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Question 13 from the Impossible Quiz says "What sound does a bell make?", with the possible answers being "Whoop", "F'taang", "Froon", and "Blip-blop-bloop-banga-o-langa-woof, nubby-frrph 120,000 eckleck-ooo-looo-a-scap-babble-de booble wop.". This question was originally the sixth one from the Impossible Quiz Demo, and the correct answer in both the original and this one is "F'taang", since it's the most appropriate sounding of the four options. The Impossible Quiz Book is the third and final installment of Splapp-Me-Do's successful Impossible Quiz series. Originally conceived as a single Quiz with a grand total of 150 questions, The Impossible Quiz Book was split up into three Chapters with 50 questions each. The mechanics of the previous two installments remain exactly the same throughout all of the chapters: you start each game with 5 lives, and you've got to make your way to the end in a single take.
Returning from the previous games are the bombs, which will give you an immediate Game Over shall you fail to answer correctly a question before their timer runs out, and there's plenty of them throughout the Chapters! Also returning are the two Power-ups from the previous Quizzes: the Skips, which let you omit difficult questions, and the Fusestoppers, who are willing to defuse any kind of bomb that comes into their sight. A main feature of the full Book is the inclusion of a plot, featuring Chris, the Phlovomites and a Spatulon called Norman, based around "The Impossible Quiz Book", an encyclopedia that contains the answers to EVERY question of all of the Impossible Quizzes. Back when The Impossible Quiz 2 had been publicly released, Splapp-Me-Do's idea was to leave it as the final installment of the series.
However, at some point after the release of that Flash, most probably towards late 2008 or early 2009, Splapp was contacted by E4 Games, who made him an interesting offer to create a new game that would be exclusively sponsored by them. The game was originally going to be a single Quiz game (like its predecessors) with a grand total of 150 questions, which the player would have to do in a single go.
Developement went through for some time and on August 14, 2009, Chapter 1 of the Book, titled "Close Encounters of the Furred Kind", was released.
The second Chapter was slated to come out August 23, 2010, though since E4 Games didn't have the chance to playtest the game before that date, it had to be postponed. Chapter 3's developement was defined by Splapp himself to be the one where he struggled the most programming it[3], mostly because of deadlines and problems trying to make stuff work. With the conclusion of Chapter 3, the entire Impossible Quiz universe has been erased from existence, and with it the questions that were part of them. The story starts with The Impossible Quiz Book lying in the grass, when suddenly some sort of aiming device fills the screen, saying "Target acquired" and "Earth". Then, we see the book lying in a grassy plain; the camera zooms out so we can see Chris licking his leg, while Phlovomite spacecrafts are gathering in the sky. After getting rid of the Phlovomite's mechanical claw, Chris slowly backs away with the Book on his hands.
Chapter 1 ends with Chris being slowly abducted by the Phlovomites, before the screen fades into black, with some ending messages appearing on screen.
The game begins with a "Previously" cutscene, which is the ending cutscene of Chapter 1, edited to look like an old picture. At the end of the cable, we see Chris grabbed from his neck, his head entirely purple because of the choking. He then goes on to explain what exactly is that device: "Phlovomite brains are unable to store information of any kind. After the Phlovomite is defeated, he'll either find a Fez or say "I hate you, little ginger bum-hole". Using the Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy and the handy four-digit code, Chris will then put the device close to the sensor of Norman's prison cell door.
After choosing to wipe the original quiz out of history, The Impossible Quiz's title screen will be shown. Eventually, the black hole expands enough to cover the screen, rapidly flashing random images from ALL of the Impossible Quizzes with speeded-up reverse music playing in the background. But more importantly, you have put this pointless madness and insanity, filled with one meme too many, out of the record books for good!
A look into TIQB Chapter 2 reveals more info about the Catastrophes, or "Cat-ass-trophies", which were meant to be a series of achievements shared between all three Chapters of the Book. Embedded within the Flash file are the icons for some of these achivements, as well as the written paper pieces that would have probably slid into view to inform you that you have unlocked each.
Lastly, there are snippets of formatted text detailing the specific requirements for obtaining some of them, which would have probably been displayed in the lower frame of the plaque. Most of the tracks used by Splapp throughout the chapters were taken from the Newgrounds Audio Portal, although some of them are no longer available for listening.
In an early version of Chapter 1, the music used for the title screen and main menu was actually a track named "Intense Quirky Orchestral Rock" by daniel-mcl. The majority of the questions are multiple choice, but there’s plenty of surprises along the way. Question 42 from the Impossible Quiz is the second one of nine questions of the Quiz that were created by Rabid-Coot (Etinogard), and it's a very hard one if you don't know what's going on. This question is in reference to Douglas Adams' book "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy".
Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is also the book after which Chapter 2 of The Impossible Quiz Book ("The Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy") got its name.

A similar question appears as Question 142 of The Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 3), with the difference that it is a Bomb question, since there's lava incinerating the lower part of the screen thanks to Chris's and Norman's time-travelling madness.
This is the only Question 42 of the series that doesn't reference any of Gingerneck's Flash projects. In The Impossible Quiz 2, one of the tips of the day in the loading screen says "Click the 42nd 42".
Question 8 from the Impossible Quiz is the first searching question of the game, and takes inspiration from a similar one featured in the Impossible Quiz Demo, specifically from Question 22.
It's the episodical sequel to both of his 2007 games The Impossible Quiz and The Impossible Quiz 2, and it was released in three differently-themed Chapters between 2009 and 2012. Instead of being contained in a single Flash file, however, Splapp decided to release them as separate Flash games, to better handle their total size and their releases.
Each mistake you make will cost you a life, and while there are less questions in each Chapter than in the previous Quizzes, the difficulty curve has become WAY more pronunciated to make up for it, starting with easy questions and then almost instantly throwing you into a pit of insanity!
There's also a new Power-up that was going to be featured on both Chapters 2 and 3, but ended up being dropped from the third: the Lifebuoy, which will protect you from losing just ONE life and will last until you incorrectly answer a question. The overall visuals of the questions have also been taken up a notch, featuring varying backgrounds with vivid colours and a more consistent typography. He stayed true to this for a long time, even getting to the point of releasing a Flash game called "The Impossible Quiz 3" for 2008 April Fools' Day, with the purpose of said "game" being to pull a prank on his own followers.
The game's plot features the Phlovomites trying to snatch The Impossible Quiz Book from Chris; 50 questions with the standard Impossible Quiz theme then follow, eventually leading to the closure of the Chapter.
On September 10 of the same year, Chapter 2 of the Impossible Quiz Book was finally presented to the world, under the title "The Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy". Rather than being released towards the end of 2011, Chapter 3 of the Book finally saw a release date on January 30, 2012, under the name "Spatula Future".
Splapp has officially decided that there won't be any new Quiz games, though a spiritual sequel to the Impossible Quiz series is in the works right now, with its title being The Impossible Dream. The claw comes down right over the book, and we see the aiming screen saying: "Target confirmed". The available Power-ups are a Lifebuoy and a Fusestopper; it's possible to get the Lifebuoy by simply getting a Game Over, and if you do so, use it and then get the Lifebuoy again by its normal means, you'll have two Lifebuoys to your favour! Afterwards, the Chapter's introduction shows the Phlovomite's spaceship, then the camera moves down the cable, displaying space and a lot of references to video games in it. The camera then goes inside the ship, where the cable is coming up, before moving to another room, where the King Phlovomite is struggling to get past the very first question of the first Quiz, getting a Game Over screen, much to his dismay. Use the up and down arrow keys to move the paddle, it's highly recommended to just stay in the middle. Press the right key to kick, and the left to retract, repeat three or four times until the butt bleeds.
Any of the options will work, since the game will pretend to crash and give you a Blue Screen of Death. Press X on the keyboard until a guy with a balloon will come, being smashed by a car (reference to Heavy Rain for the PS3; during the intro of this chapter, it says at the bottom left corner "PRESS X TO JASON"). After a few beeping sounds, the door opens and Norman will come out of it, revealing himself to be a Spatulon.
Originally, Splapp intended the game to have as available Power-ups a Lifebuoy and a Skip, but Splapp realized the Lifebuoy "wasn't exactly great" (plus he had troubles removing the glitch which made you obtain it by getting Game Over), so he ended up putting a Skip and a Fusestopper. It blows your hand off (Due to the missing I, the question asks about a pen gun, not a penguin. He doesn't have one (reference to Question 103 from the Impossible Quiz 2, with the words "collar", "blue" and "green" replaced by "anus", "pink" and "brown" respectively, because of the time scars).
Put your mouse outside the screen to make an elephant fall in, since elephants don't like mice (The task "Click the Answer" and the options come from Question 4 from TIQ, while making the elephant come from above comes from Question 37 from TIQ 2. Suddenly, a black hole will open right behind it, beginning to suck in the game's title screen; it will then expand and send lots of characters, objects, option boxes, Power-ups and question numbers into oblivion. In addition, there's a plaque meant to hold the icons for all of the unlocked Catastrophes, which amount to a total of 32. The rules are simple and all you have to do is try to complete the quiz by answering all of the “questions”. Mash two of the arrow keys at the same time repeatedly or hit the space bar repeatedly to fill the meter. Invisible maze, go to the green light on the left first, then get the key and head through the sliding walls to the finish. A group of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings demand to learn the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose.
It's also different in that the 42's are placed differently, and the 42nd 42 is two spaces to the right from where it was in the original question.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
It has the task "Search!" written in big letters on the upper part, with nothing else appearing on screen, other than the question number, your lives and the holes for the skips.

Each chapter has a theme of its own: the first one features the typical Impossible Quiz theme, the second one is inspired by video games, and the third and final one is based around time-travelling. Due to the Book being split into three chapters, each of them will only have two different Power-Ups available for you to use.
Needless to say, the Book has LOTS of tricks up its sleeves, the vast majority of them being brand new to the series! Aside from featuring the continuation of the previous Chapter's plot, where Chris found himself getting caught by the Phlovomites and thrown into a prison cell, this Chapter of the Book presents you with 50 questions themed after the main eras of the history of video games; this includes boss questions, which are mini-games programmed by fellow Newgrounds user UnrealCanine serving as homages to popular games such as "Pac-Man" and "Pokemon". It features the final 50 questions of the game and it's based around time-travelling, with Chris and his Spatulon ally Norman escaping from the Phlovomites by using their time machine, eventually causing havoc within the space-time continuum.
The Phlovomite pushes a button, which releases a claw with a head, going down from space towards Britain. The aim moves to Chris and the screen displays "Unidentified creature", with a flashing warning text saying "Potentially lethal". The Chapter's title is then displayed, right after Chris is finally abducted by the spaceship. He'll be given some menus with selectable options; first he'll choose the category "Security Codes", and then on the new menu he will choose "Prison Cells".
When on this screen, press any of the key-shaped zeroes in the numbers present in the screen (there are two); trying to press anything on your keyboard will take a life away from you! In-battle, if your enemy is an Eye-on-legs, attack with either "Scratch" twice or "Poke" twice. Mash to fix the bottom left one, then click "Amber lamps" (A pun on Ambulance and 999 is the emergency number in London; the other possible answers are Lara Croft, Master Chief and Kevin Butler). After the loco rocos are clicked, an empty plate falls in with a little card that reads "The cake is a LIE". Shortly afterwards, he'll smile, his eyes seemingly rolling back to normal position, before the whole screen turns gray, with two single lines of text appearing on screen. You saved Chris from the dangers of the Impossible Quiz and erased ALL of the events from ALL of the Quizzes from existence!!! It may sound easy enough, but you’ll require quick reflexes, luck, mad skills and some good old insane logic.
The Impossible Quiz 2 features Over one hundred questions, including random questions from Impossible Quiz 1, Unique touch screen solutions and Facebook integration. When you hit the green dot you get a message saying “To remove the universe the code is 8275? Below is a wall of 50 copies of the number 42, and in between there's a hint within parentheses, saying "It's 42".
It takes Deep Thought 7? million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Chapter 2 also contains two special red bombs, which last for two questions instead of only one.
Lots of important moments in our history are visited here, such as Prehistory and World War II, as well as returning scenarios of the previous Quizzes of the series. The device will then tell him that he must answer some questions to prove that he is a Phlovomite, before presenting him with Question 51.
The Planet, a very small cloud missing on the right side, near the missing cloud one of the mountain tops is missing it’s peak, a crease under the critter’s eye, the smallest tooth closest to it’s cheak is missing, at the very bottom near it’s right hand the ground is a different color. Deep Thought points out that the answer seems meaningless because the beings who instructed it never actually knew what the Question was. The game, albeit with a few bugs here and there and some of its features getting scrapped, features a solid gameplay progression.
The camera then zooms out to show the shotgun being held by Chris, who proceeds to fire it into the claw's face, and as the smoke clears, the Quiz begins.
He'll briefly scratch his cheeks before the camera moves back into the device, zooming into the question screen and officially beginning the second part of the Quiz. You must find the green checkmark with the word "Yes!" beside it, which is located right below the letters "Se" in "Search!".
He continues: "One of the guards left it there some months ago while cleaning out the cell. For further info regarding any particular question, please refer to the template located on the bottom of the page, which contains links to every single question of the entire Book.

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