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Steps to make your own website is a FREE GUIDE that teaches you how to make a website in a very basic, simple, and step by step approach. Create your own website and break the myth that only professionals know how to make a website. Yes, this website is the ultimate guide that will lead you through all the steps, hand in hand, logically and systematically. Before we show you the steps to create your own website, it is important to highlight the advantages of owning a website and to show you who all need to make their own website. Having selected your niche and registered a domain name the next step is to put flesh to the structure of your website.
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Most times when we create designs, it’s tempting to send a flat graphic, as is, to our client or out to our intended audience. It’s best to have some photo-realistic mock-ups, but if you have vectors, that will work as well. Perhaps you want to show off a web design, application design or even just a desktop background.
Considered the second most popular phone in the world, it’s probably a great idea to get this PSD in your stash.
It’s not evident what exact version of the iPad this is, but it shows it can be extremely versatile. Of major importance in responsive design, is to make sure you know and understand how your design is going to look in all browser sizes.

As my favorite browser, this is a go-to of mine for when I want to present web designs to clients. This is a fairly simple action that transforms your one-dimension graphic into a tri-fold brochure. I like this mock-up because it’s a standard magazine size to help you show off advertisements, editorial design and more to your clients. This is another simple Photoshop action that just ads a bit of style to what we be a normal graphic. This is one of my favorites, mainly because it adds a bit of something else to what would normal just be a flat design.
If all you’d like to do is feature your business cards photo-realistically, this is a great PSD for you. I found a PSD like this more than helpful for when you want to showcase all of your work in a portfolio. With this hoodie PSD, you’re able to customize colors and designs while keeping the highlights and shadows in the original.
Again, with this mock-up PSD we are able to customize our colors and keep our highlights and shadows to go with any design. If you’d like a little more consistency between your mock-ups, this may be a great pack for you. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! All the topics in this website are written with a view to assist you to achieve these goals. Unfamiliar technology and hype associated with the internet can put any one on the back foot. It can work, but it’s much more effective when we have a way for people to actually visualize a design in its intended environment. Whatever it may be, this is a great mock-up that’s fully scalable and can fit any project.

It’s very common for designers to create mock-ups using the actual device, whether it be a laptop or desktop. Often times, we don’t design and print every piece of corporate identity first, so this is a great way to show it off all at once.
Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish!" With those words began an era of change rarely rivaled before or since as an awesome entity set heroes and villains against each other, only to learn that the difference between the two was not so clear-cut as it seemed! Most new web builders feel nervous and often have giddy feelings about starting a website.
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To help others understand them, we may create prototypes or sketch out an idea to get to a meeting of the minds. Fortunately, we’ve found this mock-up to help you show off your app designs and such. This is great for when you want to show how different mobile apps work or how responsive sites are seen on an iPhone. Loyalties, loves, and line-ups change in the mini-series where one world's battles shook a universe! And with the weight of an entire mountain range above them, how do they go about their desperate fight for survival?
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