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Here's a free video course on how to install WordPress, add new content, use themes and plugins, customize your site, and more. Save your created presentations for future downloading or you can edit and reuse it any number of times to make a new presentation.
As your network begins to take shape, an important step in taking it to the next level is customizing the appearance of your network. I decided to make a network on Ning called The Clubhouse, a place where golf aficionados could hang out and talk golf. The white text and transparent background work well because your logo will be placed directly on top of the header background. About the Author:hasan a€“ who has written 35 posts on Ning's Official Blog on Social Networking Sites. Great illustrations but i still having problems of how to make a header background and a logo. Would Ning Mini users still have access to all the themes and all management features likea€¦. Ning on Facebook We use the Ning Facebook account to spotlight interesting Ning Creators, articles we find online about community management, and anything else that we think will be interesting to fans of Ning. Best Practice Studies Whether youa€™re just getting started or your Ning Network is already up and running, everyone can use a healthy dose of new ideas.
Ning Creators CommunityThe Creators Network is the place where our customers get together to share tips, advice, and well-wishes. Ning StatusBest Technology In HTC Mobiles Phones January 26, 2016HTC is the leading mobile company which is known for manufacturing the best and the finest smartphones. Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry.
I'd like to creat some animated texte & images in my web site, can some body show me how?? Greensock is a fantastic javascript animation framework that performs above and beyond everything else currently available. Exclusive web development news, freebies, tutorials and mobile news delivered right to your inbox.See our newsletter sample.

Create animated flash headers for your webpage in couple of minutes with GorpGenie Flash header maker. When choosing a theme try to think of a color pallete or design that you can use as the background and body color for your social network. This is your chance to show off your network theme, add a logo and throw in a clever tagline. If you have a Mac or Windows machine, download an open source image editor like Seashore (Mac) or Gimp (PC).
Create a header background that encompasses the theme of your social network in one glance.
Once youa€™re done creating a header background make sure it has a maximum width of 955 pixels. Our private site moved to Ning after wea€™d tried a couple of other sites when MSN Groups shut down.
Include a #Ning hashtag or mention a #Ning #milestone your community has reached, and wea€™ll do our best to retweet it. Wea€™ve put together some Best Practices studies with examples of how other Ning Networks get people excited and involved.
Since the introduction of javascript frameworks like prototype, jQuery and mootools, a lot other frameworks that designed to enhance the animation abilities have emerged. These layers move in response to the mouse, and, depending on their dimensions (and options for layer initialisation), they move by different amounts, in a parallaxy kind of way. I adapted the code and added the scope stuff, created a new example page and also created some unit tests (which need some improvement, but are a good start).
Weighing in at just under 25 kilobytes, jsAnim packs a lot of punch for such a little application. Glimmer makes it easy to create standards-based, custom animations that can work directly with your existing HTML and CSS! The idea of being able to adjust the look of a page with a click or a button gives the user a bit of extra interaction. Now more and more people are using jQuerya€™s animation function to make their sites interesting.
Full support for all browsers (yes, even fully support for IE6), and tons of animations and code examples.

Network Creators can easily add their own headers, logos and background without having to program in CSS. Keep the dimensions of your logo smaller than your header background to prevent your logo from going over any edges. I have been trying a few picture from google to make a header but the size of picture is not working, it wouldna€™t accept the change ?
If you're a Ning Creator or admin, you'll see a list of announcements from Ning on your dashboard that originate from the Creators Network. Now, we can use create impressive javascript animation easily and your visitors just wouldn't able to tell the differences. These flash banners can be placed any where in website, as per client’s requirements. Of course, that option is still available for those who wish to do so by simply clicking on the a€?Advanceda€™ tab in the a€?Appearancea€™ settings. You can export images in .png format to make the background transparent, so the logo blends in with the header. With the move to the pricing plans Ia€™m trying to add more value for our members and have asked a talented member of our group to devise a header and logo for us.
Our flash header templates make use of the best graphics and come in a variety of categories. All the major portals have understood the importance of flash banners, thus you can see the flash applications on all the leading web portals.
It could inspire someone to look beyond the perceived constraints of web designers and developers.
Our flash web designs are attractive to captivate your website visitors with eye catching flash presentations and special effects.
On the other hand Flash Header is the first appearance of any website and acts as a primary introduction of website; it is put on the top of webpage.
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