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Keeping it plain and simple has worked wonders for Google, and I think that’s what helps make it so popular.  It’s plain white background and search box is all that is needed.  After all, what else do you want a search engine for? Those photos do take some time to load, and I’m looking for an instant home page.  Even though Bing’s search is improving every day, for all the reasons stated above, I still prefer Google’s search result to that for Bings’. So if portals are out, and Bing’s a close second, why not go with Google’s own custom home-page service, iGoogle?

Yes, it’s different from most other portals in that I can customize it however I like, but that doesn’t change the fact that it takes longer than a second to load and features widgets I’m not really interested in.  Additionally, iGoogle has a habit of preventing me from seeing Google’s famous doodles. Very interesting i didn’t know what the difference is between a portal and a home page. I just want to make google my homepage without all the confusion of which one of Google different homepages.

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