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Your backyard, a cherished place in the park or even a sentimental street corner make for a memorable and personalized holiday card. The more you stress out over the idyllic family holiday card, the more your frustrations will reflect in the photo.
Some of the best Christmas cards use photos that had been taken over the course of the year, including fun family vacations or major milestones. Or the foreground, as shown in this card featured on Awkward Family Photos. How many awkward photos have gone viral because of something lewd or strange happening no one noticed until hundreds were printed out and mailed?

At least, make sure everyone in your family is on the same page without being too distracted. Staying within the same color family and same style of clothing makes the photo look pulled-together and natural.
One or even several of these photos make for a nice and personal card, but be mindful of the revealing bikini shots, or anything your grandmother might generally find distasteful.
Taking photos outside in the natural sunlight is best, but just make sure your space is well-lit and looks bright on camera.

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