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He was named one of Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men by our Man Crush Monday bloggers.Tim Kang is straight.
Hey It's my best friend - Birthday today&she would be really happy if she received a Birthday comment from you!
You get underpaid , the quality of work is horrible and your not learning anything new to better korea girls. So let’s make this simple!I’m originally from Boston, but currently in NYC for medical school.

Aquino (52) confirmed rumors that he is dating Grace Lee (30) when he visited Quezon City in the southwest of Luzon Island to launch a government agency on Wednesday.
He did not answer any other questions, the local press reported.The rumor started on Twitter on Jan.
Though it’s likely that I’ll keep this life style for at least two more years, I always make sure to save time for what I think is important in life.
I want to meet someone who also has an active life style, a sense of humor, and of course a nice smile!

She confirmed the rumor by saying on her TV program that "what the president said is true," AP reported.

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