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One of the most challenging and rewarding things you are here to do on this planet is to learn how to truly connect with people.
The outer world is your playground, which serves as the catalyst for your main spiritual growth in this lifetime. As a baby, you came into this world completely unrestricted, unguarded and unafraid of being intimate with others. Now that you are an adult and on the path of healing, personal growth and self-realization, your job is to liberate yourself from every single limitation that has been imposed upon you. If you're interested in discovering a new level of inner freedom and liberation in your life, my invitation for you is to start breaking free from that social programming which says, "keep to yourself" and God forbid don't physically touch anybody you don't know! In 1996 when I first decided to break free from all social rules and open my heart to embracing everyone I met, I noticed something dramatic shifted inside me. Becoming a hug-a-holic is a practice that requires a delicate balance of giving and receiving love.
It may first seem unnatural and fake to open your arms to a perfect stranger, or a "non-hugging" family member who you just doesn't let anyone associate with them on that level. To give and receive the ultimate hug, you must understand that every heart to heart meeting you have is an short yet divine opportunity for each person to relax, rest and dive deep within themselves. An enlightened hug-a-holic is not about being an efficient, effective "professional hugger" who is trying to save the wounded hearts of this world. Your heart is the doorway to God, and there is nothing more socially powerful and personal than experiencing a deep merging embrace with a genuine heart warming hug. When you start your hugging practice with people you might find a fear arises inside you from approaching those who aren't ok with intimacy or their own sensuality.
If you look at your own social fears, what thoughts and feelings do you have that stop you from giving everyone a hug? Right now, pretend that you have never given nor received the most amazing hug in the Universe. Its important to realize that it takes a very advanced soul to know how to hug another being in a deep and meaningful way.
When your bodies physically meet, find a level of full bodily embrace that feels enjoyable, healing, healthy and relaxing for everyone involved.
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Same thing with Princess Celestia half the time, especially her personality and being a Reasonable Authority Figure.
In a way, the references to past generations of the franchise (even the less than flattering ones). Lauren Faust's latest journal entry, where she thanks all the fans for such a great season, along with the heartfelt comments left by the fans. The Hub released its extended "Equestria Girls" promo to fansite Equestria Daily first, and included two very big shout-outs to the Periphery Demographic—using the term "brony" and officially dubbing a pony with a popular fanon nickname. This thread starts out with an Awesome Moment as experienced by the original poster, but then virtually everyone who visits the site shows up to support the poster for having the courage to do it.
This needs to be made especially clear: this is the internet, a gathering ground for broken bases, Flame Wars, and fans claiming to know better than creators. This journal post by one of the show's storyboarders, telling the story of how a soldier stationed in Iraq sent a box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers to the studio as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work. In Cathy Weseluck's interview, you can really tell how much she enjoys working on the show, and how much she loves playing Spike.
This video was done by young Chrissy, a girl whom Lauren babysitted and drew Pony artwork for. According to this video on the Unreleased Tapes of the Bronies documentry, Chrissy met Lauren Faust at BronyCon 2012! John crashing a My Little Pony panel, from him hugging Tara Strong to saying how he genuinely finds bronies fascinating. A fan at BronyCon asked John de Lancie if the Brony community would change Q's views on humanity.
Case in point, this gift the fans gave to Lauren Faust at the end of her panel that Saturday. A fanart piece showing the Cutie Mark Crusaders all grown up with cutie marks, drawn by layout artist Kat Stenson long before she became part of the show's crew, became Side-Story Bonus Art by being used in the initial version of a recipes PDF on The Hub's website. In a Hot Topic "Hot Minute" interview with Rainbow Dash, she is asked who her best friend is.
Similarly, Fluttershy's Hot Topic interview showed her being unable to decide who her best friend is. When the rumors about Twilight becoming an alicorn princess first started, fan reaction was extremely sour. Even after all the controversy surrounding a certain pegasus that eventually led to her being phased out of the show, beloved fandom mascot, Derpy Hooves, has made several blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameos in Magical Mystery Cure, after having been absent the entire season.
UDN spent the rest of the day giving support to the Bronies who expressed sorrow regarding this image. This means being able to engage freely with others on the deepest emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels. All the people you interact with along the way are perfect mirrors for you, reflecting the deepest understanding of what is happening within your innermost process. You were a bubble of bliss and your heart was naturally open, fearless and unconditionally loving.
You are here to find freedom from every mental, emotional, social, and physical prison you're living in.
The life I once lived which felt separate and distant from others, soon became warm, fearless and healing in all my relationships and conversations. It honors where people are at in their ability to let in love, and yet lives under a very radical and rebellious assumption that most of society needs to hug each other more frequently.

The hug may feel like you're hugging a stiff oak tree, where you might receive a painful slap on the back.
It may last 3 seconds, 3 minutes, or 3 hours, all depending on the level of communication you create. You are not here to live a life of feeling separate, isolated or avoiding touching other people. Its more about expanding the love inside your heart by consistently melting through the fearful egoic walls people have around theirs. By implementing hugging others as a simple daily practice, you will mend the many years of deep fragmented feelings you may be carrying inside. When you can break free from any fear of intimacy you are empowering yourself in more ways than you realize. If there was a part of you that was afraid of intimacy, how young would this part be and what fearful story would it be telling? Make the commitment from now on that each person you meet, you will force yourself to open your arms, move towards them with a loving smile, relax into your heart, and explore the magic that happens when you embrace. Hug the clerk behind the cash register, the manager who you were upset at, your neighbor who you never talk to. This profound life changing "cosmic hug" is one that will make your heart feel like its a pink puffy cloud all day long.
Do not get too discouraged if you or your partner are not able to immediately follow these steps and find the ultimate cosmic hugging experience.
Embrace their body in the most gentle, slow and loving manner that is deeply welcoming them into your heart.
Some people will keep their pelvis (sex center) pulled back so as not to get to close, while others may push into you. I've written 4 enlightening e-books and recorded 12 manifesting meditations on MP3 audio that will dramatically shift your life in the most positive ways you can imagine! It's based on a technique used by top athletes and other successful people to help them make a big stride forward. Heartwarming Moments for the comics go to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW) or My Little Pony Micro Series.
Plus she may seem a prissy snob but she really does have a beautiful heart when it comes to generosity and help. She may come off as overly hyperactive and talkative at times, but she has made it her life mission to make everyone she knows as happy as she can.
Instead of just the Mane Six posing together at the end, we have the CMC (that is, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo), Mr.
He's standing at the window, watching Fluttershy feed Angel Bunny with the most melting, adoring expression imaginable. It's nice to know that the show hasn't forgotten its roots in the franchise's past incarnations, despite the Periphery Hatedom they tend to garner from the show's own fans.
Not only is it awesome to get such an in depth look into the work that went in to just START the series, but at the end, Lauren gives an extremely touching thanks to all the Bronies who support the show. As her "official" introduction approached, pretty much the entire fandom was bracing themselves for waves of "ruined" cries as the result of tons of Fanon being rendered meaningless. Sure the slogan for Bronies is "love and tolerate", but as this fanart pointed out◊, everyone expected the community to be split down the middle over Luna's canon portrayal. If this isn't proof that the bronies deeply care about the show and their fandom, then what is? While this Flash Forward art was soon replaced, the present-day art that took its place doesn't disprove it, so even if the G4 series ends before the Crusaders get their cutie marks, we still know that they do get them eventually. Whether this is either her final send off or a subtle hint that she's returning remains unknown. On 6-24-13, he trolled this image, not realizing the story behind it (that it was regarding the death of a friend of Tara Strong, one of the voice actors. When you are connecting with others in these intimate ways, you open up new energies of love, lightness and power within yourself, and this allows you to explore the most hidden and mysterious aspects of your being. The more you open, engage and can interact with others in a way that feels genuinely healing, liberating and loving, then naturally a sacred healing source finds its way into your heart, falling into every crack and crevice of your being. Explore what its like to reformat your social software to experiencing more physical touch with everyone you know.
In a few months time I had "trained" everyone who knew me that they would give and receive a hug whenever we met.
This doesn't mean that you're running up to embrace every single person you see on the street. The key is making every embrace genuine, meaning your heart is truly open and loving theirs. All socially acceptable and unacceptable behavior comes from the ego and when you break through any social taboo such as hugging someone for 15 minutes in public, an entire Universe of unlimited possibilities will start opening up inside you. Most of us are living in an overly controlled rigid social system that is afraid of social displays of affection. The energy you're spending in trying to connect with certain people is the exact same energy proportionally to what you're spending trying to avoid certain other people. It may take time before some people trust this feeling of being embraced with unconditional love. Just find the middle ground where you're not resisting nor pushing, yet meeting them with the heart, belly and hips evenly.
Along with this are the numerous posts in the comments of fans thanking Lauren, the production team, the EQD posters, and the fandom as a whole for everything it means to them. The fact that there have been no major incidents or fights, and more over that nearly the entire fandom has embraced Canon!Luna wholeheartedly, is definitely a crowning moment for the fans and what the show means to them.
The heartwarming part was when Lauren Faust not only expressed sympathy for the devs but she offered the team New OC's for a new game.
The person who died was a young child with a brain tumor, who had received continuous support, moral and financial, from the Bronies). I can apologize all I want, but I didn't make fun of a fanbase, I mocked a dead child who had cancer. There are many wonderful and divine things inside you, and for you to find them takes a willingness to open yourself and let others inside you.
You already know which social rules are imperative not to break as they would hurt others, yourself and perhaps throw you into jail. Make the habit of creating heart to heart connections with everyone you meet, especially those who are cold, resistant and truly need a hug. My entire world was surrounded with meeting warm spirited friends who instantly opened their hearts to me upon first sight.
The hugs that come from you are more of a natural heart opening effect that come through a deeper devotion to your heart and spiritual path. It is vital and essential for you to be happy and exist in a state of true mental, emotional and physical health. The deeper fear is that sex may take over the weak will powered beings and create all sorts of future complications.
There is a deep inherent need to connect with people physically, and yet finding how to have real intimacy and healthy boundaries is the key. Imagine you are discovering this special exotic technique which will take you into the highest levels of bliss.
Love the other person not because you should but because they are lovable, need love and available for receiving love.

Enjoy the process of finding the balanced point in the very center of yourself in this experience. It takes practice yet this is about learning how to let go of layers of social fears and sexual inhibitions we didn't even know we had.
You'll learn how to raise your vibration so that you are manifesting the life you've always wanted.
Cake, Mayor Mare, Spike, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, Snips, Snails, and Zecora as well, with Discord inside Fluttershy's cottage and Luna besides Celestia as she receives the message! If many of the comments are to be believed, it also counts as a Tear Jerker for many a brony. In fact, the cries of "Ruined FOREVER!" have surprisingly ceased a bunch, and there are more people who are stepping up to defend Alicorn!Twilight and are saying "Wait till the episode airs before freaking out!" It just goes to show how caring these fans are.
After realizing that what he had done was so far beyond trolling that even he was disgusted with himself, he gave a heartfelt apology to everyone, admitting that what he had done had crossed so many lines that he knew that he would never be forgiven for it. Then, throughout your childhood, a grid of social rules were unconsciously implanted upon you. Yet, this level of liberation I'm speaking about is not about breaking those types of social laws, this freedom is much more evolved than that. This time you have here is precious and not worth wasting a single day on feeling distant and separate from others.
For the very first time, I felt as if my heart had a home inside of every person in my life. When your heart truly opens up to the source of love, it becomes overflowing with such a genuine fearless energy that you have to share it with everyone you personally meet. Through intentional communication with the people in your community, your heart opening practice with others will soon become a joyful habit that everyone looks forward to, and will soon manifest into the most amazing joyful life everyone could possibly live. When you stop caring about the social boundaries people have around truly embracing another being, you realize that there is an entire world of loving hearts available for you to connect with. This may have been a problem 100 years ago, yet in the 21st century I believe we are much more conscious and advanced than we're giving ourselves credit for.
Welcoming the warm embrace of another makes us face how scared, isolated and lonely we truly are. That one person who is not so good at social interactions and perhaps has not been touched or hugged for many years may be right in front of you. Let yourself explore each hug as if you were falling into the arms of God and arriving in heaven. It may become erotic or exotic if you're attracted to the other, yet allow yourself to remain connected to your center, your heart, your truth and essence. To reach the more advanced levels of hugging, you may need to talk openly about these four steps in detail with your friend or partner. This online program will enlighten your mind so you effortlessly manifest everything you truly desire in love, relationships, money, career and health. They were given so you could fit in, survive the system, and become accepted member of the society. This path is about finding a freedom within yourself that is sooo enormous, so ecstatic, and full of aliveness that every societal rule must bend and bow down on the path to greet you. Devote the remainder of your life to replacing every potential hand shake with a heart warming hug. You just don't care anymore if the other person is going to be offended if you reach out to hug them. With a little practice you'll soon find each new embrace becomes more warm and cozy than the last. Through a radical playful honesty with others about your new hugging life mission, you will free the mind from all social inhibitions and find the trust in love that will guide you. Most people are sooo afraid of rejection that they cannot take the risk to open their arms to hug another.
The truth is that everyone is on the same level when it comes to love, because we all have a deep humility found inside our heart. You may be that one amazingly sacred gift they secretly need inside to make their life worth living. This is not about trying to get them to give love back to you, yet be open to that when it does occur.
Practice hugging many times a day and get comfortable feeling what a real juicy hug is like for you! Instantly download my The Super Manifesting Program and apply the manifesting routine that you'll find in there. Just remember next time, before you troll, make sure that it's something that deserves to be trolled.
You were taught there was a right and wrong way to talk to people, to work, play, to touch others, and socially interact with everyone.
You've already let so many social rules run your life, so don't let the ego get in the way of love. In a very short while you'll find the community around you then becomes a doorway to deeper healing and transformation within yourself. It is your devotion to melting the walls everyone has around their hearts that the right words and actions will come to you, and will turn any socially awkward situation into the most enlightening and healing heart opening connection.
The fear of being shunned, unaccepted, and avoided is so painful that they would rather remain closed and distant, being free from emotional risk.
Every single one of us yearns to be held, loved and cherished and this experience can be found inside every single being on this planet. Hugging is about intimacy and creating a connection with human beings that breaks through all your fears, walls and limitations. It can be very easy to get lost in the other, or to remain distant, separate and in control. These social rules often created feelings of limitation, separation and distance from other people. This deeply transformative heart opening practice which will change your entire life in more ways than you know.
The problems is this irrational fear can be soooo pervading that this energy can have a paralyzing effect on every single social interaction you have. Find the middle path where you can breathe with them and be in their energy field and deeply rooted and centered in your essence at the same time.
This fear based system educated you that you'd be punished in some way if you broke one of their rules. Most people will just copy whatever you're doing and open their arms too, because social rapport is embedded into our very core.
These rules have been planted in such old deep soil within you, that you may not be aware how they are rooted and functioning in your everyday life. Most people don't want to seem distant cold or closed down, so embrace them and love them as long as is comfortable for you and them.

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