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Maybe you’re a Christian mommy-blogger, or you have a blog about theology, or parenting, or leadership, or homeschooling? Written by Charles SpechtAbout Charles SpechtMy mission is to encourage, motivate, and offer Simple Habits to Help You Achieve a Lifestyle of God-Honoring Greatness.
Then, I share how you too can live a happy and fulfilled life in my weekly email newsletter, which you can subscribe to while also downloading a free copy of my latest ebook (AMBITIOUS: 7 Keys to Living a Life of Extraordinary Greatness). Aside from increased traffic, you get backlinks for SEO, targeted traffic, and an opportunity to build new relationships as an authority in your industry.
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a blanket term used to describe the act of making your website seem active and appealing to the search engine spiders. Although social media does have some SEO-value, the real reason for participating on social networks is to engage the customer and reach him or her on a personal level. This one probably should go without saying in this day and age, but it’s too important to leave out. Contests are a great way to gain brand exposure for one simple reason: people like free stuff and it is a sure way to get people to your website!
Roll your thumbs hoping the content is sooo good that people will just mysteriously find it.
No matter how good your content is, if you don’t take action, sharing your content, very FEW will find it and read it.
That might be ok but what if you also create a video and submit it to YouTube and create an ad for Google Adwords, you can start small with a few dollars per day… Would that increase the traffic to your post? Also diversifying your traffic makes you less vulnerable, if one traffic source get shut down.
By using keywords within your content you help Google find and rank your content for these specific terms. This is a strategy where building your following will take time and should be ongoing, but when you have it in place you can quickly get visitors to your blog by submitting new content.
Record audio or podcast is another way, another channel to get the word out there about your blog. I actually got Brian Dean and Pat Flynn to respond to me when I was doing a roundup post about Twitter… If you reach out, with a good cause more often than not people will respond and get back with you. Within Google Analytics you can add annotations so that you know when you did a certain task or improvement. Within Google Webmaster tools, Semrush and Jaaxy you can see if your improvement have any effect on the keyword rankings. 14 Month Update – Amazon Niche Site Case StudyMay 20, 2016 By Vicky 12 CommentsAre These 7 Things STOPPING You From Making Money with Affiliate Marketing? The challenge is getting internet surfers to stop by for just a few minutes and actually read what you wrote.

I would encourage you to read that brief article and put those three (that’s right, only 3 things!) tips into practice.
What I do here is encourage, motivate, and offer Simple Habits to Help You Achieve a Lifestyle of Christ-Honoring Greatness.
But once your website is lookin’ good, bring out the big guns with guest posting to get traffic to your website.
It’s about starting conversations and enticing customers to want to click through and find out more about your product, service or company. If you are printing business cards, postcards, fliers or anything else for your business, these things must include your website. Not only are you likely to get more email addresses this way, but you can also get more eyes on your website. These days, many contests are run through social sites like Facebook or Instagram, but that doesn’t mean you can’t link back to your own site. You research it, you spend a few hours writing the post and you submit it, hoping this is the post that will drive tons of traffic to your site. Unless you worked your but off and have a huge following and list, you should take action on at least a few of the below methods to get your blog noticed. You then want those people to interact with your site, leave a comment and share it on social media. Writing posts, targeting keywords like “healthy breakfast smoothies” or “best green smoothie recipes” will help you rank for these terms. Trying to build up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Pinterest and SnapChat all at the same time is not a good strategy take on one at the time and when you have it going then sure add another one.
When you have some subscribers you are only an e-mail away from contacting them and asking them to come back to the site. Video is interactive and you can get a message across that you might not be able to with just plain text and images. A lot of times a see just a few words in the video description, that will not help your rankings. If they happen to share your content on their social media, then great, you got some good traffic coming your way. You want readers so intrigued with your comment that they’re dying to go over to your site to find out more about you.
In the past, SEO methods were directed at “gaming” the system with keywords and inbound links, but as search engines become more advanced, SEO is becoming more about quality than quantity. It’s also about creating a small community of like-minded people who happen to be brand advocates. These days, it’s important to get visibility on a website that people actually want to frequent.

You may even require that people visit the site to register (or do something else) as part of their entry.
So say that you usually submit your post to Twitter and Facebook, you also email your list. You might want them to sign up to your newsletter or buy something… The more targeted traffic, the better conversion. I was relying heavily on YouTube traffic for one of my sites, one day for no reason, the channel was shut down… Not good, it didn’t help that there were many marketers in the same boat as I was in, we all went down. When somebody search the term they might find your site in Google listings and click on it. You can use Google Analytics and a keyword ranking tool like Google Webmaster tools, Semrush or Jaaxy, to keep track of improvements.
You will waste valuable time that you could be building your audience and even making sales.
If you will do this, people will actually care what you have to say because you’re not being pushy.
If you can catch the interest of a reporter or popular blogger, you may be able to land a link in their publication, which can drive traffic back to your website.
Just be sure that there’s some incentive for people to go through the trouble of registering.
These are all placed in different areas on YouTube, if we use that as an example, and the description area is one of them. One way is to email them or send them a message via their website another way is to go through social media.
Fortunately, there are 10 proven ways that work for businesses of all types, shapes and sizes. Maybe they need to register to activate their warranty, or maybe they’ll get a coupon. Remember that reporters are real people, so treat them with respect, and always respect their decision to ignore or pass on your story. Take use of it, submit a well written text relevant to the video, I try to aim for 300 – 400 words. It will be worth it, the video will rank much better in the search engines, with a well written description text. If you’d like to take it a step further, offer some sort of incentive for people to create an account or complete an inquiry on your site.

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