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After the marathon of such gloomy and vicious thoughts for almost whole night, the sun eventually rose up to the window keeping a subtle yet grand surprise for the day.
In this swift paced fifth geared life we really need to stop and check, which feeling we talk about.
I stepped ahead and one more beautiful ingredient of true love was waiting for me to taste it to the core. I could feel this line as I was in the roughest patch ever and had no one to accept and love me but could sense the empathy for all those who were in the same frame of mind. It has been more than two months that I have rechecked and reformatted my definition of true love. Over the past few years I’ve experienced an interesting progression of the conscience of my oldest child. I am blogging on FaithGateway today about the pressure to love my children well and how my imperfect love, when partnered with Christ’s perfect love, is exactly what they need. By submitting, you understand that you may receive commercial email communications from HarperCollins Christian Publishing and that you may unsubscribe at any time. If you have previously registered with Tommy Nelson please re-enter the name and email address you used during registration to gain access to your Tommy Mommy Free Resources. I think unconditional love can only come from children and then its at its truest, a great little write.
It made me to think and check the definition of love inside the operating system of my mind. Fragile, instant and many in numbers but the dominant question that took over every other ones was “Is this love?” or just the illusion of love or something else? It is a gift that doesn’t ask for return gift and if it asks, it gets expectations attached with it and hence loses its limpidness. The person who accepts us at our worst is the one who actually accepts us in our wholeness.

I replaced obsession by understanding and acceptance and now it feels enriching and divine.
As a toddler, she responded to correction with resistance, as a preschooler, negotiation and now, as an almost 7-year-old, we’ve entered the realm of shame. While she was sobbing uncontrollably, I felt the Lord say, “Just hold her.” So I sat on her bed, embraced her, and held her tight so she could feel the strength of my love. After 13+ years in the music and publishing industries, Jessica came home last year to be with her two small children. A feeling that everyone on the earth and galaxy craves for, a language which is understood by even least intellectual creatures and plants .
Love designs its own periphery and bestows the liberty to the person being loved that what he desires to do with the love being received. As life has progressed and her awareness broadened, she now holds a deeper understanding of cause and effect, sin and consequence. The very essence of unconditional love is that it is so steadfast, so strong it pierces through our mess until it is felt at the very core of who we are, where we are.
Although the transition from the corporate world to the playground has been an adjustment, she is learning more every day about accessing the grace available to us through Christ as she navigates the full time job of motherhood.
It doesn’t have to be arduous and it’s not something you have to know how to do right now in order to be able to do it well. An energy which possesses competence to soften supreme deities and god too , how can this magical entity cause pain to mankind ?
Is this feeling making me precious, beautiful and sweet like gifts, roses and chocolates respectively? It brought me hints of my answers which could clarify the clouds and reveal the nectar of clarity.
To reciprocate or not, how much to reciprocate, all these quantities are decided by the other person’s will.

These glowworms of knowledge opened up my mind and most importantly made me to brainstorm what and how would that true love be that everyone unanimously aspire and dream of. It is about being with the person at the worst and picking up their spirit so much so that they turn their scars into stars.
It often breaks my heart to observe her countenance as she is corrected by me, ( admittedly, not always with grace). I always showered my love and showcased my mellow feelings but what I got in return was nothing more than a mirage.
Today’s section captivated me in its ‘true love’ quotes and it more or less compelled me to rethink and reformat my concept about true love.
It liberalizes us from brooding over other person’s role in the relationship and consequently focus on our own role in the relationship zooms in. Scrutinizing these thoughts made one thing pretty clear that true love is always selfless but when it gets extra addition of desires and wishes, it turns out into something else and doesn’t remain the same true love. Jessica lives in Nolensville, TN with her husband, Dave and two miracle babies, Hope (6) and Joshua (3). True love in its purest form doesn’t contain expectation rather it contains power and independence. To be loved or to get love are also elusive sentiments that amalgamate expectations with love.

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