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Educational institutions, organizations, and even Internet Service Providers (ISPs) try their best to restrict access to many websites for a variety of reasons. There are various proxies available on the web which can be used to access restricted websites but the problem here is that network administrators can block access to these proxies, so we are back to square one with this.
A proxy opens blocked and restricted websites, and lets you access any website of your choice even behind the firewalls. It’s a very simple process involving only four tasks, and it costs absolutely nothing. Let’s learn how to create your own proxy using the powerful platform of Google App Engine.
You will need to install software for running, testing, and deploying your proxy application to Google App Engine.

Leave the Authentication Options (Advanced) to its default option (Open to all Google Account users). Now it’s time to develop and edit your GAE proxy app on your system using the tools you have downloaded earlier. Extract the contents of the compressed Mirrorrr file ( you have downloaded earlier. Open your app’s local folder (the same place as in step 4 in the previous task) and paste the copied contents. If all is well, it’s time to upload your proxy app, choose your application in Google App Engine Launcher.
But if you believe that you should be allowed to browse any site of your choice, a proxy can help you access sites blocked by a firewall on your network.

Administrators use various lists to block proxies and other websites, but that list most probably won’t contain your proxy, thereby allowing you free rein. This app will serve as the proxy, after you deploy it using the App Engine SDK in the nexttask.
You may be asked to verify your account, then you will be taken to the Create an Application page.
Mirrorrr’s files belong to his developer (Brett Slatkin), and should not be used in not-for-personal applications.

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