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Abstract: This article gives you a basic insight into what are dynamic web templates and how do you create one and use it to create web pages with same look and feel. You create a template with the layout and all the page elements, formatting, styles that would be common across all the pages in your website and create editable regions wherever you want to put elements that would be specific to each page.
So whenever you create a template for a website you would enter the elements like text, images and the same that would be common across all pages. Though by default an editable region is created in the template you can always delete it and create a new one wherever and whenever you want.
You can similarly create multiple editable regions in between non-editable regions in your template. Expression Web maintains a link between the dynamic web template and the content pages derived from the template. You can always choose various actions on your pages related to the dynamic web template from the menu, by choosing Format > Dynamic Web Template. This article was to give you an overview of creating dynamic web templates and using them to create your web pages.
Minal Agarwal, Expression Web MVP, MCDST, works as a freelance web designer (SaffronStroke) working on Expression Web, Photoshop and other Graphical tools.

It can contain page layout, page elements, settings, formatting, styles, graphics and certain regions that can be edited. Even though it is not specifically mentioned, content of a web template is divided into editable region and non-editable region. You could create one or more editable regions in the template where you need to enter page specific data.
Once you complete creating the template you can now create as many pages from your template as much needed in your web site.
Expression Web will inform you that the new page has been updated with the content from the dynamic web template. So whenever you make any changes to the template, it will ask you if you would also like to update the content pages that are linked. The purpose of a dynamic web template is to derive or create pages in a web site based on it, to maintain an identical and consistent look and feel throughout the web site.
Non-editable region is a specific part of the template, content of which is unalterable in all the pages that are created based on the template. Later when you create individual pages from this template you would fill in the content that is specific to those pages into these editable regions.

Hence dynamic web templates help you to create multiple pages in your website with a consistent look. Unlike non-editable region, an editable region is that portion of the dynamic web template, the content of which is specific to that page.
Also whenever you decide to make any changes in your pages, you do not have to go to each page and do it individually. To put it in simple words; when a page is created based on a dynamic web template all of the content of the page derived from the template is locked excluding the content in the editable regions. Instead edit the dynamic web template and let Expression Web update all the linked pages with this change.

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