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Many of those who have sought to learn about it are so fearful of living during the beasta€™s reign of terror that they have become easy prey for false doctrine. Few of us, in our introspective moments, feel capable to stand for God and His truth when demons will overrun the earth. All inhabitants of earth will be divided into one of two camps before the enda€”those who worship the beast and those who worship the Creator. The author of rebellion inaugurated this a€?creature versus Creatora€? war when he coveted the Creatora€™s throne. Examine any false religion and you will find it is based upon distrust and disobedience of God.
Humanism also controls most of Americaa€™s government programs, institutions of higher learning, the training of grade-school children in public schools, the homosexual movement, etc. The Bible states this as the inevitable result of exalting mana€™s reasoning above Goda€™s truth.
Although they have many sincere and dedicated members, these church organizations are as guilty of humanism as are the secularists.
The Bible clearly says that the seventh-day Sabbath, Saturday, is the day upon which Goda€™s people are to gather for weekly worship and rest from their work. Repeatedly, He has warned us against its deadly influence and shown how it would infiltrate the church. They do not base their decisions purely upon earthly considerations, but rather upon the eternal foundation of Goda€™s truth and sovereign will. It establishes a weekly memorial to the Creator by commanding worship and rest from secular pursuits on the seventh-day Sabbath, Saturday. He declares himself to be God and that he has the power to institute doctrine, even if it is contrary to the Bible. In fact, He has a message tailor-made to warn everyone of these compromises of truth and attacks against His Creatorship. He wants them to be convinced of His faithfulness and to obey Him based on this conviction. In everyday life, we are all faced with choices where we understand Goda€™ s will but are tempted to do the opposite.
Even though we worship God on the weekend, we live according to the dictates of our own reasoning during the week. Those who receive the seal of God have a€?set to their seal that God is truea€? and trustworthy _(John 3:33). The devil has especially contended with Goda€™s Sabbath because it proclaims Goda€™s rights and authority as Creator. But it also is sobering, for fulfilled prophecies indicate that the remaining last-day prophecies are soon to follow. The prevalent false teaching that promises a pre-tribulation rapture appears attractive against the backdrop of Armageddon and the mark of the beast. But despite these natural fears and aversions, we must not chase after promises of peace and safety that are not founded upon the sure Word of God. All who worship the beast will forfeit the precious experience of eternal life with Jesus in a glorious new world (Revelation 13:8). Similarly, many of those who understand last-day prophecies will ultimately find themselves on the side of the beast. Lucifer, a created angel, decided his superior beauty and intelligence qualified him to better rule the universe than his Creator. And it is by understanding our first parentsa€™ test over worship that we learn how to keep from worshiping the beast in the last days. The last conflict in the world merely brings man full circle to retake Adam and Evea€™s first test. Consequently, America is now reaping the same whirlwind of degradation that France did in the wake of its Revolution. Interestingly, the Catholic Church says that Saturday is the true biblical Sabbath and that Sunday worship is based not upon Goda€™s Word, but upon the traditions of men.
Using the symbol of a little horn in Daniel chapter 7, God predicted the Antichrist would be humanistic.
Christians ask only two questionsa€”a€?What is Goda€™s truth?a€? and a€?What are His promises?a€? Then they obey the one while claiming the other. The devila€™s age-old war against the Creator has used the little horn to target this commandment. Because true obedience can be accomplished only through faith in Jesus, the three angelsa€™ messages are called the a€?everlasting gospela€? (Verse 6). What God really wants to produce in response to the everlasting gospel of the three angels of Revelation 14 is righteous people who have learned to love and obey Him.
We live in this judgment hour that was prophesied to take place right before Jesus returns.

Let me illustrate in very practical terms how a person might reveal a lack of faith and trust.
Like Elishaa€™s servant, it sees only the enemy and not Goda€™s host of angels who are all around, ready to help and deliver (2 Kings 6:8-17). With faith, even when we are severely tested we will be able to say: a€?I will wait upon my God to provide a way whereby I can obey Him. Theya€™ve learned to trust God as their Creator and Ruler in the little things of everyday life. Therefore, the Sabbath will become the visible line of demarcation between those who take God at His word and those who follow humanism to rationalize into oblivion Goda€™s claims upon their lives.
Are some being deceived right now to think that since they know the objective truths of the gospel, the Sabbath, the sanctuary, and of mana€™s nature in death, etc., that this is going to be sufficient to save them?
The answer depends upon the daily decisions we make regarding the place of God in our life. But ignorance and false doctrine will leave their victims destitute and lost as these fig-leaf garments dry and crumble under the withering blast of the final tribulation.
While we should focus on the love of God for sinners and the true security that comes from making Him Lord and Savior of our life, we should also give attention to the warnings of the Spirit concerning the last days.
They will be inflicted with the extremely painful and fearsome seven last plagues (Revelation 16:2). In his book Plain Talk About the Protestantism of Today, Monsignor Segur admits Sunday-keeping a€?not only has no foundation in the Bible, but is in flagrant contradiction with its letter, which commands rest on the Sabbath, which is Saturday.a€? 4 Other Catholic writers concur. During the Middle Ages, the papal church compromised the second commandment and introduced graven images into Christendom. Amazingly, the papacy has been very successful in accomplishing the objective of making people think times and laws have been changed.
The love of God must shape their lives and become the controlling influence in all of their decisions. Leta€™s say a person is offered a job doing something that is not in harmony with Christian standards. Right now we all need to set ourselves on a path to consciously and deliberately settle into the truth that God is love and can be obeyed. It certainly will not be if at the same time they are imbibing anger, bitterness, jealousy, or disobeying God in something that He has revealed to them. As wea€™ve already seen, the seal has everything to do with whether we trust and obey God by faith. Today is the day to commit 100 percent to Jesus and to gain, through obedience, an experience in trusting Him as Creator. If you want to take it further you could lean …in a tiny bit and lean out so your teasing him. When tempted by the devil to bow down and worship him, Jesus revealed that the act of worship is married to service and obedience.
Both the first and last tests of this worlda€™s history contain the same elements: the serpent and his lies, worship, obedience versus disobedience, and the penalty of expulsion from the kingdom of God.
When the French Revolution fulfilled this prophecy it deified mana€™s reason and established the foundation for the pseudo religion of secular humanism. With all due respect to Sunday-keepers churches and pastors who spin fine-sounding arguments for why the fourth commandment doesna€™t need to be obeyed are following faulty reasoning as flimsy as spidersa€™ webs. Today, Catholic catechisms omit the Biblea€™s second commandment, thus turning people away from their Creator.
Much of the Christian world has accepted the change of the seventh-day Sabbath to the first day of the week, Sunday.
They will obey God as Creator because they know He loves them and is worthy of their worship and obedience. And the final conflict between the beast and God will reveal what character we have developed.
On the other hand, those who receive the mark of the beast _have lived lives of self-sufficiency and disobedience.
If we neglect to gain this experience, we will find ourselves worshiping the beast along with most of the world. But there is more to honoring God as Creator than simply going to church on the proper day. If he gazes at your lips and then your eyes, then your lips again he is interested.Body Language. And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of Goda€? (Revelation 14:6-10). Mankinda€™s path back to the tree of life ultimately retraces the steps of our first parents and passes through the corridor of the same test: will we trust God enough to obey Him? The belief that mana€™s reason is sufficient to answer lifea€™s most profound questions and needs, and that there is no God or moral absolutes, forms humanisma€™s axis. Day by day they have brushed aside the still, small voice of Goda€™s convicting Spirit as inconsequential.

Those who live for self, whether they attend church on the Sabbath or not, will eventually find themselves opposed to the Sabbath when world conditions heat to a boiling point and bring them to the very last moments of time. How important it is that we seek the Lord with all our hearts for His mercy and grace to give us a supreme love for Him and a faith which will obey implicitly! If he puts his arm around you or holds you then that means he is ready to take you and pull you closer to him; hes ready to embrace you when he kisses you.
Worse yet, he didna€™t trust God to come up with an acceptable solution to deal with Evea€™s disobedience that would leave him happy throughout eternity.
This belief system has largely controlled the affairs of man from the 1790s to the present day. The ultimate expression of his humanism is to make people think Goda€™s law has been changed.
Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar? Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creatora€? _(1 Peter 4:17-19). Little did they realize they were forming their ultimate destiny by choosing to disobey what they considered at the time to be a€?little things.a€? Because they have followed the beasta€™s principles of self-sufficiency it will be an easy matter for them to receive the mark of the beast.
Working with stealthy deceit, he launched his campaign for the affections of the angels and was successful in attracting one-third of them (Revelation 12:4-9). According to Revelation 11:8, it has two key characteristicsa€”Egypta€™s atheistic unbelief in the true God, and Sodoma€™s immorality. Notice that it is not the eyes of the Spirit that are on this little horn, but a€?the eyes of man.a€? Here we see that Antichrist lacks true spiritual discernment and sees life only through human eyes. Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?a€? (James 2:20-22).
Demanding the adoration due only the Creator, these created angels tried to bully their way onto Goda€™s throne. Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but also have pleasure in them that do thema€? (Romans 1:28-32). If the guy says something about features on your face then that means hes look at them closely, and in the back of his mind its all about your lips. It should ring a bell if he mentions your lips, because that's a dead give-away that he is ready to kiss you asap.Now as for the shy guy, things become much more difficult. I wanted to kiss him long before he was ready, and i avoided raping his lip virginity in the process. But the person with real faith in Goda€™s infinite goodness can be satisfied even with this.
It predicts that a coalition of religious and political powers will align under the leadership of the Antichrist beast to cast the world into a boiling caldron of affliction.
These are the greatest blessings He can send us when we consider what He is preparing us to face. The only difference is between the average guy and the shy guy is that a shy guy is thinking "what if she kisses me?
Some students of Bible prophecy have even suggested this tribulation will be worse than we can imagine. Seek Him with your whole heart and walk in faithful obedience, no matter how trying the circumstance. The only difference is between the average guy and the shy guy is that a shy guy is thinking "what if she kisses me? If he lefts you be closer to you then that means hes comfortable with the idea of closeness, and eventually lips closeness. Nearly everyone would balk at the suggestion that he or she might someday worship the beast. A shy guy will generally stray away from you more, ive noticed, when you are around him and just chillin.
Let the idea of your bodies touching grow on him a bit, give it a while, and then kiss him.Speech. If he laughs and then kisses you, (which he might do because he knows you are comfortable wtih the idea) then you've won!
If he laughs and moves closer or stays the same, he is happy that you wanna kiss him, but give him a few more minutes to when the moments right.
This is your cue to either wait a while longer to kiss him or dump him and find someone that moves faster. I had to wait a few months to kiss my first serious boyfriend, but it was worth it because it made him feel in control.

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