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How to Make Your Phone-number on Your Website Click to Call Courtney Engle Robertson • March 24, 2014 • 2 CommentsHave you ever visited a website from your mobile phone to find the number of a business you wanted to call and tried to copy that link? Much like clicking on an email address often opens your email system with a subject already created, many other communication systems can be click to call. Rather than determining every possible link to launch a navigation system on different devices, I prefer to make the address to a location be a link to Google Maps.
Look at your website from a mobile device and plan what would most help your visitors quickly contact you. I’m walking down the street, trying to get in touch with a recommended restaurant to see if they have space available. Do a Google search for the number, find it, tap it, call them (and hopefully find a table). Using my smartphone, I did a Google search for their name, found their website and tapped through to their contact page. Sure, I could have memorised the number, but an even better idea would be to make things easier for your visitors: make your phone number clickable (or “finger tappable”) for mobile devices by using a simple line of code. This tip is especially important for need-based, home service businesses—hvac, pest control, plumbing, roofing, etc., but it really applies to any company that wants to generate web leads via the phone.
When the web was in its infancy, there were no expectations in terms of where I should look for your phone number. Your phone number should be large enough that someone with even mediocre vision can read it from three to five feet away from the screen. There’s no way in hell many of you could find and read the phone number on the site above from five fee away from the monitor. When you’re getting ready to build a new website, be sure to look at the most popular websites in your industry.

Similar to putting your phone number in the upper right-hand corner, why force people to visit your Contact Us page to fill out an online contact form? For starters, the page doesn’t (really) acknowledge the frustration experienced by the visitor that found it. Simply having something other than the default 404 page can create a better visitor experience. About The Author: Ben Landers is the President and CEO of Blue Corona, a data-driven, inbound internet marketing company. On their contact page I was however greeted with something frustrating like +27(0)12-123-1234. It makes absolutely no sense to spend a bunch of money on online marketing—driving qualified visitors to your website—when your website leaves people feeling like they’re stuck behind an old lady in the fast lane. Not only is a fast-loading website more appealing to human visitors, but faster sites are also given a boost in the organic search rankings. In most industries, the average visitor is only on your site for a minute or two so every second counts.
According to a study done by Nielson, web visitors are 5.9 times more likely to scroll down vs. According to comScore, in August 2012, mobile phones and tablets accounted for 13 percent of total Internet page views views—this is more than 100 percent higher than the previous year.
The good news is that broken links are easy to find and fix (if you can’t figure it out on your own, we can help).
The ideal 404 page (if there is such a thing) should combine empathy, possibly humor, and options to help the visitor.
Too many companies invest thousands of dollars each month to drive qualified visitors to their sites with pay per click advertising, SEO, and social media without spending a penny analyzing how to improve their website’s usability.

Here’s how to format the html for each type, a dummy link, and the same link applied to an image.
If I have to search your website—for even a few seconds—to find your phone number, your site’s PITA score is sky rocketing! If you’re running a home service company, people expect to find your phone number in the upper right-hand side of the page and again in the footer. No matter how diligent you are about preventing broken links, the odds are high that you’ll still have them from time to time. Don’t make me THINK—at least not about something as simple as where your phone number could possibly be hiding.
Guy Kawasaki has a famous rule for Power Point presentations that says that you should never use a font size smaller than 30 points. Instead, place your social media icons on pages people would find after you’re already doing business together (like a Thank You page following a web form).
If the web server cannot find the page or resource you’re requesting, you get a 404 error. Next, you close the browser, open the phone app go to the keypad area and paste the number (after finding out where to paste it). To my knowledge, there is no comparable rule for phone numbers on plumbing websites, but there should be.

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