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After many request through email and on social networks, I have finally been able to find time to create the Adobe Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts infographic, that so many people asked for. Lightroom is great at organizing your photos, and is vital in this day an age where we can take as many as a thousand photos in just one day! If you enjoyed this infographic be sure to check out our popular guides on how to start a blog, the best WordPress Hosting and the top email marketing software.
Join my mailing list and you will be the first to know when a new post is published or if there is a new exclusive newsletter. It is the season of love, so just in time for Valentine’s Day we asked talented design experts the world over for their laws of website attraction.
Capture the energy and personality of the business and its owner and let it shine through a screen. The difference between a good site and one you fall in love with is, ironically, application of the resource that most web professionals have the least of: time. A great website is like a polished stone found on the beach – one that the waves have worn down over years and years, removing all of the edges, rough spots, and blemishes. It’s really handy as you have all your photos in one place, and makes them available on your computer, on the web, and on your mobile devices.

After growing tired of the 9-5, commuting and never seeing my family I decided that I wanted to make some changes and launched my first blog. Businesses aren’t static or dull, they are dynamic and engaging and that should be reflected on their website.
It takes an enormous amount of time to apply the same metaphorical treatment to a website, refining everything from aesthetics to performance. If we want our users to love our work, then we have to love them too – with their naivete and their less-than-perfect browsing tools. We architect data so that content is related, packaged, and presented in a way that is digestible. I think of the interface as the matte of a frame of a painting, a neutral environment to view your content against.
Rollovers can be more than just fun to trigger, but can also emphasize brand identity or provide a peek at the content they link to.
His background is news, but he has a passion for music, video games, and that special place where art and technology collide.
Since then I have launched lots of successful niche blogs and after selling my survivalist blog I decided to teach other people how to do the same.

You may have great customer service in store, but if your site isn’t easy to use people may think otherwise. When it really comes down to it, time is the ultimate symbol of love in our increasingly fast paced world: the love to sacrifice our precious time to help our users save some of theirs. Focus on the logical flow of information; ensuring disparate views feel part of a cohesive whole.
Even subtle color shifts or changes in light angle can add enough variety to encourage a visitor to explore your navigation. Will they try to navigate our creation through an assistive screen reader, or simply see our indexed Google search listing?
By building the interface out of only a few colors, both full color graphics and black and white images pop.
We pair relatively flat design with three-dimensional motion and timed animation to add depth and a little personality.

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