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While the Christmas 2012 is approaching, the whole world is conquered by various Christmas elements. With a professional plug-in for Windows 7 named Video Screensaver, users are allowed to make WMV video as Christmas screensaver.
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Anyway, to address your query - a link can be introduced in the email signature of a Windows Live Hotmail account through the Rich text or Edit in HTML modes. Make sure "Rich text" is selected in the "Personal signature" (the other two options are "Edit in HTML" and "Plain text") [Slide 3].
Select this text by clicking at the beginning and then dragging the mouse cursor to the end or use the Ctrl-A key combination [Slide 5].
Hit the small "Insert hyperlink" icon in the toolbar; it's the one with the globe and the chain links. IMPORTANT: The link will not appear 'clickable' when it's displayed as the email signature at the time of composing a new message but rest assured it will work. If you want to be a little more adventurous, you can also include an image in the email signature of the Windows Live Hotmail account. At the time of writing, you cannot upload an image directly to the Windows Live Hotmail service and put it in the email signature. The email signature of my Windows Live Hotmail account contains a clickable link as well as a clickable image [Slide 12]. The above code would make a nice email signature for your Windows Live account as long as the image is already online and you've specified the correct URL.

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Window film is unaffected by moisture and steam so its great for decorating or adding privacy to bathroom windows, showers and mirrors. Adhesive-free static cling window film removes easily and cleanly when it is time to redecorate. Christmas cards are needed in the store, Christmas trees are purchased by families and even Christmas screensavers are designed for computers. As long as users can make DIY Christmas screensaver, they won’t worry about being the same with others. Therefore, once users can convert Christmas PowerPoint to photos, they can simple make Christmas PowerPoint a Christmas screensaver. As the conversion ends, users can easily make the Christmas PowerPoint a Christmas screensaver with Video Screensaver. I had no problem placing a URL, but I am unable to get it to act as a link when I make the email signature in Windows Live Hotmail. It was because of your question that I came to know of the 'smallish' change made on the email signature section of Windows Live Hotmail. You can, however, use one which is already online at a free image hosting service, for instance.

Simply cut-paste the lines below; remember to substitute the text in red with your URLs and web links [Slide 11]. The video demonstrates how our decorative window films can solve problems, improve privacy and add to the decor. Luckily, with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, users can easily manage the conversion from PowerPoint to photos. It changes color as to indicate that it is accepting it as a URL, but only as a cut and paste, not a link. Beautiful Christmas screensaver can not only enhance the atmosphere of Christmas 2012 but also cool the computer. In this way, one can both get the nice Christmas screensaver and enjoy good Christmas presentation. You can also include an image (your company logo, perhaps?) in the signature, if you so want.
Generally speaking, since most users tend to download Christmas screensavers online which are limited in number, there is a great chance many are using the same Christmas screensaver. Our patented vinyl cling film will look good for years while reducing heat, saving energy and filtering UV rays.

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