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Fixed a problem that calculation on column width is wrong when maxBodyHeight is used with Bootstrap. Added maxBodyHeight option to limit the maximum height on table body and vertical scrollbar will be displayed when this height limit is reached.
Removed unnecessary coding so that appendGrid requires jQuery UI Core, Widget and Button components only for all standard features. Added rowDataLoaded callback function that will be useful when loading data into a row with controls with dynamic content, such as cascading drop down list. Fixed a problem that empty row message will not be displayed when passing empty array to load method.

Now I guess I need to go through all of my pages and apply the code for all of these videos.
I just like using Adobe Dreamweaver CC because all of the code writing, ftp, brower views, responsive helpers, find and replace, code inspector, element inspector etc are all in one box.
You can add, remove, edit, move up, move down records row by row such like filled spreadsheet. That means 10 plus hours of video devoted to Creating Web sites using Adobe Dreamweaver CC.
It is more about web design and you could use all kind of code editors and follow the series.

To see the video on how to make that happen, just click the link below and the link will take you to a video where you can see how to “Make a YouTube Video Responsive”, and you will find the sample code that you can down load to help you make a YouTube Video Responsive.

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