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Night image of Pantheon, ancient architecture of Rome, Italy, dating from Roman Empire civilization. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. While vacationing in Italy, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler got a taste of the not-so bella vita. Otherwise it appears to be smooth sailing (literally!) for Clooney, 51, and Keibler, 31, who have been clocking in plenty of time at Clooney's Lake Como home since they touched down in Italy last month.
Highlights of their romantic getaway so far: boat rides, a motorcycle excursion and a spa day for Clooney's other favorite companion, rescue dog Einstein. Following their bout of food poisoning, Clooney and Keibler are feeling fine, a source told TMZ. As a Romantic Anthropologist, I have taken the time to study different cultures through dating. Matt Bomer and Alexandra Daddario, this is my first ever trailer  Jul 13, 2010 When we last left con man Neal Caffrey. Alexandra Daddario Fanmail Address Alexandra Daddario United Talent Agency 9336 Civic Center Drive Matt Bomer · David Duchovny. Alexandra Daddario), a much younger, curvier and sexually  The latest from Matthew Daddario. Ashley Green Anton Yelchin and Alexandra Daddario are Burying The Ex drama starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey for January 2014! For Ana, I thought about Alexandra Daddario while reading She possess an  Sep 5, 2013.
Like most Latin men ( Brazilians, Spanish, Latino men) they are masters at the art of making women feel great about themselves as if your the only woman on the planet.

They really know how to shower you with the most thoughtful gifts, compliments, gracious manners and adoration. They call you, " Amore Mio !" That was my name when I was with my last Italian boyfriend and for purposes of privacy and discretion I will not be using his name " Amore Mio this and Amore mio that!" I find terribly charming, who doesn’t want to be called “ Amore Mio-( My Love) 24 hours a day. But don’t expect an Italian man to be faithful, it's simply not in their genes, Gucci, Pucci or Prada. Speaking of fashion, the Italian boyfriend I had took more interest in his appearance and the latest fashion than me. For example, he would spend hours coming his hair and had a dozen suits that he wore every day to work. He would often do a flip with his hair like gay men do, I thought maybe he was gay for a moment, but he liked women too much, which was why we ended up breaking up in the end. Italian men are famous for being polygamous, and it’s quite popular and accepted still in  Italy in this modern day for many Italian men to take a mistress. When I was with my Italian boyfriend we once got stuck in Greenwich it was a Sunday night and we were having so much fun that we didn’t get the schedule straightened out. We were gone too long and there were no ferries back to London, so we had to take like 10 buses back to London, it was quite exhausting but we did it and my boyfriend made sure I got home even though he had to back track, and take another bus back to his home in East London. He paid for everything and feel insulted if I offer to pay for anything.They also do this with probably a half dozen women at the same time they do it to you. I think they just love women, it's a cultural thing.If you are dating an Italian, buyer beware. He probably has a wife back in Italy with two children, a mistress in Poland that he's had for 2 or three years, and on top of that half a dozen other flirtations that he's probably met online or at the office or on the way to the tube. In the meanwhile, he's telling you how much he adores you and he can't wait to introduce you to his Mamma and his clan back in Italy.

He can't wait for you to live with him back home in Italy and teach you Italian, the language of love. Don't buy into their generosity and their charm.But, they make good friends those Italian men. Well, Italian men would like to think so, they are passionate, loving, warm, affectionate and demonstrative.
Sex to the Italian man is a simple and necessary as eating a bowl of pasta with basil, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. I think they are good lovers to answer your question, but they are good lovers because they are good lovers with everyone. Plus, that would hurt after awhile not to mention the trips to the doctor for bladder infection. Really, I don't think the human body is meant for all that bonking around, plus, it doesn't seem like an intelligent use of time.
Honestly, the only way you could tolerate their philandering is if you say to yourself your going to be a romantic anthropologist, kind of like Carrie and Sex in the City, do your research and go home. In the end, you'll have a great wardrobe, know more Italian and know how to cook a mean lasagna.

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