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Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. I do not understand why we cannot see each other as human beings and stop worrying about who someone else is courting, dating or marrying. I would imagine some self dislike plays a role in some people's decision on whom they choose to date. For me, I chose my now fiancee' (whose white) simply because she was the right personality at the right time. It appears that Christelyn Karazin is a self-loathing Negro whose obsession with interracial dating may be traced to insecurity on her inability to secure a Black mate. I didn't date black men too often because there were not many available in San Antonio, Tx and the ones that were around usually dated mixed girls or Mexicans. I think black women should expand their horizons a bit and take a page from black men (date who's available).
Some black women are determined to spread the lie that black men don't date or marry black women.
Black men have always made the biggest deal out of black women being interested in other races.
Let's be real MOST of these men we see everyday doing it, are doing it for the WRONG reasons. No offense but it seems like too many of you expect the experience to somehow be different then the last interracial couple. You can love who you want but until the Oppressor acknowledges that he has Oppressed and is still Oppressing, this is what you get even in 2011. Just because it is 2011 it does not mean people views have change we still live in a racist society.
Disclaimer: The Vidette Voice blogs are meant to be a forum where ISU students can express their opinions and views on a myriad of subjects.
Over spring break, my father and I were walking to brunch and happened to pass a film crew in our neighborhood. The worst part of all of this was that it happened right as the Steubenville rape trial was occurring.
For those unfamiliar, this trial surrounded two boys in Steubenville, Ohio, who were convicted of raping and kidnapping a 16-year-old girl. On news stations, news websites, and even all over Facebook and Twitter, there were cries of outrage as the boys were convicted of the crimes and sentenced to 1-2 years. I hope you had to do the same double-take at that statement that I had to while I was watching that segment. Even though you may not be a direct victim of sexual violence, every woman is affected by rape culture. And while not all men rape and not all women have been raped, that is not an excuse to tolerate these behaviors.
Although I am fortunate enough to have never been raped, I have many friends who have been, and I empathize with them and support them in any way I can.
A bit of back story: while I was dating a girl back in the fall, I met a friend of hers who I immediately had a connection with.
Let me know how the movie of your love life turns out, and make sure to invite me to the wedding.
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means you might have already experienced the eye rolls and exasperated sighs of those not in relationships. Staying with your significant other for a couple of days can give you a sense of how living with your partner would be like.
I’ve had this thought so many times while people have asked me why or how I am single. Just because someone is not in a relationship, conventional or not, does not mean there is something wrong with them.
You’re probably wondering what qualifications I have to be writing about this subject. Dating and sex, especially in the hormone-crazed world of college, can be a very tricky road to navigate. There were black women at school who I was friendly with and were extremely attractive, yet they just weren't the personality types I needed at the time.
If you settle for less and get treated badly in the name of racial pride then you might just have low self esteem. Nearly 90% of black men have a black wife while less than 1% of white men will choose a black woman to marry.
92% of white men marry white women and the rest prefer Asian women and white-skinned latinas.
The situation between black men and women goes as follows: black man wants black woman to love unconditionally despite the fact that he has no love for her and if black woman finds love outside of him then she hates herself and all that is black. However too many do it for reasons that equal self-hate thus what you then get is the automatic belief that it does equal self hate.
They have a perceived notion about non-black women and some of that may or may not be valid.
And although she can look back now and say she would not have changed her decision, that doesn't mean that she went into it for the right reasons. We have a President for all appearances and self-identification is Black, yet he gets threats on his life everyday because of it. While some posts are meant to be humorous or satirical, and others reflect the real opinions of the author, none of the posts to the blog necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the Daily Vidette as a whole. That it was silly of me to avoid the same film set while walking to catch the bus to my friends, and that I didn’t need to explain to him WHY I automatically wanted to walk faster after the random man had said those things to me.
He is a self-proclaimed feminist, and has been a great supporter and advocate to the cause since marrying his wife, a well-known gynecological surgeon and public health figure.
The girl was drugged, kidnapped, and gang raped by two high school football players of the same age, who then described the acts in a 12 minute video.
Sexual assault is a serious matter, and trivializing it or standing up for those who do it is not okay. It became sort of a yearly thing, where I would re-activate my account for a week or so at a time, whenever I needed a boost of self-esteem or wanted to find some new friends.
I figured I would re-activate my account, since the guy I had been seeing and I had broken up (over Batman, actually – but thats another story).

I’m still in Normal while I wrap up school, however I do come home for the weekend frequently.
Maybe that was just my interpretation of it, but he was almost upset when I talked about it.
What I’m trying to say throughout this whole thing is that there is a point where following your heart is necessary, even if it means momentarily hurting someone.
And if you have a shawty in your life, I hope you’re celebrating the day in a way that makes both of you happy. Sometimes it comes naturally … one night you sleep over and then the next month you realize that your underwear is somehow mixed into his laundry.
Compliment their excellent dart throwing ability, or their vast knowledge of all things hockey.
This is somewhat true, however, when people are on the down low they are pretending to be heterosexual while they are pursuing their homosexual fantasies or desires.
From my home life to my work life, and even looking into the future, it really rules everything around me. While my personal blog may be a bit more anonymous than this particular outlet, I am always honest about my experiences. Whether my friends like it or not (they usually don’t), I am very outspoken and am not afraid to speak my opinion.
I understand how painful it can be to go through something traumatic, like sexual abuse in a relationship, and be reminded of those debilitating emotions when you are surprised by that topic in something you are casually reading.
Sex should be an emotional experience, however, there are people that can just experience the physical and keep moving on with no regrets. Nonetheless, it is important that you do your research so that there won’t be a cat fight in the future.
Nonetheless, the fact that someone looks or act different than you does not mean that they are inhumane, or unfit to be in a relationship with.
I am a 21-year-old African-American woman, and although I am happily in a relationship with a black man, I see nothing wrong with adding a little milk in your coffee. However, learning about other cultures could be fascinating and easy to become familiarized with. However, every person in the world is not out to get you and there are some people who genuinely know how to treat someone they’re dating. Ladies and Gents, stop hating on your counterpart just because they love someone a different shade.
Last I checked we are ALL part of the HUMAN RACE so technically we are dating other HUMANS unless someone does date animals or aliens.
Neither of us ever had trouble finding someone black to date, and we just dated other races because…we thought they were potentials. I just have a hard time meeting an honest black man that hasn't been pucked up because he chose a ghetto hood chick who likes to show out and degrade him, instead of appreciating a good woman who knows how to appreciate and handle a good man. I do have to wonder however, what couples like yourself think about when you choose this path. However, the Daily Vidette does support free speech and encourages students to voice their opinions. And yet, he didn’t understand how a random man commenting on my appearance, unprompted, could make me uncomfortable.
This video was obtained by the hacktivist group Anonymous and then distributed online, causing rightful outrage against the two boys and sparking the local police force to charge them. Even on CNN, which is usually one of the more self-aware news channels, reporters were focusing on the formerly promising lives of the two football players, and how their futures had been shattered. Rape culture is defined as an environment where rape and sexual violence is common, accepted, and normalized. By doing any of these things, you are allowing rape to be normalized, to be accepted as something that is common and tolerable in this society.
By doing this, you are telling sexual assault victims that their life-ruining experience is not valid. Because of my experiences, I don’t feel safe walking through the streets of Chicago, my home, at night.
I was coming home that upcoming weekend, and we decided to meet up, even though a friend of mine was coming to town. He made some comments later about being single forever, and I laughed and reminded him that we went on a coffee date just a few months before. We jokingly slapped each others butts, and promised that next time we’d hang out for longer than an hour. Sleeping over allows couples to become more comfortable with one another, however, when one gets too comfortable fights over insignificant things can arise.
When young adults decide to live together solely based off emotions, things can go from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds.
When a person is deeply emotionally and physically attracted to a person of the same sex, they may try to avoid naming themselves as a homosexual or bisexual in fear that they will be judged … which they will be simply because this world is full of close-minded people. I have enough knowledge to write about important subjects and enough humility to research something when I don’t.
If a friend has had sex with a person you intend to date, I recommend that you do not date that person.
Being in an interracial relationship allows for different cultures to blend together and steers away from dumb ideologies that were passed down from our ancestors. Now if you want to get down to ethnicity then you could classify it as dating outside of your ethnicity or ethnic background. The only reason we ended up with each other is because I'd just broken up with my (white) boyfriend and he was no longer with his (Native American) girlfriend, and we realized that we had a lot in common. And I, being a very dark skinned black woman, have never put myself into a box when it comes to who I’m interested in. Thus once you put a ring on it, get prepared to start saying to yourself, this is just like being with a black woman. Also these type of women are prone to work or go to school in mostly white settings a lot of the time, thus they really speak differently (not just proper English) and they are mostly highly educated.
You would think at this day and age, that people will look straight ahead, close their mouths, and don't stop to ask questions. As the nation watched these two boys stand trial for what they did, the world was buzzing with support; unfortunately, not all of it was for the victim, who still remains nameless and protected by the law.

There were blatant threats to the victim, named Jane Doe due to her anonymity, and arrests were made for some of the more serious threats. Rape culture is continued through misogynistic and degrading language towards women, objectification and hyper-sexualization of women’s bodies, and glorification of sexual violence. By teaching women to not get raped instead of teaching men not to rape, you are letting the cycle of rape culture continue.
He never asked me on a second date after the first one, so I pushed the feelings for him to the back of my mind. Thankfully, he handled it gracefully at dinner, although he did send some very angry text messages later. Avoid the trouble of losing your significant other due to petty arguments over spoiled milk, literally, and stay in your personal spaces until the time is right.
But, trying to hide homosexual desires, or pursuing a person of the same sex, while being with a heterosexual is inconsiderate, heartless and just plain wrong. I have no reservations talking about any of my experiences, because I believe laying it all out on the table is what makes me a good writer. What a statistic like this means is a subject for another time, but interpreting facts is important in deciding why humans act a certain way, especially when it comes to sexuality. I have some great stories about embarrassing things that have happened on dates, or things going terribly wrong during sexy time. Sex is something that, when practiced in a consensual and safe environment, makes people feel incredible. If you have any article suggestions, comments, complaints, or questions, feel free to share with me. Well actually, I wish it were that simple; nonetheless, how does one expect to date again if they’re holding onto the past?
But once again there's some threatened black man-child on here talking about no one wants you bw. A white man is 4 times more likely ot marry an Asian woman than a black woman and there are 4 times as many sisters in the U.S as there are Asian women! All of these components create a society that casts aside women’s safety and rights, and continues to hold women in a lower position. I kept texting him throughout the weekend, so excited to see him again on Monday after my friend went back home. If that means going on an online dating website to make some strangers boost your self esteem and ask you on dates, do it. They are choosing to not allow themselves to be with someone who isn’t right for them. Admire them aloud for their passions, their dreams, their accomplishments and maybe their good looks.
To overlook or turn down love just because the person isn’t the same race as you, now there are some people who do have self hate. If that means telling someone truly incredible that you can’t be with them because of your own stuff, do it.
Both of these things boost your confidence, improve brain function, alter your brain chemistry, and can even physically change you (ever heard of the post-coitus glow?). To add, you never know which one of them is still reminiscing about that experience and if it left them emotionally hurt. Defintely, maybe for some people because they THINK their baby will be more beautiful but that is pure B.S.
A lot of black men were simply not checking for her and white men were so she just started dating them. I have taken martial arts classes to learn how to defend myself and my friends, and I have educated the males in my life as to why all of this is necessary because of the society we live in.
He shrugged it off, not seeming to care, and we jumped right into the fun banter we always have.
I told him, in short, that I messed up, that I was sorry, and that I hope we can still be friends, and I meant it. When I say that sex rules everything around me, I mean that I’m driven by a desire to ensure everyone gets that happy feeling they deserve. It is easy when we both know Jesus…and love one another as God taught us throughout the scriptures. Black women, black men who actually love and care about you would want you with someone who loves and cares about you and treats you well no matter what color and a real man isn't threatened by that. I do think if given a chance in the past she would have dated black men but now I think she is really enjoying the other side.
If you still don’t understand why this trial is so important, or why rape culture needs to end, I encourage you to look at the testimonies of sexual assault victims.
We always laugh endlessly, and especially did so today when I was elaborating on how a guy at a bar last night kept petting my face and forgetting my name. He became less angry, and then ended the conversation by going to sleep and wishing me a safe drive home. If that means going to someone’s apartment while its raining and calling them, telling them to come outside so you can tell them how much you care about them, do it. In my everyday life and in my career, I strive to ensure people feel safe and free to explore; that people feel empowered enough to take control of their sexuality and be proud of it.
A compliment simply means that someone wants to compliment you, it doesn’t mean that they want to take you to the nearest jewelry store and propose to you.
When you go out of your way to say someone else is better because of their race is not only ignorant but racist.
I want to make sure people know that whatever they prefer in their dating life, be it monogamous, with multiple people, casual, formal, whatever: it is absolutely okay.
It became clear that he was a really great guy once we started texting, and I was really excited to have made a connection.

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