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Can Hackers turn a remote computer into a bomb and explode it to kill someone, just like they do in hacker movies?
A man walking in the subway stole a USB flash drive from the outer pocket of someone else's bag. I’m sure, you would really not imagine yourself being the 130th victim of this Killer perdrive, neither I.
This above story was told to a Russian researcher, nicknamed Dark Purple, who found the concept very interesting and developed his own computer-frying USB Killer pendrive. He is working with electronic manufacturing company from where he ordered some circuit boards from China for creating his own USB killer stick. At last, he successfully developed a well functioning USB killer pendrive which is able to effectively destroy sensitive components of a computer when plugged-in.
It is not possible for hardware to prevent all damage to physical systems in some scenarios. Stuxnet worm is one of the real example of such cyber attacks, which was designed to destroy centrifuges at the Nuclear facility and all this started from a USB drive.
Also in 2014, a security firm demonstrated an attack on Apple’s Mac computer by overriding temperature controls, which can actually set the machine on fire.
So if we say that a computer could be converted into a bomb, then of course it’s true, a hacker can probably make your computer explode as well. Therefore, next time when you find an unknown USB flash drive, just beware before inserting it into your laptop.
Want the most interesting Technology and Hacking News delivered automatically to your inbox? News has been floating around that SeaWorld is devising a new machine for its orcas—a water treadmill, to be exact. SeaWorld is working with KSB Pumps on the treadmill or “flow channel” which would create water flow at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, giving the sensation of endless swimming, reports the theme park website, Mice Chat. Activist and author Deborough Blalock even goes so far as to say that SeaWorld is recognizing that captivity is making its animals unhappy with their proposed addition, reports Take Part.

We can acknowledge that the treadmill will provide improvements to the whales’ daily lives, but much like the advent of “cage-free” or “free range” facilities at factory farms, just because a small change is made does not make captivity okay or easier to stomach. Disclosure: One Green Planet accepts advertising, sponsorship, affiliate links and other forms of compensation, which may or may not influence the advertising content, topics or articles written on this site.
The marine environment is rife with noise; the captive aquatic environments are similarly incredibly noisy. The welfare question is a reasonable one to raise; if SW is thoughtful, they will conduct appropriate pre- and post- treatment research to ascertain if there are any scientifically-supported positive or negative impacts. This whole effort reminds of the push in zoos to develop treadmills for polar bears, who also travel great distances during their active seasons and are prone to stereotypies in captive environments. A campaign to forge an international treaty that bans lethal autonomous weapons gets industry backing. Gariepy hopes other companies follow his lead, though he expects that that would be unlikely for the large military technology contractors that are public companies, such as Lockheed Martin and iRobot. Peter Asaro, vice-chair of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, notes that companies like Google are thinking about the issue of ethics for AI more generally (Google agreed to form an internal ethics board when it acquired the AI company DeepMind this year). Members of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots are in New York City to talk to government representatives who are meeting at the UN this week. It may be possible for an attacker to exploit SCADA vulnerabilities and remove safety controls used by power plants or put it into an unstable state. Because this time it will not fire up your important files or data stored on your laptop like what malwares do, instead it will fire up your Laptop.
She is a Technology Enthusiast with a keen eye on the Cyberspace and other tech related developments. We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet.
So far the device has not been tested on any of the killer whales and is currently in its initial feasibility studies. We cannot deny that an improvement is being made and perhaps even some of us can applaud this achievement.

Naomi Rose of the Animal Welfare Institute said via Take Part, “This development will improve the whales’ overall fitness and endurance and anything that improves the welfare of the animals is a welcome change. These whales, along with SeaWorld’s other animals, should be out swimming around in the ocean, not spending their days cooped up in small concrete pools.
How far are we then from military weapons systems that decide on their own when and where to fire?
Clearpath, however, doesn’t make the majority of its revenue from military contracts, and Gariepy believes there are other mid-sized firms like his that might be in a similar position to speak out.
And last October, 270 roboticists, AI experts, and other technologists signed a letter calling for an autonomous weapons ban. They are hoping that long before an international treaty would be signed, individual governments will put in place their own bans.
After coming home, he inserted the pendrive into his laptop and instead discovering any useful data, he burnt half of his laptop down.
The machine will give the orcas an additional chance to exercise (aside from the circles they swim and tricks they perform, which are negligible physical activities for orcas who would swim up to 100 miles in the wild every day, if permitted).
However: 1) this innovation was something SeaWorld could have added a long time ago, so why didn’t they?
The company decided it would be worth the business risk to speak out in order to validate the activist’s concerns and urge governments to take action. That, however, could be an uphill battle: the technology for autonomous lethal weapons is not well-defined, and it also goes to the heart of the military-industrial complex, says Williams. The man then took out the USB pendrive, replaced the text "128" with "129" and put it in the outer pocket of his bag… Amen! Assigning software to make deadly decisions would be inherently unethical and dangerous, they say—regardless of how advanced artificial intelligence systems become.

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