este puesto con Mickey Mouse de la empresa Disney.
Tanto la fama de Bugs que todavia en la actualidad sigue siendo el emblema de la empresa Warner.La personalidad de Bugs se caracteriza por estar todo el tiempo bromeando sin importar que se meta en toda clase de problemas, si es peligroso o no. El siempre logra salirse con la suya y burlar al que lo enfrente, su famosa frase de ?Que hay de nuevo viejo? Mientras come una zanahoria, se ha quedado grabado en muchos de los televidentes o como tambien la frase de ?Sabras que esto significa la guerra?.Bugs en algunos de los capitulos de la serie es perseguido por el cazador, Elmer Grunon.
En estos capitulo Elmer trata de cazar a uno conejo, lo que no sabe el es que este conejo es nada mas y nada menos que el conejo de la suerte.
Bugs le hace la vida imposible a Elmer tanto que desiste de cazarlo y queda en un estado de locura.Unos de los companeros que siempre aparece en la serie y que se considera el «rival» de Bugs Bunny, es el pato Lucas. Para suerte de Bugs todo lo que hace Lucas para desprestigiarlo se le devuelve termina pasandole al mismo Lucas, sin contar cuando llega la temporada de caza donde pelean uno con el otro por determinar que tipo de temporada es, si la «temporada de conejo» o «temporada de pato». Obvio que todos sabemos a quien es al que terminan disparando al final.Hoy te regalamos 12 imagenes de el consejo mas famoso de la tv Bugs Bunny.

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