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I always thought this was BS, but mixing the joint compound up (even without adding water) really loosens it up and makes it much easier to work with. I love the effect of your technique and it would greatly help me if I can use it on concrete block walls in my game room.
Hi Lin – in response to your question, I would not recommend you doing it on wall paper. I am looking at a house that is made of poured concrete and the walls are currently unfinished.
Can I use joint compound over OSB on and inside wall if I prime the sheeting first, I want a stucco look? Painting walls with texture paints can be a challenge but, at the same time it gives us the most beautiful, attractive, amazing walls and rooms.
For good texture effects and outcome of your hard work it is actually important to understand your wall type and texture application techniques and methods. Because of the amount of paint that the roller will hold and the increased possibility of splatter, use the roller more slowly than if you were painting a smooth wall. Soon after you know the correct method of the application of texture paints move on to the next step of choosing the correct texture paint for your walls.
Beside texture paintings it’s important to know about oil painting techniques, wall painting techniques etc.
Paint and wallpaper are the most common way to treat walls, but there is another way that adds texture, movement and glow to the interior design without using paper–faux finishing. Our monthly e-Newsletter features design ideas, current projects and observations on the world of interior design. Part of helping a client ready their home for sale includes fixing some cracks and flaking on plastered walls. Black and white glamour photo of a young woman wearing a black dress posing next to a changing screen. A lomography photo of the long closed Ambassador East Motel located in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street.
A lomography photo of the California Hotel and Casino located in Downtown Las Vegas near Fremont Street.

Sexy glamour boudnoir photo shot featuring an Asian inspired dress by fashion designer Bebe dress.
Macro photography of a orange and yellow flower with a green insect on it, taken at Missouri Botanical Garden in St.
Black and white photo of Downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street taken with a Rolleiflex TLR and developed in Caffenol, coffee and vitamin C. Black and white photo of the Main Street and California Hotel & Casino located in Downtown Las Vegas, taken with a Rolleiflex TLR and developed in Caffenol, coffee and vitamin C. You’d think that would be obvious, but making messes comes more naturally to some of us than others. I feel pretty confident in my texturing skills and even I do a test panel before I start a new room to make sure I’m using the right knife and the right amount of mud for the look I want. You may need to do a very smooth skim coat first and then a second to texture, depending on the texture of your existing walls. It will eventually start crumbling off and you will have lost all your precious time and investment. For getting the perfect look and finishing of textured walls one should know the texture painting techniques or should hire a person who expertise in this texture world designs and paints. So many variety, colors, looks, unending designs offered by so many paint companies but you need to choose the one which suits your dwellings, offices ,showrooms etc.
Let the walls of your dull spaces hug the texture effects and bring life to them.  Texture painting not only brings in the change to the spaces but is also gives a royal feeling to the rooms.
Faux literally means fake and generally these finishes are meant to replicate other materials, like leather, stone, wood, or tile.
Read on for a step by step tutorial on how to develop film using coffee and vitamin c, also known as Caffenol. This is the part most people would rather take a whack on the head with a sledgehammer than have to complete (and the hours upon hours upon hours of sanding it requires if you go a little crazy with the mud), but put the hammers down people, I have a better, faster, more fun, less lame way of finishing your walls.
I’ve used joint compound to texture wood, brick, and standard drywall in dry areas without problems. Moreover, it’s not at all important to paint the whole wall with texture effects or paints; you may also create small niche or square by paints or wood frames and fill in texture paints in them to get a different and smoothing effect for your walls.

Cover the floors and furniture, fill any small holes, remove outlet covers, tape off the trim and cut in the corners with a brush. Faux finishers use a hand-applied glaze, which can be busy (heavy marbleizing), or subdued (strie or mottled). If you don’t have walls already but you want some, you can check out my info on wall framing and some tips for hanging drywall by yourself. Once a section of wall is dry it’s hard to go back in and overlap some texture without creating uneven spots. I’ve spent the last decade tearing houses apart, putting them back together again, and writing about it on this website. Before I proceed further I would like to discuss small and important things about texture painting techniques which may help a layman as well to create their desired walls and textured designs. It brings all the elements and principles of design together and gives you the satisfaction of Interior Designing.
There are papers that reproduce faux finishes, but they can never achieve the depth of a talented faux finisher, color choices are limited, and they can never be as easy to clean as a genuine faux (genuine fake?) finish.
In my case, it wouldn’t take much to spray a binding primer on the concrete, then do this technique. Last but not the least way of creating texture painting is by painting with an Airless Sprayer and for this you need to paint in 4-foot (1.2 meter) horizontal strokes. Alkyd paint is also easier to clean, which is important on textured walls because they attract more dirt.
Dip the roller in the paint several times and rake it over a screen to distribute and take off the excess paint. If the texture starts to soften and fall off, you will have to use an airless paint sprayer to paint the walls.

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