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I didn?t even know it was possible to add this feature to a website, it has to be the ultimate hit in making your site friendly for every user, since we all have different needs when it comes to reading on a computer. I totally agree, because so many people don’t even know how to zoom in on their browser.
After copying the code, login to your Iconosites website builder account and go to Header & Footer.
It makes it a better experience and gives more quality to the site, it just makes a website be more personal. It turns a scanned sample of your handwriting into a handwriting font that you can use in your word processor or graphics program, just like regular fonts. The widget can decrease or increase the font size of your website’s text conveniently for your readers.

By ZQOn March 3, 2015 Posted in Web Design 1 Comment In this age of wearable technology and the increased usage of mobile devices, font selection has become a crucially important aspect of web design.Fonts have the ability to heavily influence the look and feel of a design. We provide our users with over 600 font selections and have seen just about every font used in website design.Below, I will list 4 fonts that will make your website look absolutely amazing!
I have also included a link to where you can download these fonts for your own projects or you can come try out Webydo and experience these fonts in action!1. Open SansThis font was created by Steve Matteson and is available in ten different variations. I think this version is perhaps too condensed and therefore not quite legible at smaller sizes. OswaldOswald is a purely digital font, specifically designed to be used for web and graphic design viewed across the whole range of screen resolutions.Part of the sans-serif font family, Oswald has been repeatedly updated based on its wide use in web design.

It has tight spacing and is at its best when used as header text.This font is great for clean looking website header texts and looks great across the wide spectrum of devices.
It appears as if it was designed as a modern update to some of the more classic slab-serif fonts.This is a flexible font that can be used in a lot of ways for web design. Personally, I think it looks best as a standard paragraph text, providing a clear contrast for the reader.I hope this collection of fonts will help you design better, more creative websites.
These are really awesome and my blog looks more clean and attractive with the ARVO font.Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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