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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Form 1023 EZ is Available now, but read this page before even considering using it. If you are an existing organization, you have all the realistic data and should be able to answer the following questions with ease.
Even though you have no financial records, you should provide your past (even if it consist of buying lunch for the board), your present, and at least two or three complete years into future. After reviewing countless dreadful applications, I decided to put an automatic budget projection calculator together to make your financial projection a 5 minutes deal rather than 2 weeks long headache. The following table consists of the projected gross income from monetary donations, grants and gifts to the corporation. The following table consists of the corporation expenses, expenditures and spending for the shown years. Please note that the inflation rate for the years of 2011 and 2012 has been calculated based on a 5% increase annually. Please note:  The table below is an itemized list of the expenses and income of Transcontinental Humanitarian Corp.
NOTE: If you’d like to receive the six major documents, (Articles of Incorporation, Nonprofit Bylaws, and Conflict of Interest Policy, Form 1023 Attachment, Expedite Letter Sample, and Donor Contribution Form) in Microsoft Word Document format, please consider making a donation and you’ll get to download them immedietly.
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Think about good-tasting coffee and Coffee Day comes to mind; its high-quality, hot beverage is available through various Cafe Coffee Day outlets in the country. The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, which offers a master’s degree in industrial design, has thrown its weight behind SolidWorks CAD software too, in order to improve its analysis and product design presentation capabilities. Among others, Aldebaran Robotics is developing and commercialising humanoid robots, courtesy design software from SolidWorks.
According to company officials, the product lifecycle management (PLM) market in India offers immense potential.
SolidWorks aims to increase its focus in India to help companies leverage 3D CAD technology to design better products and gain global market share in engineering design.

As we looked at business numbers in the previous two chapters, we focused on the critical difference between cash and profits.
In this very simple model, your sources of money are cash sales, payments received (for sales on credit, also called accounts receivable), new loan money, and new investment. Even at this basic level, you can see the potential complications and the need for linking up the numbers using a computer. But if you are a new organization, and just applying for tax exemption status, this section will look outrageously stupid, because you have no financial data as of yet, but somehow you are required to provide them.
No government office temp is going to give you any heed if you hand draw your tables or list your data in an incoherent way.
You need to list anything and everything that your organization owns from chairs to automobiles. This will save you weeks of copy pasting and formatting as they are ready to go templates which only need changing names and addresses. I love to see people succeed and attain success in the areas of their lives that are most important to them.
Do you know that this fully integrated coffee company is a prolific user of modern technology too? While taking the two-year graduate course, the institute’s students have to deal with many product design challenges, including plastic detailing, design presentations, renderings, and creating mock-up models. The French robot manufacturer’s introduction of the NAO robot—the most advanced humanoid robot to date— represents a quantum leap forward in robot technology. Looking forward to 2019, PLM market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% to $50 billion according to CIM data. This chapter looks at how to plan for cash in a business plan, understanding the critical elements that affect cash flow.
Your estimated receipts from accounts receivable must have a logical relationship to sales and the balance of accounts receivable. It comes with comprehensive explanation of the statements and it will hopefully answer your endless questions.
Some time back, it was looking to accelerate the development of coffee machine components through improved design communication, drawing generation, and graphics creation. Aldebaran relies on SolidWorks design, analysis, mold simulation, and product data management solutions to develop robots that are helpful and fun.

Design software from this Waltham, Massachusetts-headquartered firm (it was acquired in 1997 by Dassault Systemes) allows engineers, designers and other tech professionals to take advantage of 3D in bringing their designs to life. Sales and profits are out of the picture (although sales influences money in, and costs and expenses influence money out). Likewise, your payments of accounts payable have to relate to the balances of payables and the costs and expenses that created the payables. For lack of better word, you have to speculate on what you will earn, what your expenses will be, and what will remain at the end of each year. The calculator itself is in Microsoft Excel Format (I have included two versions for XL 97-2003 and XL 2007-2010) and it’s a printable document. It chose design software from SolidWorks (a Dassault Systemes firm) for improving efficiencies in product design, modeling, and communication. For instance, a student at IIT Delhi used SolidWorks CAD software to develop photo realistic renderings of alloy wheels. Vital as this is to business survival, it is not nearly as intuitive as the sales forecast, personnel plan, or income statement.
Since implementing the design software, Coffee Day has shortened its product development cycles by 40%, reduced product development costs dramatically, facilitated collaboration through improved design communication, and improved product quality and machine performance. Another student used the company’s CAD software to model a CBZ Hero Honda Motor Cycle modelled as a class project. There is rapid acceleration in the adoption of 3D CAD software among Indian manufacturers and this is in line with the global trend,” said Jain. This calculator is not available from anywhere else but here, and I have spent considerable amount of time perfecting it, so don’t forget to donate a few dollars to keep this site alive.
Note that every table is clearly marked, and every section relates to questions asked on the form.

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