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Businesses come to me when they are annoyed that searching on the Internet finds all their competitors – but not them. This is good business practice for every single clickable link you create in your website, unless of course you’re linking to one of your own pages or blog posts. This entry was posted in Blog, How To, Wordpress and tagged background, blog, client, links open in a new page, page, post, website on August 19, 2014 by Teena Hughes.
At the time the article was posted, Cawthon mentioned to fans that the original "Five Nights At Freddy's" still contained some secrets that theorists had yet to uncover. Speaking of theories, Cawthon also took some time to reiterate that he really enjoys reading the multitude of Freddy rumors and speculation strewn about the Internet. Today, Scott is busy hyping up and developing "Five Nights At Freddy's 3." Throughout January, Cawthon provided a series of weekly teasers and trailers for the game. If Cawthon's past release patterns are any indication "Five Nights At Freddy's 3" could emerge in the next few weeks. Do you think we've learned all the secrets of the original "Five Nights At Freddy's?" What are your favorite fan theories and horror games? With the onset of low cost, high quality digital SLR cameras, new photogs from all walks of life are jumping into a field once dominated by professionals.
You don’t have to be a website designer or know the latest scripts to put together a professional, easy-to-use website.
You don’t need to hire someone to create a customized website nor do you need to learn all the ins and outs of website design and coding. Number Two: There is no point in setting up a beautiful website if your web host is slow and unreliable.
Number Three: Nothing smacks more of unprofessionalism than doing business with a personal email address. Number Four: Do you have an identifiable brand as a photographer – something that is uniquely you? Number Five: It amazes me how often I come across websites that offer every possible photography related service you can think of side-by-side on the same website. There is nothing wrong with being diversified and having couple different pokers in the fire, just consider offering services that don’t fit well together on different websites. Quick Tip: Avoid using words on your website that convey cheapness or that you are a low-end photographer.
Number Seven: Most of us have displayed less than stellar images on our website at one time or another. Using two paragraphs to describe all the equipment you have and why you think it is the best is just confusing to prospective clients.
Whether you are a trying to establish yourself as a wedding photographer or a respected photojournalist. Number Twelve: One of the most important things I have learned about the business of photography is that people assess how valuable your services are based on your prices.
If you advertise yourself as a $500 wedding photographer, you might as well just come out and say you have no idea what you are doing and that are just desperate for work. Shop your competition and see what they are charging, then crunch the numbers and determine what your break-even point is.
It is increasingly important to distinguish yourself from competition if you want succeed as a professional photographer. An excellent compilation of ideas which would save trouble in the long run when starting a photography business. Good advice Steve, something I have always been unsure about is if quality or quantity of your photos on your website is important.
It may be easier for the site owner to weed out the spam by having a contact form in lieu of posting an email address, but it’s frustrating for anyone who needs to keep a paper trail for their business. Not everyone wants to pay your travel fee, so if they can’t tell where you live, they may rule you out.
Most common offenders: Wild background images and overdoing script fonts (looking at you, wedding photographers). Your work is the most important thing on your website — don’t cover too much up with your watermark.
If you can’t commit to regular posts, having a blog is shooting yourself in the foot.
Shortly after the release of the first "Five Nights At Freddy's" developer Scott Cawthon revealed that players had yet to uncover all the secrets of his original game. While the chat isn't too lengthy, it provides Cawthon's insights on fan theories, unused animatronics and horror games. However, because this particular story was discovered only recently, it's not known if that statement is still true today. However, this is a fact that close followers of "Five Nights At Freddy's" likely already knew. He didn't go into too much detail on the subject but did divulge that certain characters had been scrapped from the first game.
Even though the "Five Nights At Freddy's" series is regarded by some as the scariest horror franchise in years, its creator isn't that influenced by his contemporaries.

It will likely release first on PC first with mobile platforms following shortly thereafter. Will unused animatronic ideas find their way into "Five Nights At Freddy's 3?" Tell us in the comments section! While many are content to enjoy photography as a hobby, others look for ways to make money and even turn photography into a full time business.
If it’s messy, hard to navigate and unprofessional, chances are prospective clients will move on and hire someone else. These days, photographers can purchase ready-made templates and customize them to meet their needs.
Take some time to sketch out what you want your website to look like and how you want it to operate. I actually ran into this issue the other day while checking out a competitor’s website.
This can save you a lot of frustration if your web host rolls up the carpet and skips town or if you simply decide you have had enough and want switch to a more reliable host. Most web hosting services offer packages that include a limited number of email addresses using your personal domain name at no additional cost.
This includes updating my next mailer, creating new flyers, updating my business cards with new images, and more.
A website offering real estate photography along with wedding photography just looks weird. For example, it might be wise to purchase two different domain names, one for the real estate work and another for weddings and portraits. There shouldn’t be a bunch of images of that cool Corvette that you photographed a few months ago on your portrait website. Most of them could care less that you prefer an Apple computer over a PC for processing your images or that you think Nikon is better than Canon (or vice-versa). The trend in wedding and portrait photography is to pair up a fancy commercial website with a more personal blog.
Failing to add new images to your website can lead prospective clients to think that you are not very active as a photographer. Price yourself too low and people will assume that you are a low-end, inexperienced photographer. Even if your images are stunning, serious clients willing to drop $3000 for high quality wedding photography will think you are a joke. This should give you a good starting point for creating a reasonable pricing scale based on the services you provide.
Prospective clients notice when a photographer’s website looks sloppy and slapped together in a hurry. Obviously quality is great for people that visit your website, but on the other hand if you have quantiy with well described metadata in the photos the search engines will pick up your site a lot more and direct people to it.People dont always buy our best photos.
Word of mouth, a great network of friends, family and a few wonderful clients was all I needed when I initially focused my energy into my photography as a business and no longer a hobby. Relocating your business will definitely be challenging, but it’s a great opportunity to refocus your business. 2014, it still manages to unearth some private details about the "Five Nights At Freddy's" series and the ever-elusive Scott Cawthon.
Most players have already moved on to dissecting every inch of "Five Nights At Freddy's 2" and the myriad of teasers for "Five Nights At Freddy's 3." Is it possible that some of the original entry's secrets have yet to be revealed? In past posts on social media, the developer admits that he's sometimes compelled to reply to certain theories to tell posters why they're wrong. Cryptically, the coder says that most of his concepts "get their time to shine" eventually. This has created healthy competition and completely changed the landscape of professional photography as it once was.
It is hard enough to keep up on all the changes in the field of digital photography without having to worry about website design and management issues.
ProPhoto and BluDomain are great examples of companies that provide beautiful website templates for photographers. The first hosting service I went with dropped my website for a full three days before they finally resolved the issue.
Extend the look and feel of your website into your business cards, flyers and marketing material.
Prospective clients (whether it be real estate agents or brides-to-be) want to find the information they are looking for quickly. Just because you took some great shots doesn’t mean you should show them off on your business website.
If English isn’t your first language, take the time to have a native English speaker look at your grammar. I recommend holding off on actually going live with a business website if you don’t have very many high quality images to display. Where a commercial website represents your professional services, a blog allows you to let some of your personality show through.

You should be adding new images and cycling out older images at least every month or two (more often if possible). Nobody will ever hire you because they like the instrumental you picked out with your template… stop it.
While Cawthon advises that the only place for factual information on "Five Nights At Freddy's" is his website, there's no denying that he still takes pleasure in reading what other folks have theorized about his games. This idea not only makes fans wonder which "Five Nights At Freddy's 2" animatronics were removed from the first game but also adds the possibility of that process influencing "Five Nights At Freddy's 3" as well. I'm too chicken." Some folks have speculated that Cawthon created "Five Nights At Freddy's 3's" animatronic as a manifestation of his own fears. The tighter the competition becomes, the more important it is to find ways to separate yourself from the pack. Are you planning to display and sell landscape images (which might require a shopping cart) or are you planning to put together a simple portrait photography website to advertise your business?
They offer a huge assortment of off-the-shelf styles and work with you to customize the final look and feel of the site. Search forums and message boards to find out what other people are saying before you take the plunge. You might as well just come out and tell your clients that you are running a business out of a spare bedroom! It would be confusing and frustrating to navigate through real estate photographs trying to find information related to your wedding service. Ask another photographer if you are not sure if your images should be displayed in your portfolio. Most prospective clients just want to see a quick representative sample of your work, read what you offer (pricing, services, etc.) and know how to contact you.
A blog is a great way to communicate indirectly with your current clients and let prospective clients catch a glimpse of your personality.
I usually get permission from my clients (along with a signed model release) before I display their images publicly. Give viewers a reason to come to your blog by regularly adding new content and letting them know what you are up. Do you want to be known as a low-end, budget photographer or one who has experience and knows what you are doing?
For someone easily spooked, one might assume the same could be said about the entire "Five Nights At Freddy's" series. Capturing exceptional images just isn’t enough if you want to turn your hobby into a revenue generating business.
Your commercial website is the first encounter most people have with you (the photographer) and your work. Prospective clients are only going to spend a few seconds on your website before they decide if they want to keep looking or move on. Along with that, they provide a secure back-end for each of their websites to give you the power to maintain and manage the site without any specialized coding knowledge.
Once you have a general idea of what you need, purchase a template that fits your requirements. Having different websites for each specific service you offer also makes it easier for people to find you using a search engine. If you don’t care about your website then how can I be sure that you are going to care about me as a client? I think it’s wise for new photographers to wait on creating a commercial website and focus on building up a portfolio rather than displaying a bunch of so-so images on a fancy, new website. This is the place to talk about your fancy gear (if you wish) and anything else that might not be appropriate for your commercial website.
Remember that your commercial website and blog should have easy-to-find links back to each other. So not only learning from my own mistakes, but also from the mistakes of others that graciously offer their hard earned advice has been my saving grace! The idea is to hook them with a professional looking site that is easy to navigate and quickly conveys all the most important information about you as a photographer.
If you are a portrait photographer, shoot anyone who will let you including friends, family members and neighbors. There just isn’t a good excuse for having a bunch of misspelled words littering your website. Not only will you hone your skills, you will come away with a healthy body of high quality photographs that you can display on your website.
To be fair, the sluggish nature of her website could be due to a handful of issues outside her control and it might even be a temporary issue; however chances are good that her web host is just serving up the site slowly.

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