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The question how to tell your guy best friend you like them has been asked 1175 times by our users. I have this really great guy friend But keep writing notes but never the guts To tell him like what should do?!?!?!?! Related How To QuestionsHow to return a lost lover (wife,husband,girl friend or boy friend)?
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You should look for things like if he stares at you all the time, if you catch him looking at you, if he teases or acts stupid around you, he pretends to look behind you but he's really looking at you, he smiles at you all the time, he walks close to you, he shares things with you, and he wants to talk to you all the time. If a guy uses physical contact with you, he most likely likes you and wants to contact you. The best way to know if a guy likes you, is to set up boundaries to see if he respects you.
A guy should also be able to tell you that he likes you, and tell you how he feels about you.

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