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This guy is not to be confused with the slacker, as the nerd usually attends class by day and locks himself in his room at night. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, is the essential online destination for the music business. He was known as Oche and lived in Abuja for several years before moving to the UK about 7 years ago where she’s now living as a woman. Royals have been making a splash in the news lately, but there's one prince who's stayed out of the spotlight.
After graduating from Stanford with a degree inA Mechanical Engineering (and a double minor in Management Science and Middle Eastern Studies), Prince Fahad was hired as the Head of User Operations for Facebook Arab, where he helped launch of Facebook in Arabic in 2009. He also sees social media as helping to drive job creation in the Middle East and around the world. Fahad currently lives in Los Angeles and consults for the Saudi government on cyber-technology and youth-oriented programs as the Foreign Ministry's Head of Student Affairs, a job he says has been a natural fit.
He's just turned 30 and he's a veritable expert on technological growth in the Middle East, but he has a refreshingly funny and youthful attitude.A When asked where he would like to see himself in ten years, he said (without a twinge of sarcasm) that he hopes he can have a penthouse on Mars.
But he also hopes to see the Middle East back on top: "In 10 years I want to see countries in the Arab world back in their rightful place as a global leaders and contributors," he said.

Face tattoos are no longer that uncommon, even though most people, be they celebrities or not, still choose other, less visible parts of the body to get inked. Still, where Zombie Boy is famous for tattooing his face to look like a skull, another model, this time from Canada, is hoping to achieve the same level of fame through random words he’s had inked on his pretty face and ripped body. Vin is doing this whole tattooing thing completely in reverse: he chooses random words to have inked on his body, words that mean nothing to him except another step in the direction of becoming more famous. He is a very handsome individual, so he would have probably been a model even without all his ink.
In an interview with Vice magazine, Vin says his transformation, though voluntary, is not for himself but for the world, because he’s creating a celebrity through it.
He doesn’t plan on answering these questions because he wants to add more ink to his already impressive collection. He shared a collage showing his growth over the years to further prove that his curves are natural.
Since the dawn of the Arab Spring in late 2010, there's been much talk of the role that social media, particularly Facebook, has played in various revolutions across the Arab World.
Na3M (New Arabic Media) focuses on creating multi-platform games with an Arabic twist.A "We wanted to create content that focused on our identity and culture as Arabs," said Fahad.

Famous models with extensive body and facial art are not unheard of either, and you don’t have to look farther than Zombie Boy (Rick Genest), the muse for Lady Gaga and designer Thierry Mugler, for an example. In a few years’ time, because of his collection of words, he will be the embodiment of our times.
Because many will have trouble believing any person would willingly tattoo themselves with random words, especially on the face, the video below, posted by Vin on YouTube, proves that all his ink is real. We have a huge generation of entrepreneurs who wouldn't have had that opportunity without these social networks," he said. After many sleepless nights of simultaneous hacking, homework, and Diablo, the weekend is for rest and recuperation. How can you not remember that handsome guy you saw who had possibly the world’s dumbest tattoos? You could look at me in a hundred years from now and really get the idea of what pop culture was like in the early 2010s,” he says.

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