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While these are all pretty weird, none of them are quite as bizarre as My Forged Wedding, a dating sim where players pretend to have a pretend wedding.
Here’s the premise: You’re a recent college grad with no employment prospects traveling to Tokyo to stay with your uncle, who is the “president of one of those tech companies that is so hot right now.” (Timely! After you get off the train, you meet a sexy, mysterious stranger who asks you to be his fake bride.
I chose Kyoichi, the “big shot diplomat,” because his cheekbones reminded me of Christian Bale and because the other characters’ storylines were $3.99 each. As you play the game, it turns into a choose-your-own-adventure-type story that culminates in the two of you falling in love and raising a family together.
My Forged Marriage is brought to you by Voltage Inc., the maker of such other dating sims as Kissed By The Baddest Bidder, 10 Days with my Devil, and Be My Princess. The drone is dwarfed by its own controller, yet it flies with the stability of a drone three times the size. Dating simulators are far more prevalent in Japan than in other countries, and are rarely translated into English or released overseas. One of the most noteworthy dating simulators to be released in the past year is "My Wife: A Wife Just For You", a dating sim for the Xbox 360 that allows players to design their ideal woman and eventually wed her.
The girl that the player designs will not be his wife from the beginning of the game; he must woo her first. Gentle: A pure and innocent maiden with a heart of gold and a positive outlook on the world.

Tsundere: She acts cold and hostile because she has difficulty expressing her emotions, but she secretly loves the player more than he will ever know. When My Wife was advertised in Japan, the promotional merchandise included posters of the girls taking baths and "Yes Yes Pillow Covers", which were pillow covers featuring the girls sleeping in bed. My Wife would hardly qualify as a game if there was no interaction beyond designing the wife and selecting text options; the player is also allowed to play mini-games with his wife called "love love" games. All 360 games award the player with Achievements for reaching certain milestones in the game. The official trailer for the game, as well as an image gallery, can be viewed to the left of this article. The sheer novelty value of an unconventional game like My Wife would surely be enough to muster sales overseas, but unfortunately, the game is confined to Japan, once again robbing the rest of the world of a chance to play this unique kind of game. Alex MahanLA Video Game Babes ExaminerA one-man gaming encyclopedia, Alexander has been a member of the game industry for over 4 years. Set in the crown prosecutor's office of Montreal, Love %26amp; Order follows a young secretary as she solves a mystery, balances her work and her social life, and chooses between four different suitors. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
There was LovePlus, a game that inspired thousands of men to pledge their everlasting love to virtual (and, surprisingly, volatile) girlfriends.
Relevant!) I chose the name “Kimberly Karmichael,” which is the name I used in middle school when I went into chatrooms to cybersex with strangers. All of them appear to be conceptually similar to My Forged Marriage, and they all seem to cater to the same adolescent girl fantasies of being swept off your feet by a wealthy, high-cheekboned, secretly soft-hearted bad boy. The first chapter of the game is the "Lover Chapter" in which the player meets his future wife in high school and courts her.

All of these goods were sold mere feet away from actual women lying in a bed while dressed rather provocatively. These activities involve sharing a drink with your wife, watching a quiz show with your wife, playing cards with your wife, and hanging clothing with your wife.
The anime art style and generic music fit right in with genre conventions, and only the game's impeccable English gives it away as a non-Japanese otome game. There was Jurassic Heart, where you play a high school girl who falls in love with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. These fantasies are derivative and silly and sexist and totally eyeroll-worthy, but if this is how young Japanese girls are getting their ya-yas out before they start meeting boys and having sex IRL, then more power to them.
The game was well received due to its delightful gameplay, cute lead character, and innovative level design.
At the very least, it’s probably healthier than what Kimberly Karmichael did when she was their age. The player is also permitted to pick out his wife's clothing and make some rather unorthodox choices regarding her attire. But I could easily see how the game, with its meta “pretending to pretend to be married” conceit, would be addictive if you were a 14 year old Japanese girl who was tired of stealing her mom’s translated E.L.

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