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The International Mobile Subscriber Identity(IMSI) is embodied in the SIM of the mobile equipment. Since the air interface is vulnerable to fraudulent access, it is necessary to determine if the International Mobile Subscriber Identity(IMSI) received from the MS is from the SIM that was assigned this IMSI.
The MCC component of the International Mobile Subscriber Identity(IMSI) has the same meaning and format as those of the Location Area Identifier(LAI).
The overall number of digits in an International Mobile Subscriber Identity(IMSI) code does not exceed 15. If the IMEI number of the mobile is authorized in the Equipment Identity Register(EIR), the mobile station is allowed to connect the network.
The Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (TMSI) is an identity alias which is used instead of the International Mobile Subscriber Identity(IMSI) when possible. This number identifies the subscriber, it is periodically changed by the system management to protect the subscriber from being identified by someone attempting to monitor the radio interface. A VLR allocates a unique TMSI code to each mobile subscriber that is operating in its area.

When a mobile station is powered on, it performs a location update procedure by indicating its International Mobile Subscriber Identity(IMSI) to the network. It would be appreciated if you let me know that, what role does MSISDN plays a part from IMSI and ICCID? Join Date May 2008 Posts 4,014 Ranking 10 Sharp Mobile Phone Sharp Mobile Phone Company brings you new digital mobile brand for your daily work and entertainment feeds. Next Thread » Thread Information Users Browsing this Thread There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. We are Offering the Best Real Estate Deals Look at our Latest listed properties and check out the facilities on them, We have already sold more than 5,000 Homes and we are still going at very good pace. It is provided by the MS anytime it accesses the network.It is only transmitted over the air during initialization. In order to assure user confidentiality, the user is registered with a Temporary Mobile ¬†Subscriber Identity (TMSI) after its first location update procedure. The use of a TMSI ensures that the true identity of the mobile subscriber remains confidential by eliminating the need to transfer an International Mobile Subscriber Identity(IMSI) code unciphered over a radio link.
This code, which is only valid within the area supervised by the VLR, is used to identify the subscriber in messages to and from the MS.

It can serve as a key to derive subscriber information such as directory number(s) from the HLR.
We would love you to look into these properties and we hope that you will find something match-able to your needs. DOWNLOAD OUR MOBILE APPLICATION NOW! When a change of location area also involves a change of VLR area, a new TMSI code is allocated and communicated to the MS. The mobile station also performs location updating, in order to indicate its current location, when it moves to a new Location Area or a different PLMN.
Since the authentication key, Ki, is (or should) never be transmitted, it is virtually impossible for unauthorized individuals to obtain this key to impersonate a give mobile subscriber. If after the updating time period, the mobile station has not registered, it is then deregistered. When a mobile station is powered off,it performs an IMSI detach procedure in order to tell the network that it is no longer connected.

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