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Are you someone who has a positive outlook about your experience in Riverside?  Are you engaged in the community?  Are you ready to give back?  Then maybe YOU are who we’re looking for! Communicate.  Share your experiences living in Riverside, answer questions, tell stories, give advice, invite mentees to events, etc. Look for barriers that mentees may have about Riverside including perceptions and negative comments. A completed Mentor Registration, which is basically just your detailed contact information and common interests assessment.

Do you know that it is almost impossible to get through life without being mentored at least once? Did you remember when another person took the time to instruct, guide, or assist you in a positive way?
Do you really want to read about the history of mentoring or that Shakespeare mentioned it in one of his “Henry” plays? As you can see this definition leaves out the sense of personal commitment and sensitivity the mentor has for the mentee.

Mentoring is not a one time event; it extends over a period of time that can be weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation Research in Disabilities Education Numbers 1027635 and 1027655.

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