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The Department of Economics has an enviable reputation as amongst the best at the University of Delhi.
Ms Anjani Kochak Econometrics, Economic theory, Developmental issues Dr Dolly Menon Monetary economics, Development issues and Environment concerns Dr Neelam Singh International economics, Macroeconomics Ms Neelam J. Scholarships Department scholarship- Dr Saroj Gupta Memorial Scholarship -Former distinguished faculty -Preceded by a lecture on contemporary topics -Award for excellence in academics A number of scholarships and freeships are available at college level. Keep Updated and Stay Connected Attend the College Morning Assembly – An integral part of the College experience to make you a proud member of the LSR Community and to imbibe the College ethos. BOOK & DOCUMENTARY REVIEW CLUB Reviewing various documentaries, articles in order to discuss important economic events – current and past. BEYOND THE CLASSROOM INITIATIVE Combining the theoretical knowledge gained within the four walls of the classroom with its practical implementation and use in the real world.
Achievements Numerous laurels and awards give weight to the enviable reputation of the Economics Department, LSR. Goals Classify and label the types of movement at plate boundaries, using a world map that shows relative plate motions Identify the distribution of plates by means of the world map of relative plate motions Describe the present plate-tectonic setting of your community, and infer possible past plate-tectonic activity based on your knowledge. Convergent Plate Boundary A plate boundary where two plates go toward each other The denser crust will always subduct beneath the other crust. Homework Visit the following website and record examples of each type of plate boundary into your comp book. Topic: Earth’s Features Essential Question: What crustal features are created by the movement of Earth’s plates? Objective: Identify the types of plate boundaries and the land features and geologic events that each feature makes.
Plate Tectonics Students will be able to describe how the lands and oceans are influenced by the flow of energy through the lithosphere. The Theory of Plate Tectonics - Boundaries, Stresses, and Faults 1.What is the theory of plate tectonics? LAB 3: FORCES THAT CAUSE EARTH MOVEMENTS Key Question: Does the rock of the Earth’s mantle move? Unit 4 Geography and Economics of Europe, Latin America, Canada, and Australia Layered Curriculum You are now in charge! Layered Curriculum Analogy with Food Web Comple tion of this tier equals a grade of 95 - 100 The creation of your Own Business Plan through receiving a grant, but you must decide based on the country's economic system where it will be placed and how the factors of production within that country will effect your business. Closing Question How can the location of a country affect its economy, culture, and development? Geography of Latin America Standard SS6G1 The student will locate selected features of Latin America and the Caribbean. Sierra Madre Mountains Watch your fuel levels is in purple writing No gas stations, restaurants, or hospitals HMM!

Closing Question A physical trade barrier is a landform that will stop or make trade near impossible.
Australia Just to review write down any prior knowledge you may have about Australia – Which European Empire colonized the continent, eventually creating the country? Australia Geography SS6G12 The student will be able to locate selected features of Australia.
Closing A physical trade barrier is a landform that will stop or make trade near impossible. Traditional Economy An economy where people use the same work methods and tools generation after generation. Command Economy An economy where the government owns the country’s resources and businesses. Mixed Economy A mix of different economic systems Some businesses are government owned and others are privately owned by citizens Private businesses determine wages, but the government will set a minimum wage to protect its citizens.
Closing What is the difference between a Market Economy, Traditional Economy, and Command Economy? The Department encourages analytical thinking and a pragmatic approach to economic problems Guest lectures by top economists and policymakers broaden our students perspectives The Department organized the first National Students Symposium, Econvista 2013 on the theme Economic Reforms and the Millennium Development Goals. Its a major platform to showcase the versatility of the students and a great way to keep up with the day to day happenings of the College.
BTC organizes trips to major corporates, government organizations and other institutions relevant to the field of economics which enable students to gain a first hand experience. The First National Students Symposium, Econvista (March 2013), which evolved from the Annual Economics Festival, Equipoise. Goals Classify and label the types of movement at plate boundaries, using a world map that shows relative plate.
Key Terms Create a flashcard for each of the following terms (found on p.247 in your text book).
The Theory of Plate Tectonics is a theory that describes the formation, movements, and interactions of Earth’s lithospheric plates that. According to today’s technology What physical features will act as a physical trade barrier within Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean?
According to today’s technology What physical features will act as a physical trade barrier within Canada?
Locate on a world and regional political-physical map: the Great Barrier Reef Coral Sea Ayers Rock and Great Victoria Desert Now it is your turn to label your map of Australia.
According to today’s technology What physical features will act as a physical trade barrier within Australia?
Public Businesses Private means it is owned by citizens Public means it is owned by the government “What a funny little government” Political Cartoon: by Horace Taylor in 1899 John D.

Citizens do not have enough goods to have a surplus (more than they need), so they cannot earn extra money to buy better equipment. International Autumn School (November 2011) in partnership with the Heinrich Boll Foundation Students of the Department have also won awards at various National level Economics Festivals.
No you dont have write the questions in your comp book, but only if you write a complete answer. 2.Name the 3 types of boundaries between lithospheric plates 3.What happens when two continent plates collide along a convergent plate boundary?
Date completed ________ Step Five: Protective Trade Barriers and their use Date completed _________ Step Six: Why do countries need a system for exchanging currencies for international trade? Locate on a world and regional political-physical map: Amazon River Caribbean Sea Gulf of Mexico Pacific Ocean Panama Canal Andes Mountains Sierra Madre Mountains and Atacama Desert. Lawrence River – Hudson Bay – Atlantic Ocean – Pacific Ocean – the Great Lakes – Canadian Shield – and Rocky Mountain s. Remember that you must study these physical feature and take a quiz over them as soon as you are ready to move on to the next task. Rockefeller holding the White House and Treasury Department in his palm the power of the Standard Oil empire, which controlled 90 percent of the refining business in the late 19th century.
Without better equipment, they continue to work in the same way, never changing their methods.
Traditional, Command, Market Which economic system do most textbooks say is the most common throughout the world?
Every year, several of its students get selected in top graduate programs of Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and several top MBA institutes. Rockefeller reaped huge profits by paying his employees extremely low wages and driving his competitors out of business by selling his oil at a lower price than it cost to produce it. Screaming in corridors and in classrooms is strictly prohibited :P Screaming in corridors and in classrooms is strictly prohibited :P Greeting teachers and staff would be much appreciated!
Locate on a world and regional political-physical map the countries of Bolivia Brazil Colombia Cuba Haiti Mexico Panama and Venezuela.
The GCEE states that mixed is not an economic system but rather a blending of two different types of systems.

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