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The Suite Life on Deck stars, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, recently spoke to M Magazine about their love life.
You don't even want to know how many sheepish emails I get from people whose weddings we featured years ago, who write to request that could we please take their wedding profile down?
As part of some work I'm doing in my own relationship, my counselor recommended an audiobook called Your Brain on Love: The Neurobiology of Healthy Relationships by Stan Tatkin. The deck was stacked against me on this recommendation: I'm not really a self-help book person.
Tatkin then focuses on how attachment styles (the relationship dynamics we learn as children) affect how we communicate and interact with our partners, making a point not to demonize any attachment style but rather to explain that as partners, it's our job to be an expert in knowing our significant other's styles and limitations. At times the book leans a little too heavily on these generalized categories (are you an island or a wave? Ok, so a few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night feeling emotional and distraught. I dragged my sad self out to the living room and laid down on the couch with my headphones to continue listening to Your Brain on Love.
Within about 60 seconds of listening, Tatkin went into a segment about conflict styles and how for certain kinds of folks, when emotions come up at night, they can feel a sense of abandonment if their partner is sleeping and unavailable to them. The author is clear that the book is written not just for anyone (gay, straight, whatever) in a relationship (unmarried, married, whatever), but even as a way for single people to better understand who they are and how to interact with future partners. I know that we've talked about pre-marital counseling many times on Offbeat Bride, and I'd just like to submit that while I listened to this program as a married person, I think Your Brain on Love: The Neurobiology of Healthy Relationships would offer tremendous value to engaged couples. Let's crowdsource: which books or audio programs have been most helpful to YOUR relationship?
This forum is for talking about non-music-related stuff that the DBT fanbase might be interested in. I've never taken a pissbreak during a DBT show but if I had it would have been during Dancing Ricky.
The Black Canary wrote:Also acquired fishnet fingerless knee length gloves yes yes yes !!!!! Have you ever noticed how many of us are divorced or separated ( including our own Managing Editor, Megan) or working on our second marriages? The wedding was indeed lovely, but the marriage was not, and it's ended and oh my gosh they're so embarrassed, but could we take the post down? Despite the fact that I wrote a book about weddings, I'm not really a relationship book person. He introduces several different kinds of attachment and communication styles, and then gives constructive, pragmatic advice on how to approach conflict and disagreements with each type. I was about half way through, and what else was I going to do alone with my feelings at 3am?
This sense of abandonment (which is pretty misguided, but apparently common for certain kinds of folks) can then elevate the rough emotions further, which can then cause an escalating spiral of feels! Totally scored on a skirt that is right out of Morticia Adams circa 1910, thing going for it and it goes well with my coreset. A tortoise or a hare?) but Tatkin acknowledges that the lines are blurry and that the categories are only useful as general concepts. Clearly my husband wasn't going to talk to me because he didn't care and I'm just alone and no no don't mind me it's fine just keep sleeping that's just fine no really FINE.

You can stream it on Audible, or you can buy the CDs, which strikes me as adorable and old-fashioned. When I need relationship advice, I generally prefer it to be personal: I turn to friends who know me and my partner, or we go see a counselor who's worked with both of us.
Despite my concerns about the categories feeling too generalized, I was slapped in the face several times by how spot-on the descriptions of certain behaviors described my own shortcomings. Steampunk Personas through Dance presented by TempestHistory of Steampunk by Elln of CRMIHonour Amongst Thieves SideshowSteampunk Art Moderated by Dr. Although the challenge before me really wasna€™t so life-shattering, at themoment it seemed huge and mountainous. Sweats may not be sexy, but it takes less than ten seconds to go from fully clothed to naked.
It has a way of magnifyingA issues to the point of being ridiculous, but when youa€™re in the midst of the situation, it seemsA so real. Only after the event has passed do you realize how silly it was to be so worried about somethingA that was so non-eventful.A But at the time Ia€™m telling you about right now, I was consumed with worry.
I paced back andA forth, fretting, thinking, and pondering, making myself even more nervous by my anxious behavior.A I was nothing but a bag of nerves. Realizing how deeply I was sinking into worry, I reached for myA Bible to try to find peace for my troubled soul. Through Philippians 4:6, I could see that God was calling out to me and urging me to lay down my worries and come boldly before Him to make my requests known.
I realized that this verse showed me step by step how to lay down my worries and boldly make my requests known to God. If I followed the steps laid out in this verse exactly as I understood them, I would be set free from worry and fear!
I promptly followed these steps, and in a matter of minutes my worry was replaced with a thankful, praising, and peaceful heart!A As the years have passed, I have had many occasions when worry and fear have tried to plague my mind. At times, these challenges have simply been enormous.A This is the reason I so entirely identify with the Apostle Paul as he describes the difficulties he encountered in his ministry. Just as Satan regularly tried to disrupt Paula€™s ministry, the enemy has also attempted on many occasions to hinder our work and thwart the advancement of the Gospel.
However, none of his attacks have ever succeeded, and the Gospel has gone forth in mighty power!A In moments when worry or fear is trying to wrap its life-draining tentacles around me, I rush back to the truths found in Philippians 4:6. Just as I followed the steps found in this verse so many years ago, I still carefully follow them whenever I start getting anxious.
Every time I do, these steps lead me from worry and fear to a thankful, praising, and peaceful heart.
In fact, I have learned that if I faithfully follow these steps, fear will always be eradicated and replaced with the wonderful, dominating peace of God.A So dona€™t let worry wrap its tentacles aroundA you.
Instead, listen to Paula€™s advice about how to deal with the problems and concerns that try to assail your mind.
This particular word and its variousA forms is used approximately 127 times in the New Testament. By using this word to describe the relationship between the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit is telling us that theirs is an intimateA relationship.
It was originally used to depict a person who made some kind of vow to God because of a need or desire in his or her life.

This individual would vow to give something of great value to God in exchange for a favorable answer to prayer.
When you give GodA your problems, in return He gives you His peace.A Perhaps youa€™ve experienced this great exchange at some previous moment in your life. Once you truly committed your problem toA the Lord, did a supernatural peace flood your soul and relieve you from your anxieties?
The word deisis is translated several ways in the King James Version, including to beseech, to beg, or to earnestly appeal.
Paula€™s use of this word means you can get very boldA when you ask God to move on your behalf. You can tell God exactlyA what you feel, what youa€™re facing, and what you want Him to do for you. If youa€™ve ever generously given toA someone who never took the time to thank you for the sacrifice you made for him or her, you knowA how shocking ingratitude can be. Although the request has only just beenA made and the manifestation isna€™t evident yet, it is appropriate to thank God for doing what we haveA requested. The Greek word a€?aska€? destroys any religious suggestion that you are a lowly worm who has noA right to come into the Presence of God. Declare to God what you need; broadcast it so loudly that all of Heaven hears youA when you pray.
Instead, come before GodA and give Him the things that concern you so He can in exchange give you what you need orA desire. Be bold to strongly, passionately, and fervently make your request known to God,A making certain that an equal measure of thanksgiving goes along with your strong asking.A You have every right to ask boldly, so go ahead and insist that God meet your need. Ita€™s time to move from fear to faith, from turmoil to peace, and from defeat to victory!Lord, I thank You for allowing me to come boldly before You in prayer.
My temptation is toA worry and fear, but I know that if I will trust You, everything I am concerned about willA turn out all right. Right now I reject the temptation to worry, and I choose to come beforeA You to boldly make my requests known. I go to God with those things thatA are on my heart, and I clearly articulate what I feel, what I need, and what I expect HeavenA to do on my behalf.
I always match my requests with thanksgiving, letting God know howA grateful I am for everything He does in my life.
Do you give in and allow worry and fretfulness to fill your mind, or do you run to the Lord and commit your problems to Him?A 2. In return, did He fill you with supernatural peace, enabling you to overcome the worries that were trying to devour you?A 3. If these truths were helpful to you, can you think of someone else you know who needs this sameA encouragement? If youa€™ve evergenerously given to someone who never took the time to thankyou for the sacrifice you made for him or her, you know howshocking ingratitude can be.

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