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Infotainment – the combination of hard information or facts with entertainment content to increase popularity with customers.
If we are ever to be effective presenters, then our presentations need to become infotainment.
If we stand at the front of the meeting and read aloud the ten new staff policy rules for our business, then that is simply information. Talking is a large part of the next thirty days, so if you want to pick up some advanced presenting tips and tricks, please feel free to come along to any of the events below.
J-Lo and Britney have their entourages – groups of people employed to cater for their every wish and desire, to ensure that they are in the perfect condition to give their very best performance. As speakers, we generally don’t have a constant support group of 20+ people to help us be the best.
This other half doesn’t have to be a lover or a family member, they can simply be a close friend or our flatmate. They are there when we are pacing and rehearsing at midnight the evening before our BIG presentation. They are even there to hear us when we are reciting our speech aloud in the shower, although they never talk of it, thankfully.
And the entourage is there when we arrive home after our BIG presentation, hyper, excited and contented. They too are glad that it has gone well and greet us with the same enthusiasm, open ears and arms as if we had just flown to the moon and back. We never (in my experience) thank them at the end of our speech, preferring instead to lavish our gratefulness on our audience, our host and even our pet hamster before we mention our entourage back at home.
If you’ve never turned to thank that one person that supports you through your speechmaking, do it today. If you like your public speaking punchy, with a generous helping of visual aids, then it’s time we had a PechaKucha about PechaKucha.
PechaKucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each, meaning that every presentation lasts for no more than 6 minutes and 40 seconds. In a world where our time is precious, PechaKucha is the antidote to pointless prolonged presentations. Having started in Tokyo by a team of architects, PechaKucha nights are now taking place all over the globe and generally consist of 8-14 presentations, usually around a creative theme. Imagine how efficient your business or organisation could be if presentations were allowed to be no longer than 6 minutes and 40 seconds – how much time would our senior management save over the course of a week, month and year?!
I’d even go as far as to say (anecdotally) that at least 1 in 5 presentations experiences some kind of technical hiccup. If we as speakers are to ensure that our message is not terminated by technology, then we need to be prepared for everything to fail. Because if you can keep your head when all of the technology around you is breaking down, then you’ll be a man my son the memorable speaker, my son. Arms closed, no intonation, no smile, no warmth means we will lose our audience before we’ve even begun. If you want to read and see a really cool example of both speech maker and speech deliverer in one go, check this out – Martin Luther King, a great background article from his speechwriter. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it needs to pass only three simple tests to ensure it adds value to our presentation. At some point, we’ve all been a victim of the presenter that crams their Powerpoint full of distracting animations, grainy, irrelevant clip art and an awkward holiday snap. A picture is worth a thousand words – but we must always make sure that they are the right words! If we are looking for moral lessons to include in our speech, there are plenty out there for us to use. The challenge for us as speakers, teachers and storytellers to adults, is to convey those messages in a way that is engaging, entertaining and relevant for our grown-up audiences.

Unless you work at Disney, fairy tales don’t always go down well at big business presentations. We must take our age-old moral stories and change the detail to make it relevant to our audience.
Morals will always be relevant – it just the stories we use to teach them that must change. Below is a collection of some of the great speech quotes that have been generated today by figures around the world reflecting on Mandela’s death. If the opening line of your speech or presentation doesn’t grab the attention of your audience, you may as well walk out of the room there and then, get in your car and go home.
A relevant quotation from a well known source instantly sets the tone for your speech, sets your audience thinking and can be used as support for the arguments within your speech. A short, humourous (and relevant) story is a great way to open a speech and generate a positive mood in the room. Like a startling fact, a startling or intriguing visual can grab the attention and curiosity of your audience. All of the techniques above only work when they are combined with one simple factor: relevance. Whichever technique you use, always ensure that what you are saying is relevant to your audience.
If we, the audience, have to sit and listen to you, we want to understand what is in it for us. People are selfish, if your speech opening is focused on us, we’re much more interested in what you have to say! I’ve developed a short and cost effective training package designed to help business owners and Directors ace that next BIG presentation.
Read more about the package here, as well as all of the really nice things that other people who have already purchased this package have said. As we become more advanced speakers and influencers, we put a lot of emphasis on telling stories to convey our message; to inspire, persuade, inform and entertain our audience.
We must leave our audience something to guess or imagine for themselves, we must not so much paint a picture, as outline a picture for our audience to colour in.
If we prescribe every detail minutely, we leave no room for our audience to imagine the story as their own, and it is only the ownership that comes from imagining a story as your own that will persuade our audience that it has some value for them. To truly own our story, core thought or message, our audience have to become our accomplice and develop it for themselves. Just like learning styles, neither style is wrong, and they often stem from our personality type and past experience of speaking in public. If we don’t understand which we are, we’re probably trying to make certain text-book ways of writing and giving speeches work for us, when our core speaking style isn’t designed for this.
If we know whether we are a speech deliverer or a speech maker, then we know how best to write, how best to rehearse and how best to deliver our presentations.
If our argument includes these elements for both the hearts and the minds of our audience, we’ve captured their soul…! Our leverage is our people, our knowledge, experience, our unparalleled product range and our 'can do' attitude. For a professional finish this package will need to be installed by one of our technicians.  The screen is an impressive fastfold dressed in a velveteen drape and the projector is an innovative model from Epson what allows you to project from almost any angle - even from the side!
From logo design to video animation, web development to website copy; expert designers, developers and digital talent are ready to complete your projects. The Presentation Package is great for corporate & business events wanting to use equipment for a speech or presentation.
The speaker package is very easy to set up and we will show you how to set up all equipment on pick up from our showroom. The speaker package will easily fit in any size car as long as you don’t bring a car load of people as well to pick equipment up.

If you are hiring equipment for a one night hire pick up and drop off times are as follows.
Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) –  Pick up on the day and returned the following day during our opening hours. Layer cookies in boxes between sheets of Reynolds® Parchment Paper to protect them from crumbling while transporting. The core message (information) that we need to get across, presented in a way that engages and interests our audience (entertainment). I’ve added in links to the pages to register for each event – it would be great to see you there! All of the above form our public speaking entourage because they are there at our lowest and our highest moments. We rarely recognise their contribution of sound advice, opinion and all of those warm cups of coffee.
We might never have known about that nervous tic that they pointed out to us during rehearsal and we may never have got any sleep the night before the big day.
This aforementioned truth means that PechaKucha is a ready-made solution to inefficiencies in our UK businesses. We have Powerpoint, we have the Internet, we have the microphones and therefore we have the power to influence our audiences more than ever before. But even the best works of Shakespeare will fall flat to our audience if we don’t deliver them properly. The next time they’ll feel positively towards us will likely be when we let them go at the conclusion of our speech.
It’s wonderful to see so many speakers in agreement on one topic and delivering inspirational, reflective lines that Mandela himself would of been proud of.
When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace.
If our opening (the first impression) doesn’t show promise that we can do this, our audience will quickly switch off. Religious leaders often use this technique, using a short and relevant story from their lives to demonstrate a positive point. In crowded, busy rooms, some softly spoken speakers can struggle to grab attention, so letting an image or video do it for you is a great solution.
Make the story, the questions, the quote, the visual, the anecdote or the statement relevant to our situation.
Some of us make decisions with our minds, logically weighing up risk and reward, whilst some of us base all of our decisions on our heart and gut feel.
Full instructions are also sent along with equipment with a easy to follow step by step guide for connection. Include a variety of quantities; some individually wrapped treats as well as large items for families like whole cakes or pies. Many people also add text, which can help to support their talking points and ensure that the crowd takes away the key elements from the presentation.
This method gets your audience involved, engaged and instantly makes them a part of your (imaginary) world! As an added bonus, I have included 25 animated infrastructure icons which animate in and run for 30 seconds.

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