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So, I’ve made a playlist to mark this brief sliver of bliss between shivering and sweating.
We design, write, illustrate, letter, play, sing, invent, or sometimes just sit around and muse. If you are a regular user of YouTube as many of us are, you probably stumbled upon many videos, (mostly music videos in my case) that you like and would like to play them over and over again.
Please note that in order to be able to do this, you first must be a registered user on YouTube. 15.If the duplicate is not last or the original is not first then rearrange your play list so that the original is first, and the duplicate is last. The key here on any playlist you want to repeat is to make the first and last video the same. Sometimes lists will glitch and stop after so many plays (approximately 24 video plays by my experience so far), whether it is set to repeat or not.
It still begs the question…Why the hell won’t youtube let us repeat playlists in the first place?
Rather than doing all this, install Loopy for YouTube which automatically adds a button to YouTube player itself, to loop a video or a playlist.
When viewing PDF file or image using Preview on the Mac, zooming in (?+) and out (?-) often is inevitable when you try to adjust for the optimal viewing size. This Google search trick could be useful if you use big numbers a lot, such as writing bank checks. The icon is prominently located at the center of the toolbar, making accidental archiving of message more prone than ever. Luckily you can enable a prompt before the message is deleted via a Mail app settings. Once the switch is turned on, tapping on the Archive Message icon will no longer automatically delete and archive the message. This prompt is useful especially for Mail app newcomers, who’d struggling hard to locate the “lost” message when accidentally hitting on the box icon.

If you’re using the official Twitter client for iOS, please note that the app defaults to autoplay videos in your Twitter stream on both Wi-Fi and cellular. Under the Settings page, scroll down to General section and tap the “Video autoplay” option. If you have more than one Twitter account setup in Twitter client, this settings change will apply to all of them. Hulu has just announced that it is offering a new commercial-free option at $12 a month to subscribers, upping its ante against rivals Netflix and Amazon. Before this change, Hulu is the only prominent subscription-based video streaming service that includes commercials that can not be skipped, even for its pay service. Since the iTunes app debuted on Mac OS 9 in 2001, the app icon has gone through 9 changes in the last 14 years. You can do more than just search with Google, such as playing the classic Atari Breakout game from within your browser. Tinder CEO Sean Rad advises in an interview with GQ magazine the secrets on how to create the perfect Tinder profile to attract more suitors. Being asked to create original music in a variety of styles means listening to a lot of music for inspiration. We are Hallmarkers, dreaming up good stuff for one of the largest creative communities in the country.
For this latest release, Apple focuses on under the hood improvement for more reliability and faster speed. And a new Low Power mode will extend your battery life for an additional time of up to 1 hour. If you need a close-up look, hit the ` key (the left most key on the numeric row, above the Tab key) to use the build-in magnifier tool.
Just this week, it landed a streaming deal with premium cable network Epix to bring “Hunger Games” and “Transformers” movies to its network.

Reda Lemeden has written an article detailing the icon changes from a designer’s perspective. If you’re not familiar, the social dating app relies on first impressions, where users judge their potential dates based on profile picture.
And if you even made a big playlist of videos, it would be very nice to somehow make that playlist repeat when the last video on playlist ends so the first one starts all over again right?
Especially if you already know how to make a play list and navigate (know your way around) YouTube. But autoplay could be a concern due to likely excessive cellular data usage, and also it is a drain on battery life for video you do not want to watch. You can change the settings to autoplay videos while on Wi-FI only, or switch off autoplay altogether.
Sean Rad explains the science and tricks to spice up your profile and text to get more right swipes. I was really hoping my question would have been answered when I saw them in Manchester in May. Having already seen them I can tell you they NEVER played Lost Boy, and instead played a cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.
So wish I was still looking forward to my concert, instead I’m left with the pictures and videos from the day, and my own memories.
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