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If you are in relationship with a Libra man, this could be a breakthrough year for you, or it could be just like any other year. If you are in a relationship with a typical Libra male personality, you know this feeling all too well. However, the biggest frustration that you feel is that there’s something getting in the way of your relationship truly living up to your highest ideals and your biggest dreams. Also, issues and opportunities can also come up when they are put into play with the personality traits of other people born under different signs of the horoscope. However, the greatest form of laziness that Libra men grapple with is a mental form of laziness. With that said, there is a tremendous benefit to this aspect of the Libra male personality and the year ahead will bring a lot of challenges. You have to understand that what may seem like a personality flaw in one particular context might actually be an asset in another situation. This is one of the most complex of all the personality types so please leave your questions below and I will be sure to answer them.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. For just a few dollars—and in just a few minutes—you can make a simple DIY light box to evenly illuminate small objects for close-up photos.
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Fourth, make the scores in parts A and B by cutting only through the top layer of the foam core. This keeps the tape on the outside of the chamber, preventing it from being visible when photographing something reflective. Finally, assemble the chamber by placing part D on the table for a base, parts A and B on the left and right, part C on the top, and the reserved window center in the front. Just be sure you don’t let the camera flash fire—and set your white balance to match the light source. Whichever combination you use, don’t let the light source shine on the lens of the camera and cause lens flare.
The resulting photographs will be very evenly lit without strong shadows and overly bright highlights. Don’t hesitate to use an interesting background: individual floor tiles, wood floor samples, and mat board are just a few that could add interest.
When photographing transparent objects, you can help define edges by using subtractive fill.

Changing the position of the light source relative to the window will alter the fall of light and shadow within the chamber. Begin learning software, business, and creative skills—anytime, anywhere—with video instruction from recognized industry experts. We've updated our terms and conditions (now called terms of service).Go Review and accept our updated terms of service.
Do you want to know what changes and developments you can expect to see in the characteristics and traits of the Libra male?
It could be the year you both finally rise and shine, or it could be yet another year where you find yourself just scraping along. What does change is their intensity and the opportunities and problems that they cause when they are combined with other Libra male personality traits. Keep the following five facts in mind, they can provide you with guide to the Libra male for the rest of the year. Usually people define laziness as just being unwilling of exerting the effort needed to get ahead.
If you are in a group of people and times are tough, you can always rely on the Libra male to look relaxed and at ease. They may seem relaxed because they don’t want to read between the lines and dig any deeper. They know the mannerisms, and the speaking tones needed to put people at ease or at least give people a certain frame of mind. His ability to communicate in an eloquent and understated way can take the Libra far in life. While this is more pronounced in female Libras than male Libras, this tendency is still quite a strong trait. Well, try not to be too hard on him, you actually have enough focus for both you and the Libra in your life. The easy-going nature of the Libra male personality can breed a lot of insecurity and even an inferiority complex on your part. However, there are many internal contradictions and competing drives that can derail it. How bad can 2014 get? Do you have any questions or thoughts about the Libra male personality profile for the year ahead. If you hold the knife as shown, keeping the spine perpendicular to the foam core and tight to the metal ruler, you’ll avoid catching the knife edge on the ruler. Fold the waxed paper in half to create a double thickness and tape it in place over the window on the scored side of Part A. This allows me to get the best photograph by making small adjustments after inspecting my result.

If you’re using a point-and-shoot camera or your smartphone or tablet, you’ll need to use a continuous light source (see image at the top of this article). If you have a DSLR with a dedicated flash extension cord, you can use it for a light source, taking advantage of TTL flash metering to get proper exposure. Be very clear – the Libra male personality is 100% different from the Libra woman, especially when it comes to love and romance. This is why if you want this to be your breakthrough year, you have to start training yourself to look for the extra details, to double check your work, to do the extra homework, so to speak. You should expect the Libra in your life to ask you for help in the coming months – however it is up to you as to whether you offer them support or not. What will defeat the Libra man is his inner sense that he doesn’t deserve to be happy because he feels too lazy, or he feels that he is not pushing himself enough.
People would want an easy-going guy to be around them, especially when times are looking tough. Well, for Libra men, the worst it can get is that they will end up living in the same hell they were previously. The solid lines are cut lines; the dotted lines are for scoring in order to create a hinge. Place the object in the chamber and use the cards to fill in the top and front leaving a gap for the lens of the camera. There are many choices: A gooseneck desk lamp allows for precise placement of the light source. If your exposure is too bright or too dark, use exposure compensation to correct the problem. All these questions and more are answered in this special personality profile of the Libra man.
We are talking about you feeling like you’re not fully living up to your fullest potential in your relationship. There will be a lot of emotional turbulence if not financial or even physical and natural turbulence.
This is a hell created by confusion, indecision, a feeling of low self-esteem and self-worth. Be that as it may, you have to balance the easy-going nature of the Libra man with your own inner sense of focus.

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