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Ever since Skype for Web was introduced last year, it’s been much easier to use the chat and video calling service, even without the app installed on a laptop or desktop.
If you’re looking to save up a little money on your calls, then you’d want to try out a Skype subscription service or get some call credits since you will now be able to call mobile phones and landlines from the web version. If someone sends you a link of a video over your Skype conversation, you can now view it without having to leave the window.
Lastly, you’ll be able to receive notifications on your desktop or laptop, even if you are on another browser tab or using another app. I am a smartphone addict - a millennial trapped in a Gen X-er's body and is a true blue digital native.
Updated Skype Web client service brings with it yet another ability to its users to focus on making calls to any mobile phone or wired landlines. First, you have to sign up to Skype for Web, then you’ll have an option to click on the call phones tab.
LG Gram 14: An Exclusive Range Of Ultra-Slim Windows 10 Laptop Launched In India, Price Starts From Rs. Jun 25, 2014 by Lisa Furgison 5 Comments Whether you have a small group housed in one central office or numerous employees scattered across the country, how can you communicate effectively with your team? They gave us a look at what makes a good leader, how to keep a meeting on task, and the best ways to engage employees one-on-one.
Chris Costello oversees 15 people at his company,A CBG Benefits, a full-service employee benefits brokerage firm.
Costello and WarnerA each have a unique business makeup and purpose, but there are a lot of similarities in the way they communicate with their teams. You want everyone on your team to be informed of what projects and goals your departments have, but if every employee attends every meeting, you wona€™t get much accomplished. There are times when impromptu meetings are necessary, but for the most part, team leaders should create an agenda or an outline for every meeting.
GoToMeeting is a popular conference tool that allows you to share screens, see attendees, and more. To keep a team in sync, you need to create a culture that facilitates constructive communication.
During a meeting, ideas should never be shot down, opinions shouldna€™t be outright dismissed and concerns shouldna€™t be shrugged off.
In an effort to keep the lines of communication open at CBG Benefits, Costello sends out surveys. Meetings arena€™t the only way to communicate with your team; email is a communication lifeline for many businesses. If your colleagues let emails collect like dust bunnies under a cubicle, youa€™ve got a problem. Whether youa€™re sending emails or responding to them, make sure the purpose of the email is clear. Whether youa€™re sharingA documents that need revisions or photos that need uploading to a website, pick one or two tools that your entire team can use to accommodate these efforts.

Costello and WarnerA mentioned a few tools that they use like Google Docs and Brainshark, but there isA a wide variety of tools available that can improve communication within your company. Everyone knows that clear communication is vital to the success of a company, but it is something you consciously have to work at.
About Lisa FurgisonLisa Furgison is a freelance journalist and co-owner of a media company, McEwen's Media. Of course there’s always room for improvement, even if people are already pretty happy using the basic services that Skype offers.
Just log in to your account, check how much credits you have or if your subscription is up to date, and then call the number, just like you would in a regular Skype call. Just make sure you’re signed in to Skype for Web and you’ll never miss a call or message as long as you’re online. Being a Skype user, you can now send a chat invitation to anyone who doesn’t have an account and that can be attempted by simply clicking on that sent invitation link. To answer this question we asked two business owners in vastly different fields to break down their communication strategies. Whether ita€™s to catch someone up to speed on a project or just delegate responsibilities, these communication skills are invaluable in the workplace. His team helps small businesses navigate the world of healthcare policies and wellness programs. Of the four employees that work for this virtual company, two are on the East Coast and two are on the West Coast. Ita€™s also helpful to store your information on the cloud so you can access it from a number of different devices.
Creating this environment might seem insignificant, but employee morale plays a major role in how your business functions.
When someone else is speaking, you have to actively listen to that person to be able contribute to the conversation intelligently.
Use bulleted lists to keep thoughts organized, include a specific deadline and reference any materials that are attached to the email.
While emails are a vital piece to the communication puzzle, dona€™t hesitate to pick up the phone or walk to your coworkera€™s cubicle if you want to get something taken care of quickly.
A system where employees can write and submit reports and stay in contact with those who review them. In a deadline-crazed world, solid communication skills sometimes fall off of the priority list. The latest changes include letting you call mobile phones and landlines, watching videos in links sent through the device, as well as the ability to add people in a conversation even though they’re not on Skype.
While all of the employees work under one roof in an office near Boston, many CBG employees also travel to visit various clients. Ita€™s a good idea to review these expectations frequently, since as new projects emerge, the expertise of other coworkers may become necessary. One of the worst wastes of timeA is holding your employees in a room while IT personnel struggle to get your presentation up on the screen.

If someone starts to stray, suggest discussing that particular topic one-on-one after the meeting, or offer to schedule another meeting to focus on that topic You want to make good use of your time, so dona€™t be afraid to politely rein in any conversation that strays too far from the agenda. When employees are engaged and happy, theya€™ll communicate more and take a more active interest in the companya€™s overall goals.
When people feel as though they can express their opinions and ideas freely, theya€™re more likely to contribute, WarnerA says.
Remember, as a team lead, you always have the power to table a discussion for a later, more appropriate time.
Costello says employees are more likely to honestly fill out a quick survey than they are to voice a concern in person. Ita€™s vital to respond to emails quickly, but when the email requires some serious attention, you might not have time to answer immediately.
It can also be helpful to use email and phone calls in tandem, carrying out the bulk of the conversation over the phone and firing off a quick summary email after the fact.
However, with the tips above you should be able to refine your teama€™s communication skills and keep everyone happy and in the loop.
Just click on +New, share conversation and you’ll get a unique URL that you can share with anyone you want to join. To accommodate those who cana€™t make the meeting in person, Costello uses a presentation tool.
However, you should send an a€?I got ita€? email, letting the person on the other end know that youa€™re aware of their email and will tend to it ASAP. Plus, little gatherings like this can be stress relievers, which can also improve communication. Skype also allows its Web users to watch if someone posts an YouTube video link in Skype for Web. In larger companies, there may be several people in various departments who possess the qualities of team leaders.
Remember, if you dona€™t have the time to email, a quick phone call can also be an easy alternative. If that’s the case, then users had to jump to a new tab or window to see the clip that has been shared, will get the same volume and full-screen controls that are already present on YouTube. Employees will model their communication skills after those in charge, so make sure your team leaders take this role seriously. You won’t have to open a new browser window to watch the video—it’ll instantly play directly in Skype.

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