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This drama is about a man who doesn’t want to get married and a woman who has no luck in marriage prospect.
Gong Ki Tae (Yun Woo Jin) is a successful and happy bachelor who does not want to find himself a wife. Iwell I hv not finish mine but I really hope dat d guy who want to be alone will finally marry d.
Nice, but it’ll be a while before I use these terms =( But love the shirt!… So glad you decided to sell your drawings ! Thanks…and yea we are actually hoping to sell them and print them ourselves in the future, but it’s a good start Thanks for the share too as always!
I heard this on a drama : ? ? ? oppaya ( not sure if that’s exactly the correct Hangul form) is that the same as oppa or is there a difference? Finally there's a language and cultural gap that can hurt your chances at having a happy relationship as you teach English in Korea and start dating Korean women. You want her to introduce you to her friends but she relents - it's tough for her to admit that she's dating a foreigner. He believes that his life is perfectly planned, and being single is the only option he accept. I thought this was a romantic drama, but the greatest love of all is a mother’s love, how she stayed thru the marriage with umfaithful husband just for the sake of her son, truly brings tears to my eyes.

This might be helpful especially for those of you who are really into the dramas here and are trying to pick up on new words. We might do a part 2 sometime later because there are still quite a few left that we didn’t cover.
So let’s make this simple!I’m originally from Boston, but currently in NYC for medical school.
The rules are also different and unless you understand and accept them then you will have a difficult time dating in Korea.
You're part of the minority group and unless you already know what that feels like you'll have to deal with those issues too.
Your job determines your status and sadly being an English teacher in Korea doesn't have much status. Since you probably don't speak much Korean or know about Korean culture then your job will determine how far you can go with respect to dating Korean women. Granted this paradigm is changing for many Korean women because they are being influenced by Western culture. You'll get stared at in public and when you're tempted to show PDA (Public Display of Affection) I advise against it.
Not so much because of the racial differences but because of the stereotype - ambition-less, doesn't know (or care) about Korea and will only stay there for a year.

Once you're settled here financially you'll want to join a social group and start dating, right?
The differences in values are so vast that unless you're aware of them you will find yourself frustrated again and again.
This is different than the West because we grow up with the understanding that we'll leave our families and strike out on our own. The chemistry between Han groo and Woo jin is great as well as the other characters, The supposedly antagonist are actually good. The good thing about making these is it’s almost like studying as I can remember things better if I have a picture to go with them.
Though it’s likely that I’ll keep this life style for at least two more years, I always make sure to save time for what I think is important in life.
I want to meet someone who also has an active life style, a sense of humor, and of course a nice smile!

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