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These days we do everything online – from paying bills to purchasing items we’re constantly giving out sensitive information over the internet, and usually without a second thought. Many websites are sensitive to the need for processing secure information and will try to put consumers at ease by indicating a site seal very clearly on their page. If you look in the middle of the browser there should be a small image of a lock that, when clicked on, will give you the site’s security information. Your computer’s anti-virus software, firewalls, and anti-spyware software should always be up to date to ensure that your computer is protected; otherwise you risk your computer being infiltrated and your information being hacked. Only fill out the fields that are absolutely necessary to whatever bills you are paying or transactions you’re doing online. With how prevalent online theft is these days you can never be too careful when conducting business online.
Melanie Slaugh is enthusiastic about the growing prospects and opportunities of various industries and writing articles on various consumer goods and services as a freelance writer. Every website should have a backup of their website files so that whenever something happened on the website, you will not need to start over again and waste time rebuilding it.
Avoid giving away your login credentials to keep out from important files and data leaking out.
SiteLock and Securi Sitecheck are examples of website scanners that will protect your website from viruses and other malware pieces. Many times a common question comes in the merchants minds that how to make eCommerce site more Secure and Trustworthy? Firewalls are typically part of a hosting company’s package for eCommerce site, but you should also install a firewall on your company’s end for double protection.
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance responsibilities mostly related with your payment gateway and merchant account, but it is up to you to make sure that both are PCI DSS compliant. Unfortunately hackers are staying up to speed with new emerging security measures and no website is ever completely safe. While 40-bit security was the standard for a long time and still exists on many eCommerce websites, 128-bit is the best way to protect your eCommerce site. If there is a significant number of people that subscribes to your site or follows you on Twitter or Facebook, you’re giving people a clear indication that others find you or online store valuable. On the other hand, when these digits are too low, this can play against you and it’s probably better not to display this kind of information until you have been able to build a bigger audience. Product reviews work because they are a word-of-mouth engine and people know they are written by real users.
BazaarVoice is the robust reviews and ratings engine running in the back-end of many of your favorite eCommerce site. Media coverage should be one of the elements that stand out the most when your eCommerce site is opened on the user’s screen. Sites that are extremely hard to navigate, lack basic contact or FAQ info, or seem suspicious or poorly run may not be the best sites to make purchases from. Some customers have always been wary about paying for a product without actually getting in then and there. A web browser is one application most of us use every day, so it pays to make sure it is as secure as possible to prevent personal data being stolen — or worse.
The internet is full of pitfalls for the unwary and is a breeding ground for criminal activity, so security should be a prime concern for anyone who’s online. A web browser is an application like any other, which means it can contain bugs that create potential security holes. You should note that Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP, however, so Windows Update no longer works and you can’t download Internet Explorer 8.
Another advantage of using the latest version of your chosen web browser is that it’s much more aware of malware.
While some sites will encrypt every page in this way, most only use it for pages that involve personal data. Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are securely configured by default, but one setting is worth changing to prevent advertisers tracking which web sites you look at. Select Internet options from the Tools button or Help menu, then click the Privacy tab on the dialog box that opens. Select Settings from the Tools button and scroll down the page that opens to find Advanced settings. Extensions and add-ons make web browsers much more useful, but criminals have been known to misuse them.
The information above is for Windows PCs, but the same applies for Macs, so sure you’re using the latest version of Safari, Chrome or Firefox.
The good news is that iOS, Android and Windows tablets are much less prone to web security issues, but two pieces of advice still apply. Second, make sure you’re using the latest version of the operating system by performing an update check.

These are the five main ways to make sure your web browser stays secure — do you use any others?
It protects all devices that use your home broadband including: computers, tablets and smartphones.
BT Protect works outside the home as well, guarding your device every time you log into wi-fi using your BTID.
Advanced security systems means you can shop securely online without worrying about phishing emails and identity theft, while SiteAdvisor uses a traffic-light rating system to let you know when it’s safe to go online. BT NetProtect Plus is free to customers with Broadband Extra, BT Infinity Extra, Unlimited BT Infinity packages, Unlimited Broadband extra and BT Total Broadband Option 2 or 3.
However since identity theft and credit card theft are becoming more common every day, we need to start paying a little more attention to if the website we’re using is a secure and safe place to be entering in our credit card or social security numbers. That little “s” makes all the difference between a site that you can trust when you input your information and a site that you may want to think twice about before handing it over. You should always click on the lock to get this security information because some fraudulent websites will supply you with a picture of a lock to make it look like it’s secure when it actually isn’t. This is an easy step to your own internet safety that most people overlook – don’t be one of them! If it seems unnecessary, don’t fill it out and if the website is forcing you to fill it out when it’s evident that you shouldn’t need to that should raise a red flag.
If anything ever feels like it isn’t right to you, listen to your instincts and go through the steps to make sure that the site you’re dealing with really is a secure website. She writes extensively for internet service providers and also topics related to internet service providers in my area for presenting the consumers, the information they need to choose the right Internet package for them.
In this article, you will be informed of some guidelines on how to keep your website secure. There are web browsers that offers SSL encryption automatically (it appears as https at the beginning of URLs).
If you need to give out some login credentials to your assistant or co-workers, you may instead, create a separate and new account to those who needs to access the website on a regular basis. You may suppose that a more complex password is better Avoid using words that doesna€™t relate with anything from your website.
Ensure that your host uses suPHP, which is essential for allowing PHP scripts to only function with the permission of the owner. There are number of key things you can do to for security measures and establish trust with your customer from the moment they land on your eCommerce site and taking purchase decision. Basically, the browser sends a message to the server, and the server replies with a digital certificate. This software is relatively inexpensive and provides protection to your own system if the host’s firewall is hacked. These guidelines are set forth by major credit card companies and dictate stringent security guidelines based on the size of the business.
However, by implementing a combination of various actions to protect the integrity of your eCommerce site you are better equipped to protect yourself and your customers. The two differ in the length of the encryption key that is produced when information is transmitted, therefore making 128-bit much more difficult to hack entirely.
I know I talked about the numbers of social shares displayed in counters in my previous point but that is also considered social proof.
The association between you or your brand with well-known publications or TV networks tell people these media sources consider you an expert in the field and they have trusted you site with their audiences. It’s about storytelling, standing out from the competition, solving a problem, usability, readability, and the list goes on…. At InSync, he is a business acumen specializing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP Business One, eCommece platforms and Integration solutions. So you’ll need to switch to Chrome or Firefox to maintain secure browsing if you want to carry on using Windows XP. When you try to visit a site that’s been compromised in some way, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox should all prevent you from going any further and instead display a suitable warning.
When you log into a web page with a username and password, the login page should be encrypted so that your personal data can’t be intercepted by a third party. Tick the box for Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked and then select Use custom settings for history from the Firefox will drop-down list under History.
Both will prompt you when updates are available to download, so don’t ignore these invitations to fix security problems and improve performance.
It provides protection from viruses, phishing email and scams, by warning you if you are about to visit a dangerous website.
Powered by McAfee security, it provides anti-virus and anti-spyware protection for up to seven PCs or Macs. You can make use of services from Mozy or Carbonite to have back up copy of your website files and data.

And in case someone has to leave the business, you must deactivate the account assigned to them or alter the passcode immediately. The best tip for a more secured password is to use random words with alpha numeric characters and symbols.
If the browser recognizes the certificate and determines it is secure, it will send back verification and allow the user to continue through to completing the purchase. Check that every part of the transaction process is up to date on following these guidelines for optimum security. Making the investment to protect your online business now can pay off in the long-term as it is much easier to prevent now than to remedy a disaster later. Although 40-bit may be enticing because of its lower price, it is always best to invest more to protect your business. I’m not saying you go around connecting only to people with 40K followers or more but, with a quick glance at the sidebar, the number of followers, likes and subscribers, you can get a better idea of how relevant, influential and trustworthy this eCommerce site is. The Cash on Delivery concept allows the customers to make the payment only when the product is delivered to them.  This increase the trust factor between the customer and the eCommerce site owner. As you can see in the following image, this team member mini-profile gives you the name, position in the company, a profile image, a quick description. This is indicated by https (rather than http) in the address bar and a green padlock symbol. Then click the Advanced button and, when the dialog box opens, tick the box for Override automatic cookie handling and select Block under Third-party cookies.
This is standard practice in the design of every eCommerce site, and you should never host your website without an SSL option. The first impression I get is of transparency, the team is also part of the community and I’m a click away from connecting with them. Offering you an opportunity of focusing on content while building strong and long-lasting relationships with your readers, WordPress has indeed become the number one choice of bloggers across the globe. Visa and Mastercard took this a step further and developed secure electronic transaction or SET. SET allows for the transaction to be processed without the buyer’s credit card information being seen or stored by the merchant. Chap Secure Login is one such WordPress plugin which uses the SHA-256 algorithms for protecting your username and password. Also, Login Lockdown is yet another WordPress plugin which allows you to block the IP addresses which record repeated failed login attempts for your site.2.
You can always opt for using a password generator which will allow you to settle down for an appropriate password. For instance, if your website has a login form, then make it a point to use generic error messages like “Incorrect username or password” without specifying whether or not the user has got half of the query correct.
That means, any uploaded file, however elegant it may look, could contain a suspicious script, which if executed on your server can open your website to hackers. Therefore, a possible remedy for this is to prevent users from being ale to execute the uploaded files in any way. You can either opt for renaming the file on upload or change the file permissions altogether.
By preventing direct access to all uploaded files, you can ensure the storage of these files in a folder that is located outside the webroot or the site’s database. You can easily create a script for fetching the uploaded files from the private folder, followed by delivering them to the web browser.
Here, you need to remember that if you’re allowing files to be uploaded via the internet, then it is essential to use secure transport methods such as SFTP or SSH.
Also, if possible, make it a point to have the database running on a server which is different from the one used for running your website.5.
Even some tiny loopholes in your software can open doors to hackers who’re on a look out for opportunities to abuse these software programs. Especially talking about websites with third-party softwares, you need to take quick steps in applying any security patches. UI Guidelines you shouldn’t miss Ava GarciaAva Garcia is an passionate WordPress developer who likes sharing her knowledge about latest advancements in the world of world of web development. She has more than 5 years of experience in the field and is currently working at OSSMedia – a reputed web development company.

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