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When I wrote the InDesign Help topic on creating multi-level lists, I wasn’t able to go into the detail that I wanted to.
To create an outline, you need to define a list and then create a set of paragraph styles that reference that list. I think this outline feature is great, but believe if I want to build a bulleted list with levels, I have to do this manually.
Is there any way to create a paragraph style with numbered list that allow me to create this list on InDesign CS4? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Sure, a person can use the steps to figure out how to create multi-level lists, but without concrete examples, it’s not exactly easy. Make sure that at least one of the paragraphs wraps to the next line so that you can see if the hanging indents work properly.
I want to have a numbered list paragraph style, but whenever I make a numbered list into a paragraph style it changes each item of the list to 1. Sub-point: The AP said that if college grads do lose jobs they get another quicker, make more money, and have more savings (Leonard, January 10, 2009, par.
Sub-sub-point: Long term goals should also be realistic, so if you are a not a math or science major then a career in aeronautics is probably not a reasonable goal. Sub-sub-point: Most college students live on a pretty meager allotment of finances, so paying tuition and covering other costs is difficult.

If you want numbering to restart when in different stories or documents, deselect one of both options, and click OK.
I have them set up in the document properly and when I first apply them they work, but after a couple of hours working in the document, they stop working. Also, try the same approach in a new document to make sure the problem isn’t a corrupt document. Sub-sub-point: You should be able to measure your long term goals by dates, advancing from freshman to sophomore, to junior, etc. Sub-point: It is imperative that you have a good idea of your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual expenses.
Sub-sub-point: MSNBC noted that over 75% of college students use credit cards (Silver-Greenberg, September 5, 2007, par. Sub-sub-point: According to The Economist loans have shot up from $41 billion in 2007 to currently $87 billion (“Bailing Out,” par. Illegal immigrants gives an opportunity for terrorists, drug dealers, and other criminals to enter the country.
Sub-point: It is necessary to have a planner and to have assignment dates listed so you will know in advance when things are due. Even with the proper motivation, however, you still need to set goals to help you get where you wish to be.
Main Point: It is important to know that a college degree can provide you with many advantages, most notable in employment and earning potential.
Main Point: Properly handling money is an important skill for college students as most have very limited finances.

A college degree will make it less likely you will lose your job, and easier to find another one if you do. Sub-point: According to the Associated Press, during the 2008 recession those with a college degree lost their jobs at half the rate of those without a degree.
Sub-point: College, even at a public school, is expensive and for many students debt is inevitable. In order to get those benefits, though, you will need to establish short term and long term goals.
Sub-sub-point: According to the National Center for Education Statistics the cost of one year of college tuition and room and board was over $3,800, and 20 years later that had gone up by over 300% to over $12,000.
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It is also important to have a budget, so that if you borrow money you ensure that it is to advance your education.
Essentially, to succeed in college you need to be properly motivated to achieve in college, know how to set goals, and learn what skills you will need to get your degree. Clincher: It may seem like a hassle at times, but realize getting a college degree is going to have a profound impact on the rest of your life. Sub-sub-point: Long term goals should fit your values, so, if you want a flashy lifestyle it is probably not a good idea to major in education to become a school teacher.

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