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If you’d like LARGE pom flowers like the ones above there is no need to cut your tissue paper.
My daughter’s 16th birthday party is next month and she wants the whole house decorated for it.
I’ve just found your website and love this simple  way to make beautiful tissue paper flowers.
They would make very effective (and inexpensive) decorations for the ends of church pews at a wedding don’t you think? Hi, I’m Jamielyn!Welcome to my blog.I Heart Naptime is a food and lifestyle blog sharing easy and delicious recipes, tips, crafts and entertaining ideas to help families create unforgettable moments. I tend to use real flowers, but I need to start giving paper flowers a second look – these are so pretty! We found some large paper flowers which we used to decorate around the party room — they were bright and fun and the girls loved them!! If you're a creative professional who happens to like your marketing advice served up alongside a moscow mule, we're totally going to hit it off. I am going to share very awesome and creative paper flower tutorial for making DIY paper roses. This entry was posted on July 20, 2014, in Home Decor, Miscellaneous and tagged craft tutorials, DIY crafts, home decor crafts. Spring is a colorful time of year and so inspiring that we just had to make tissue paper flowers of all the colors of the rainbow. Step by Step InstructionsTo begin, take the smallest square of tissue paper and fold it twice, then fold it twice diagonally, and if you can manage another fold do one more.
Apply some glue along the shaft but not on the shredded part, then push it into the straw near the bendy end.

To make the petals crumpled, fold them in half and then fold into an accordion, squeeze it and then open it up. Cut out the shape so you have two double leaves, and make a notch in the center of the fold for the holes.Glue those together and let it dry. Now apply some glue and insert the straw into the hole and push all the way up to the flower and stick in place. In the step-by-step photo below I folded the stack of tissue paper in half and then cut an 8×8 square. Stick one on a cake stand like I did below… or dress up a cheap bag like the one above.
ALl you need to do is wrap a foam wreath with fabric or ribbon and then hot glue the flowers onto the top of the wreath.
Jamielyn aspires to reach women, get their creative juices flowing, and to genuinely inspire.
There are several online but yours was especially clear, and I appreciated the tip on calculating the finished size. I would suggest using sharp scissors to get a good cut and then make sure you fold them really good on the creases! All you need to do is wrap a foam wreath with fabric or ribbon and then hot glue the flowers onto the top of the wreath. I have read many tutorials - like this one at SplitCoastStampers on how to make these out of paper.
These Spring crafts for kids are quite easy to make and of course they are done KKC style by our crew.
When she’s not creating, Jamielyn loves to chase her two little monkeys and snuggle up on the couch with her man.

So the other day, I was flipping through my piles (many, many piles) of magazines and catalogs, and I had an idea! Got me so excited to try them out with my new Polymerized Cloth Technique and with a little tweaking to the technique it worked beautifully! Take a square shaped paper and make a circular pattern with the help of lead pencil just like the picture given below. Now place two flowers upon each other and join them with glue or stitch them together by using cute bead or stone on the middle. If you happen to put too much glue on any then just stick on the next without glue which will soak up any excess. To do this, hold the leaf between your finger and the edge of the table and pull it through gently. If you hold the petals in your other hand it will keep them in place and out out the way while you stick the middles to the straw.
I have given paper flower tutorials below to let you know that how you can make decorative paper flowers at home with the help of different types of papers. By making roses of different colors make bunch of these roses or use them for decorating DIY gift boxes.

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