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I am angry because my White friend said her mother does not want her to have Black friends.
I am angry because my friend from Egypt told me her mother told her to never marry a Black man. I am angry because when I tried to explain to her why she is wrong, she also tried to explain to me why she is right and she insisted that Black people are just really not that smart.
I am angry because I have to deal with Islamophobia with non-Muslims and racism from Muslims and non-Muslims simultaneously. I am angry because some of you will take this personally instead of thinking outside of your privilege to try to understand another perspective. I am angry because the death of our three Black Muslim brothers did not matter to some members of the Arab and Desi community as much as the death of our three Arab Muslim brother and sisters who died in Chapel Hill. I am angry because one of the first questions some people asked when our three Black Muslim brothers died was were they in a gang? I am angry because I'm tired of other races being on the news or any social media platform and speaking on our narrative as if they know how we feel. I am angry because you always want to bring up, Bilal (may peace and blessing be upon him) whenever I mention your racist ways as a way to show solidarity as if that solves the issue.

I am angry because my other Desi friend said her parents are not comfortable with her having Black people come to her house. I am angry because my classmate walked up to me on campus and asked me if it is harder for Black Muslim women to get married? I am angry because when I was in high school someone told me you are pretty for a Black girl as a compliment. I am angry because someone asked me if I am mixed because I look better than the typical African as if I was supposed to be happy even though the person just demeaned my entire ethnicity in order to give me a compliment. I am angry because the Imam of my old masjid said this is our religion and I didn't really understand what he meant by that until one day a Black brother came to the masjid wanting to convert and he asked the revert who are you and who is your family? I am angry because a Muslim girl on campus admitted to me that when she used to teach at Sunday school the Imam told her to focus her teaching on only the Arab students. I am angry because the same lady who would not even look at me or say Salaam to me during Jummah walked right up to me and said Salaam because she needed a nice Black sister to teach her how to drive for free.
I am angry because during Friday prayer, they don't want their feet to touch yours and they constantly move further away from you when the point of praying together is to pray together since we are supposed to be one Ummah.
I am angry because the last time I was invited to speak at an MSA event the president did not even greet me or acknowledge my presence as a guest. I am angry because growing up, the people who called me African booty scratcher were as black as me.

I am angry because African-American people do not see me as African and American they see me as only an African.
She mentioned something along the lines of nobody wants us even our own Black Muslim Men don't want us because they want something more exotic. After my spoken word performance, she said it was good, even though she didn't stay to watch because she told me she heard it from outside. Therefore, we need to set up an event or organization to help Black Muslim women get married as if the Black Muslim woman is a charity. I feel she would not have asked me these questions if I was from Saudi or if she saw me as one of her people. I am angry because the American people do not see me as an American they see me as an African Muslim woman and that is why I am a frustrated and angry 22-year-old American-Nigerian-Ghanaian Muslim woman.

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