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Ever since my daughter brought home a light-up quiz board she made in 3rd grade, I’ve wanted to try one myself!
If you are using 2 C batteries and a holiday light: Line up two batteries so that the positive terminal of one is touching the negative terminal of the other one. Take one free end of the aluminum foil (the other end is attached to the battery now) and tape it to the wire from one end of the light bulb wire. If you are using 1 lithium coin battery and an LED: Create two more strips of foil 6-8in long.
Curious Jane, founded by contributor Samantha Razook Murphy, offers project-based after-school programs and summer camps, revolving around creativity in the arts and sciences.
Momfilter is a lifestyle playbook for families, created by Pilar Guzman and Yolanda Edwards, the founding editors of Cookie Magazine.
Tell us what moves you: a recipe, strategy, winter destination, book, eye cream, idea, bargain, etc.
Students can build their knowledge of bone structure with this helpful guide to memorize the major parts of the skeletal system. This is something you can truly do at home – using wire or plain old aluminum foil as the conductive material, and, for the light-up element, an LED or single bulb from a string of holiday lights (you know how they always include extras in those little clear baggies – use them here).

Finally, create your “quiz wand.” You can do this in two ways, depending on what materials you have at hand.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The only other things you need are some cardboard, a battery, masking tape and creative trivia questions! Wrap a piece of tape around the batteries the short way where the ends of the batteries meet. Make sure the copper colored wire of the light is touching the foil before you apply the tape. Tape the other end securely to the anode side of the LED (look carefully into the bulb of your LED; the anode end has the smaller metal ‘flag’ on it). Cut this into 6 strips about 2 inches wide, and fold each strip over on itself a few times (length-wise) so that you end up with 6 strips about a half-inch wide.
Take the second strip of aluminum foil and tape one end to the negative side of the battery. Pencil in the six questions – one next to each hole – down the left hand side of the board and the six answers down the right hand side.

These are your ‘wires.’ Insert a brad (paper fastener) into the front of each hole, and fold the legs over together on the back.
Following the line you drew from the question to the correct answer, attach the other end of the aluminum strip to the brad with the corresponding answer. Connect one piece of foil to each terminal of the battery by sliding the foil under the rubber bands.
On the back side, draw lines from the holes with the questions to match them up to the holes with the correct answers. Just make sure the aluminum foil shows through the hole on each side.) Cover the foil strip and brad entirely with masking tape. Repeat this for the other 5 connections, making sure to cover each one thoroughly with masking tape before moving on to the next.

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