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A HUGE thanks to the "SBI!" software that made it possible for even an "e"dummy like me learn how to build a website that's now profitable internet business. August 6, 2008 by JamesThoenes 30 Comments The is part one of the Key to an Effective Small Business Website series. You want to own it (some businesses find themselves renting the domain from a web designer at high cost).
The reason is because there are people out there buying domains simply with the plan of selling them at a profit sometime in the future.
Use the tool provided by your domain registrar and only search when you are ready to purchase it. If your business name is short, easy to spell, and memorable take it if the domain is available. You have a bonus if your business name will also have keywords that people would typically type if they were looking for your type of business. However, using a locality and business type will help you get some additional search engine ranking for a phrase people will commonly search for. I have used 4 different registrars online and these are the only two I feel good about recommending. I have had friends purchase domain names and pay $40 and not get services they needed with it. In the next post in this series, I am going to cover a subject even more important to your small business and its website than a domain name. In addition to avoiding extra renewal problems, I have heard some say that Google likes domains that are purchased for several years. To the lay person, choosing a domain name can be confusing, this article contains some useful tips which some people will no doubt find useful. This is true but I would think that a lot of searchers would go to an engine if they are really interested in what the site has to offer. Well, i think that no matter what the name of your business is, your domain should always be the main keyword you’re targeting. In my opinion you should buy your companies name as your domain name and purchase either a preowned domain name or a new one with niche keywords. I agree with the Second rule, this is a very important one: Use the tool provided by your domain registrar and only search when you are ready to purchase it. Also when use domains to buy hosting accounts make sure that you own the domain before buying the hosting acount. If you are starting a business, you may want to check out the available domain names before you settle on a name for your business.

I would love to learn how to make my own website in order to promote my small home business. We just want to make sure you do it right and don’t make a mistake because your first choice is not available. I do not want you to miss getting one because someone purchased it two weeks earlier just as an investment and not use. Again, you want to be able to give your domain name out easy and for it to be easy to remember. If your business name is too long, uses really long words, or hard to spell, look at the second option. Using your business name will make it easier for people that are familiar with your business to find you. Many new customers you get from your website may very well be typing in the type of business you have and the city in a search engine. If you bought a domain with your business name maybe get the locality-business type name or the other way around. It’s definitely important not to just check price on the domain registrar, but also their full suite of services.
I have experienced a registrar with problems and that is why a quality registrar is a must. Another useful blog post I found on the matter can be found under the title What’s in a Name. This is an easy way to get a good amount of traffic during the first few months after going live. The company name would go on business cards and be fowarded to the actual site run on the keyword riche domain name. One time I buy the hosting without registering the domain (yeah I know my mistake :S) , and after I buy the hosting account I tried to register the domain and was already registered.
Using dashes can help in search engine results ranking and you really rarely advertise on the radio. Just imagine how you would tell people in person if they asked for your website name as a good way to know what domain you will register. There is multiple factors as to why it’s my favorite host, however the most important factor is that they have great customer support. Building a website for my interior redesign and staging consulting business has been on my "to do" list for far too long. These commissions fund the site in order to keep it up and running.I'd like to sincerely thank you all for your support as well as your purchases, comments, forum participation and visits.

This is a little bit different than choosing a domain name for a niche sit which I have also pointed written about on this blog. There are some sites online that use these searches to find prime domains for investment like I mentioned above.
Dashes (or underscores) will make it nearly impossible to give out your domain name orally in person or on a radio advertisement. You may want to consider purchasing the domain for more than one year if you think your business will be around for longer than a year (I hope you are). We don’t sacrifice price for quality, instead choosing to focus on providing great solutions like SEO and web design to help small businesses get jumpstarted on their web site. It is best to buy for longer periods of time so that you reduce your exposure to renewal problems. Purchasing more than one year is something you defiantly should do, especially if you plan to keep your business running longer than a year (I think that is what most are working for anyway). This way you extend your brand in the real world and attack your niche in the virtual world. They do help readers when looking at a search engine results page, but other than that no real help. I have heard of more than one case where someone has checked for a domain and found suddenly purchased when they waited a bit before purchasing. If your business name is not completely unique, you should buy the domain name for it even if you use the business and city domain. The second factor that made me decide to give them a chance was the fact that the prices are so inexpensive. The hosting plans are really cheap and the domains are cheaper then on the competition sites. If your tired of dealing with companies that have poor customer service and not only that but high prices, then this is a company that you definitely want to give a try, you won’t be disappointed! I do have to let you know that I just adore Bits and Bytes and look forward to each newsletter.

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