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So there you have it, a brief history on how the early Egyptians made use of make-up and what purpose it served in their everyday lives.
Since the completion of the development of the commercial quay the harbour has seen a significant increase in the size and number of vessels that have been operating into Alderney.
This Monday, 23rd May the cruise ship 'Island Sky' will be returning to the island and it is planned that she will be able to come alongside Alderney's new and improved commercial quay, making her the largest ship to have ever been berthed in Braye Harbour. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd at Sydney University with the Make Poverty History team discussing Australia's efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals including reducing poverty, and improving education, maternal and child health, and water and sanitation.
This is because besides using it for aesthetic purposes; they also approached make-up in an almost ritualistic kind of way.
Well, the ancient Egyptians are very resourceful people and they were able to derive make-up from various minerals.

They believed that unadorned eyes were unprotected and as such, considered to be vulnerable to the Evil Eye. The downside to this, however, was the fact that they used minerals that caused more harm than good. On Saturday, 14th May 2011 Braye Harbour was particularly busy with the arrival of the passenger ferry 'Victor Hugo', the Navy ship 'HMS Ledbury' and the cruise ship 'Ocean Nova'. This made outlining the eyes an everyday ritual and served the purpose of being a protective amulet that’s drawn right on the skin.
This includes both copper and lead which often gave people rashes, skin infections and in worst case scenarios, even death. And again on Tuesday, 17th May 2011 the harbour handled four ships; the general cargo vessels 'Isis' and 'Huelin Endeavour', the cruise ship 'Island Sky,' and the bulk fuel tanker 'Sarnia Cherie'.

In fact, the art of using make-up was a highly valued skill and was practiced throughout the land.
Udju worked as a sort of anti-depressant which was capable of imbuing a person with positive energy, happiness and love. Steve Shaw Alderney Harbour Master said "The redevelopment of the commercial quay has allowed the opportunity to berth larger ships. The most common colors for the eyes were green and black which signified rebirth and fertility in the next life.

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