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Aurora 3D Presentation 2012 gives you a way to create great looking presentations with moving background and 3D graphics. Aurora 3D Presentation 2012 interface is easy as mentioned and you have what you need to create a 3D presentation.
When creating your presentation you are able to add your background from still backgrounds, dynamic, videos, and more.
Aurora 3D Presentation 2012 makes it easy to save your files which in turn can be played on any computer. Need to create a unique presentation, Aurora 3D Presentation 2012 helps you create those presentations.
We are dedicated to enhance ease of use of 3d software to improve efficiency, so that every ordinary person can make a cool 3D animation and presentation.

It is easy to learn and use and you’re able to get started as soon as you start the program. After you are finished you are greeted with a welcome and learning videos on how to use Aurora 3D Presentation 2012. The background seen on the screenshot is a movable background where the clouds move and you are able to select from selection or download more from main site.
Formats you are able to export is to video which you can play on any device including phone, an exe file, as an image and a play package which will be put as a package to be played on another computer.
Aurora 3D Presentation helps you easily create a 3D presentation without doing too much work on creating it. The Common has all you basic use from clipboard, add text, shape and object, shape, text edit, background, themes, and to open up the welcome.

So having to worry about it not playing on other devices is no problem as they make it easy to use and export.
The presentation side lets you change the setup of the presentation from size design, background, background music, themes, reset camera, interactive panel. This brings out a new way on creating presentations and does not need a big learning curve to move around the program.

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