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I have a super fun arts and crafts project for my beautiful little bunnies to try over the holiday weekend! I started college as a fashion design major, so I have always been a little crafty when it comes to recycling old T-shirts.
As for the shirt, I actually hand cut a stencil for the writing and then carrot and spray painted it onto a guys shirt from Target!
Love your well written tutorial (I’m making one) and for sharing your weight loss story on your blog. I just finished my shirt for the charity walk that I am participating in tomorrow morning and it turned out great!!!
Haha that’s a great idea Hillery, I’ll have to share your idea with other mommies!
Yay just made 5 from some $1.99 t-shirts I got at michaels plus a tye-dye kit super psyched to see how they come out ! I think it’s cute with a sports bra, but I also like to wear mine with a Lacey Bandeau underneath when I’m not working out! I love my new workout shirt, however my one tip is to make sure you use a shirt that is a couple sizes larger than what you wear because cutting it shrinks the size.
Hi, I just made one of these out of a shirt I tie dyed to sell and it came out pretty low in the side boob department lol. This previous weekend I was out away from my home gym and decided to grab a few workouts at popular big box gym and it brought back some memories of some people that I use to train and work out along side that truly blew all excuses out of the water.
When I was about 18-19 I use to workout at this hole in the wall gym (Texas Gym) and I loved it! If fact my training partner had a metal 45lb plate dropped on his foot (not by me) and the next day he was in crunches back in the gym training his arms. One of the most in shape guys I’ve EVER seen in there was a blind man that had is training partner lead him to a bench and place dumbbells in front of him, the blind man would then crank out some AMAZING sets pushing to his limit each and every time. Guys would come in from working 12 hr construction jobs and still rock out amazing workouts. I had big lessons in the NO EXCUSES mentality of that place when one day my workout partner and I went in for our Saturday morning leg workout. The workout was Squat-Fest 2004 (The owner NEVER labeled his workout so the fact this one had a title said something). Needless to say we were spent and I had trouble walking for a two weeks; I’m not kidding about that, two weeks straight I could barely walk. The real lesson come from next week when I was too sore to walk but still came to the gym (neither one of us wanted to get made fun of lol) and the owner was proud to see us back and told me one thing that stuck with me to this day.
Otherwords they always found a way NO MATTER what happens in their life they were at the gym still working towards their goals. Yes this is the founder of Honda Motor Corporation but this guy went through some of the craziest road bumps I’ve heard to build his business. The list can go on but each one of these individuals could have though of a THOUSAND excuses and a lot of us would never had blamed them for limiting themselves. We find less reasons that limit ourselves from less than when these people have gone through.

I promise for every excuse you can think of there are a million people out there who are ignoring or overcoming them. The Common Core State Standards Initiative is widely denounced for imposing confusing, unhelpful experimental teaching methods. Some 45 states and the District of Columbia have so far adopted Common Core standards, leaving students all around the United States to puzzle over mysterious logic and language devised in accordance with Common Core’s new methods.
This calendar has all you need to get started in January: the workouts, the durations, and fun ways to get active in the gym. This is the official health and fitness blog of Anytime Fitness—the world's largest co-ed fitness franchise. Using the excess bottom hemline, stretch it out until it becomes one long string of fabric.
Wrap the string all the way down around the center of the racerback, and back up to meet the other ends. A few people have been asking me about buying shirts, so I think I am going to screen print some in a couple of weeks!
I’m going to HAVE to try this today – going to root around in my boyfriends closet for some t-shirts ?? Thanks girl!
But I have a question, did you get a shirt the same size you normally wear or a larger one?
I actually bought a plain men’s green shirt from Target and then cut my own stencil and spray painted the shirt! There is a design on the upper half of the shirt I want to use, so I plan to cut along the lower back for the coil. I wish I would have read through the comments first cause then I would have known to use a larger then normal t-shirt. Some of the hardest workouts to this day were at that place due to the fact there was so much energy, testosterone and no BS attitude that just oozed out of that place. For some reason the owner took a liking to us and would always have a leg workout ready for us scribbled on a piece of paper. A guy had one leg but still squatted, blind man made his way to the gym, if you had a broken arm you did legs, if you had a broken leg you did arms. These guys have a never quit attitude that is just contageious and will light a fire under your a$$. Its actually quite difficult to find his whole story but I recall reading a bio and this guy went through several bankruptcies, had his factory bombed twice in the World Wars, family ordeals, government blocks, other automotive blocks, the list goes on.
If you are not where you want to be in either fitness, business or life  stop with the excuses and do work people.
Following these methods, some have created problems that lack essential information or make no sense whatsoever. Not willing to ruin addition alone, educators take aim at subtraction as well, forcing students to make visual representations of numbers in columns. This third-grade Common Core-compliant question asks students to match the shaded geometrical figures with their corresponding fractions.
The first question on this first-grade math test, found by the Washington Post, makes one wonder how coins relate to cups.

From the same test, numbers 7 and 8 unnecessarily complicate simple arithmetic with odd, quadrilateral diagrams. She also loves race cars, spending time with her friends and family, and wasting time on Pinterest. You can wear this casual racerback to your workout and then dress it up with a lacy bandeau when you meet your friends for some rabbit food afterwards.
For the sleeves, cut downwards starting from the shoulder, determining how thick you want your straps. Starting a few inches up at the front of your shirt, start cutting diagonally until you reach the back.
I just started my own healthy way of life (not on a diet because I should not lose any weight ?? ) But I have green smoothies everyday and my food groups are the “Rabbit Food” I love that!
I love Lululemon, so I’m sure I will come up with some Lulu inspired creations in the future!
A lot of people have been asking for them, so I am currently looking into having shirts screen printed to sell on my website. I left the section at the top because it had something printed there and then tied it from there down and it worked great. I’m so glad that it worked out and you were able to save the top section of your original shirt! I wear mine with a sports bra when I workout or with a lacy bandeau and jeans when it’s nice out!
When I wear my sports bra it covers all the goodies at least but not sure I did something wrong or the side is supposed to be that way?
I could go all day and tell you stories of how hard and crazy those workouts were but what impressed me the most about that place is that no one there tolerated excuses. These workouts were NOT easy, sometimes I look back on those and wondered how I even survived some of those intense days.
I think my workout partner and I had done 15 sets of squats (warm-ups didn’t count there) 8 sets of leg press 8 sets  of hack squats, 50yd lunges, hamstrings… the list went on. He did not quit and he had enough excuses that I think no one would have blamed him if he did.
I have tons of healthy recipes and treats coming up to keep healthy eating fun and exciting! I’ll definitely let you know of I have a batch made ?? I’m so happy everyone likes the shirt! Basically skipped the big V cut out on back and curved it down about 3 inches from top toward arm pits. Our squatting workout alone took us 45min to complete and I had trouble walking after that; the whole workout took us about 3 hours to complete! I’ll definitely let you know if I have a batch of shirts made ?? Thank you so much for you interest!

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