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Megan Collins is the voice behind Style Girlfriend, a men's lifestyle destination for looking and feeling good. Thus was the pressure that Gene faced in this episode as he became the target of Courtney’s affections. The episode didn’t offer a particularly compelling story, and it could be because Gene isn’t exactly the show’s strongest character. I think the show was aware of this, and that was the reason for introducing Doug and all his music and jingle gear. While I totally agree with you on Gene being a weak personality to hang an episode upon, I think his story felt somewhat true and would have been a more watchable outing had the B-plot not felt like disposable junk. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. They can drive you crazy, ruin your appetite, distract you, and generally make your life a living hell. Courtney, the blonde queen bee who sucks on her necklace and has a congetial heart condition and talks too much and kicks the back of people’s seats, was just the worst sort of crusher, and Gene was simply not prepared to turn her down, let alone deal with such a high degree of annoying.
While we routinely get a sense of his interior world, like his notion of music gear heaven, it’s an interior world that isn’t very deep.

Doug was a way to keep this story moving when it likely should’ve ended following the date at the movies.
I don't think we had heard of him up to this point and if that's the case the show did a brilliant job building him up as a Fonzie-esque character.
It seemed relatable if you've ever known that one person with an ability to be overly-clingy and suffocating. Gene's story reminded me of any number of "Home Movies" episodes except without the strength of hangers-on to help the character along the way. The biggest laugh in the episode for me was: In a helium voice "Nah." and it was just one little word!
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And while crushes may never get easier even as you get older—though drinking a lot helps at a certain point—they’re especially onerous when you’re in school. It’s full of whimsy and randomness, and there’s a certain amount of charm to that, but it doesn’t make Gene strong enough to carry this sort of emotionally driven story. Sitcoms often serve up such contrivances to keep an episode’s romantic entanglement going when it’s clear everyone is mismatched; this one connected to one of the defining characteristic of Gene, which is more than other sitcoms typically do (most of the time, it’s just that the sex is fantastic).

I did appreciate short bits, like Tina and Louise running and screaming through the school in an effort to stop Gene from agreeing to like-like Courtney, and Tina trying to give Louise amnesia. Plus, the helium bit was hilarious, as was the scene with Tina and Louise running through the school. Contrast Gene to Tina or Louise, both of whom have very definitive personalities and way of relating to the world, and a story similar to this one would likely have gone differently, whether it be Tina hesitating and being neurotic or Louise being, well, psychotic.
The main plot was never very funny, despite the character-based humor, and so the episode was definitely not one of my favorites.
Speaking of Bob in the car that was a great scene too after he dropped off Gene and said just back in the car and we can drive away. Gene is a somewhat shallow character, but overall, I think this episode rang true to who he is. Gene's "Can we do that?!" was so perfectly incredulous, not to mention Bob's "I think so" was priceless.

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