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This poem is dedicated to our son, Bibek Tiwari who left us at the age of 20 on June 1, 2008. Subscribe by Email for your weekly emotional release with our Loving, Healing and Touching poetry and quotes!
I don't know if I am right, of course, but your actions did not determine the fate of your son. I felt the need to tell you that I firmly believe that there is no such thing as holding on to your sons memory for too long! I lost my son (Karlton) on September 30,2014, he was murdered (shot several times while I was on the phone with him). During his slightly less than eight years in the Army, he progressed in gaining new skills and advancing in rank at a rate rarely seen, at any time in the history of the Army. I lost my only child my son January 2014 at the age of 34 from a non alcoholic related liver failure 7 weeks in the hospital I'm also a widow my whole life has been taken from me, all I do is cry.
To my dear son Charles R Bates on March 26-2013, your life was taken from us in the blink of a eye.
I just lost 20 year old son on the 11th October, 2013, a week before his 21st birthday which should have been on the 18th October. We lost our son, Mic Arthur on October 2,2012 from a blood clot to his lungs, he was 22 years old. Thanks for viewing "I love you big brother quotes".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. My daughter Angie gets the phone call, I didn't understand at first, I heard but I didn't hear. I sometimes think that I am holding too long onto my son's memory and like one mother said here, I sometimes get some rude looks when I talk about my son to people I know even from family members.
After less than a full eight years, he achieved the rank of Staff Sargent, an accomplished that brought him to the fore in recognition by both his fellow NCO's and his superior officers. He lost control of his motorcycle, due to an alcohol and cocaine addiction that spanned 10 years. We never got to say our last word I love you these days I sit around in our lonely home wishing you was still here.
He was my son and my friend and my angel and this poem reminded me so much of my son some days I do not know how to go on.
It happened on June 22 2012 it also was our 28th anniversary he was our only son the only thing that keeps me going is our three beautiful daughters and grandchildren . It was through his dedication, and his real fascination with "his" Army and the traditions it embodies that propelled him throughout his short career in the service. I must say this, however: as long as there is one person that remembers his name, laughs about some of his actions and practical jokes, sees him in there mind's eye, he will never be gone. My son went to hospital the day before with football injury and was sent home, later doctor was called to the house who diagnosed anxiety.
He was my only son it's been a year now and it hurts so bad I still do things for him like he is still here.
I know that you are in your new home called Heaven God sent for you because he knew that he needed you to carry on with your brother's and sister's in your home up above he came and took his Angel back to a better place behind those golden gates. Until now the Police is investigating as we suspect he was killed as he called me and his younger brother asking for help.
I miss my son so much I know God gave me his sister after 15 years to ease the pain when he call him home but I still miss my son so much.
We had adopted him and his older sister when they were 5 and 6 years old from an abusive situation.
He had his whole life to live he was in his last year of college and he would have had his Masters in government.

He was 29 my ex daughter in law his ex wife found him on his bedroom floor called me so I also saw touched his cold body. My Matty never complained about the fact that his condition was incurable (Matty at this stage is 18 yrs. As for myself, I have never been so proud and elated as when he joined the US Army in 2006, and continued a tradition of service of our family. He was driving to work, seat belt on, and a woman crossed the center line and hit my son head on leaving him in grave condition. My daughter, 28, just had her first child, my first Grandchild, a Grandson named Tyler Alexander. We use to talk about everything and he was took from me at a very young age and it hurt so much.
He had a massive seizure at 22.blame myself for not rushing him to the hospital when I noticed he was not quite right.
It was at a notoriously bad intersection and there was no fault cited on the other driver or my son. He was, as are all young men of 20 or so years, full of the fascination of his future and the anticipation of new and wonderful events and history. I believe, however, he was in his own way, trying to convey a point to someone, and that he knew he could stop at any time.
It's not easy dealing with this sort of death but my family and friends have been there for me through this whole time and helped me and stood by my side.
The actual date and time of death was not determined; however, circumstances were questionable. Your pictures stay on the walls of our home the tears I cry are because I miss you so much. He was the love of my life I miss him so bad the pain never stops if I am awake he is on my heart. As a troop in the Army, he elected to serve as a part of the Field Artillery, "The King of Battle". Unfortunately, the pistol was a relatively new one, and the hammer release was half of what he was used to having.
I told him that he was slowly killing himself and that a mother shouldn't have to bury her babies.
Please God, who would kill such a timid and innocent boy who did not do any harm to anyone. My son was so welled loved that his good friends took care of all the funeral finances, they told my other son to just take care of putting the service together. He came home and lived with us for a while until he met someone He was involved in playing a game every weekend called drunken kickball His girlfriend was having a girls night and he was playing his game.
His pride in his ability in rapidly learning new skills, his attention to detail both out in the field as well as in the barracks, was noted by many, and surpassed by none. Whatever the reason, he did shoot himself, leaving behind many, many grieving family and friends, and especially me, his father. I just started screaming, I couldn't breathe and until this day I don't remember how I got home. No one can take your place I love you and miss you son when I get to Heaven we will be together again so keep your arms open to hold me when that time come. I hope that you were there on your special day to see all the peoples lives that you touched in your so very short life span. He received the Army Commendation Medal for being a bright and superior example to those new soldiers just entering the service, a figure whose superlative example of abilities and excellence was a challenge for them to try and match. In the weeks just prior to this happening, we had made plans for a fishing trip, as well as deer and turkey hunting. He graduated high school, went on to join the Michigan Army National Guard and served in Kuwait and Iraq, even survived an IED in Iraq, had plans of enlisting into the law enforcement program, only to come home and die of a blood clot.

Before I fall off to sleep and soon as I wake, I wish I cremated his body cause I am always wondering how he looks like in his coffin. I don't know why these things happen, but you were given the gift of 22 years of his life and that is to be treasured for eternity.
He was all I had, he was my best friend, he was much closer to me than his brothers.The light has gone out my life. He was proud of his promotion, his upcoming re-enlistment, and transfer to Washington state.
I feel like I have now lost not only my beautiful son but also my daughter and my Grandson!
I wish I truly believed that one day I will see him but I have that feeling that dying is dying and final.
I am not a religious person at all, but I feel that I am somewhat of a spiritual person who believes that there are things going on around us that is higher than ourselves.I believe that for whatever reason our sons time here on Earth had been completed and have moved on to bigger things. Thank you for touching all our lives and for teaching us that no matter the moment we should always love laugh and embrace life. The whole way home he was crying, we reassured him not to worry and that everything was sorted out.
I am sooo alone, I find it hard to believe that I can be in sooooo much pain and still be alive.
I was searching for an article to place in the newspaper in memory of his one year anniversary and found The All I know Is poem. I sometimes appreciate that I was his mother but other times, I regret having ever had him cause I failed him.
The day he died he told me that he had a relationship with GOD and said he prays and read the bible. Austin was so much like me in so many ways, we were as close as any son and mother could be.
Your loss the hardest You fought and baffled all the doctor's and the world against all odds. There are people who say, "I understand your pain", but look at me with disgust because I still talk about him. June 8, we will celebrate again by honoring you with Pay it Forward Day and keep your loving spirit alive. Internally I scream, "Until you lose a child, then you'll earn the right to tell me to get on with my life"! He went outside after their arguing got his pistol out waving it around making threats to himself, he stumbles from being so drunk that the trigger was very easy that the gun went off and hit him in the back of his head. I often go to his grave site and sit on his bench, looking in the sky just wishing he would appear. I know I have to go on because I have two other kids that I love just as much as I did Glenn. We managed ultimately get him down and rush him to a hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival. His body was lying at a Government Hospital mortuary and post mortem could not be done due to police not filing an FIR. A friend advised me that the mortuary conditions were not good in preservation of bodies and the way the police were passing the buck it would take at least 2 to 3 days to file have an FIR filed. It was unbearable to sit beside his coffin all the way to the cemetery and see his beautiful face so badly discolored.

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