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Love is subtle and silent and delicate, and in its beginnings it can be drowned out easily by attachment, lust and fear. Love reveals itself when you release your need to have the object of your affection, and see that there’s no reason to make it yours. Those lines are conceptual and imaginary anyway, and love gives you vision clear enough to see the world without them. It’s too conspicuous to be marginalized, even among a population largely driven insane by mismanaged desire.

From childhood we learn you can like something, or you can love it, as if it’s only different degrees of the same thing. Desire is the intention to change something, to reject what it is in favor of what it could be — something better, more secure, more pleasing. To love something is to disappear in its favor — to die to your own interests so that it can be what it is. The solution to the world’s problems will look more and more obvious as more people begin to understand that and make that transformation.

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