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Button from master page not accessible where the button in overlapped by a div tag in Home page.
PHP is huge but there are people who want their websites developed in ASP so it is also a great market to get into. Microsoft has made it easy to learn this technology by providing a text editor built specially for it. Now add the following lines of code in your body tags and hit Ctrl+F5, this will run the script without debugging it.
So, bit of silly question here but browsing google didn't really get me any good information.
There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format.
It appears that you do not have the mod_mono Apache module installed (or installed correctly) - so your files are being interpreted as text files.

If async-await doesn't create any additional threads, then how does it make applications responsive? Learn to develop on Chrome (or Firefox with Firebug) and then see if it works on other browsers.
The pages aren't being handled by the relevant IIS module so your server is serving the unprocessed ASPX pages back to you without 'filling-in' the dynamic server-generated bits. Since it seems that you're learning web development for fun or a hobby, I don't think it's worth the pain. It helped me learn a great deal when I was starting out but it's not a place to go to for best practices.
Firstly, Engines list should be clear before setting up new engine and only one engine should be setting up. In May 2010, I posted about a site redesign which started the work of trying to better organize and surface content, but as we weren't fully on a content management system then it wasn't as possible to really reorganize content as much as we wanted. Now that the content's managed by a content management system, we can not only create and manage content more quickly, we can move it around.

If you are using multiple CSS and Jquery file then it will take more time to load it and it makes your site very slow. But if there are multiple images on single page, it will affect the performance of the site. But suppose after validating the single data, your site is going to load that means user should wait every time to load your site again and again.
But sometime, we are confused and unable to figure out when my site is taking much time to load or sometimes there are memory leaks issue. So, in that scenario you can use some tools which can help you to figure out the root causes.

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